Sunday, July 8, 2007

You Get What You Need

Thursday evening's beer/billiards outing fell through in a manner that is now thoroughly annoying but will one day be funny. So I think I'll save the story for that time. Let it suffice to say that I returned to my office in the thoroughly foul mood of a boy who's had his toy taken away. In these situations, the thing to do is to find a new toy. I wasn't altogether sanguine about my chances on (Thursday being a traditionally bad day), but I had a fish on the line pretty quickly. It was a guy who'd hit me up once before and had asked me to come over right then at a time when I couldn't get away, so he'd gotten a bit pissy. But he was 35 and fit and a bottom who loved having his nips and ass eaten. Plus, he was close to the office, so I said hello and asked whether he was looking. We went back and forth a few times, and then he disappeared. Then reappeared. Then disappeared. He said he was having connection problems, but I thought maybe he was just a flake. In any case, at one point -- when I could see that he was still online -- he went about five minutes without responding to my last message, and F. opened a window with me to see whether I was free.

F. is someone that I've hooked up with about ten times over the last four years. He's a doctor, and he lives with a lawyer (I think) in a very expensive neighborhood, but mostly he's memorable because the first time he asked me over, I said, "Hey, did I see you sing "The Cockroach Who Ate Cincinnati" about twenty years ago?" And, as it happened, I had. F. and I had been at MIT at the same time, and he'd been singing with an a cappella men's group at the time, and I'd seen one of their concerts. Small world, right? He doesn't look much different now than he looked then, though of course I didn't know him then and, consequently, had not seen him naked.

Anyway, he's kind of fun and warm and smooth and dark (Puerto Rican, I reckon) and a great kisser, and he loves having his nips played with. He always says that he wants me to fuck him "some day," but that day is never today. Still, there he was, asking me over, so I said yes. I was just making sure that I knew the way to his house when the other guy finally came back on and said "when you looking for?" Oh damn. Well, what could I do? I told him that I thought he'd lost interest and had accepted another offer, and then he got all bitchy and implied that I was just making an excuse. I offered to stop by his place after I finished with F., but, well, I don't know, maybe his ego was bruised. I wanted to say, "Dude. This is, and we were talking about hooking up. I'm going to take the first good offer that comes along. You had your chance. Don't get pissed off at me because your better offer fell through and now I'm not available." But I didn't. I just got offline and drove to F.'s place.

I'd told F. that I really needed a shower before we got into it, but I still kissed him and groped him some at the door. Incredibly soft lips that guy has. Whenever I see F., he's very friendly and chatty, and that's cool, but in the past, whenever I've made any mild overtures towards anything like friendship, he's steadfastly ignored them, so when we get together, I'm cordial, but I'm pretty much direct to the sex. This time I had to stop by the shower, but when I got out, he was all "How've you been?" and I was all throw him down on the bed and dive for his nipples.

And they're very nice nipples. They enjoy attention that's intent more than intense. So I'd give them the usual semi-gentle treatment: pull them up with my lips and quickly flick my tongue back and forth over them. I'd do that for a while, and then we'd kiss for a while. After a while, I was on top of him kissing him, and he closed his thighs around my cock, and I dry humped him for a while. I figured, correctly, that was the closest I'd get to actually fucking him, but it was fun, and he seemed to like it a lot.

F. never lasts a very long time, and we'd barely been playing half an hour when I was working on his nipples and pushed a finger against the outside of his ass. He told me to put it in him, so I pushed in him about a millimeter, maybe two, and he began to jerk himself off and, less than half a minute later, he came. At that point he was pretty much useless. He kissed me a little bit more, but it was clear he wasn't going to suck my cock or even give me a handjob. Still, he held onto me a little tighter, and while you couldn't quite call it a bear hug, it felt pretty good. And I was pretty worked up, so once I started stroking myself off, it didn't take long to cum with significant force. F. was impressed with the volume of my ejaculate, though it was pretty much average for me.

We exchanged a few pleasantries as I got dressed, and then I was off. It wasn't really the toy I'd been looking for that evening, but it was fun. And enough.


On Friday night, I wanted to do something with my FWP C., so I invited him to a movie with me and b&c. We had dinner first at one of my favorite eateries: a Burmese restaurant in Silver Spring. I have a great meal every time I go there, and every one I take there loves it. Plus, I always get out of there -- totally stuffed -- for under $25, including tax, tip, and a drink.

Finding a movie that the three of us would all enjoy was difficult. I am a cultural omnivore, and I like almost anything that isn't stupid, but b&c's tastes are decidedly highbrow, especially when compared to C.'s. I settled on Live Free or Die Hard, in part on the strength of the review in the Post, but mostly because given everyone's work schedule, I knew that we wouldn't be seeing a movie until after 9:30, and I figured that at the very least, Live Free or Die Hard would be difficult to sleep through.

A week or so ago, I'd been at home flipping through the channels, and I happened upon a part of Pulp Fiction that involves extensive footage of Bruce Willis romping around largely unclothed and then dressed to kill (literally, as it happens) in a tight white t-shirt and jeans. Sexiness oozing from every pore.

Sadly, Mr. Willis is decidedly un-sexy in Live Free or Die Hard, an otherwise entertaining movie that is unfortunately devoid of hot male eye candy. There is, however, no chance that you'll fall asleep. In fact, after the movie, my eyes hurt from not having blinked for long stretches at a time. It's kind of amusing to see the Mac guy in an action flick, but what I'm really waiting for is for some Hollywood producer to have the guts and genius to cast the PC guy as James Bond.

Just to reinforce my cultural omnivore bona fides, on Saturday afternoon, I took b&c to see La Vie en Rose, a compelling picture about the sad, sad life of Edith Piaf. There is (unsurprisingly) also not much hot male eye candy in La Vie en Rose, but it's worth seeing for the breathtaking music alone.

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Jeffrey said...

The boxer was enough eye candy in La Vie, sadly not on screen (or naked) nearly enough.