Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Quick and the Hairy

I took another impromptu day off yesterday. I really did have a fairly severe sinus headache when I woke up, but I knew that it would likely go 90% away once I'd had some caffeine. Still, it's the slow season at work, so why not?

I put up a standard CL ad fairly early in the day, and it yielded a good crop of responses. Daytimes are always best because the married guys are looking to slip away from work for an hour or two. I had a few backs and forths with a 6'2 trim, smooth black guy from College Park. He was into what I was into, so I gave him my number. When he called he said he had a class at 12:30, and I told him we should probably do it after class because it could take a while to get here from College Park, depending on traffic, and I hated to be rushed. He was just trying to figure out when he could make it when I happened to ask whether he liked having his ass eaten, and he said he'd blow class off.

He must have hit some pretty bad traffic: I got two texts saying that he was en route but in traffic, and when he finally showed up, it had been well over an hour. Anyway, I grabbed him, and it was pretty clear that he was in a hurry from the way he grabbed me back. I started to kiss him, and he went along with it. Not much enthusiasm, but nice lips. I latched onto a nipple and suggested we go upstairs.

When he got there, I tried to slow him down, but he was out of his clothes really quickly, so I threw him down on the bed (tall but not very heavy), straddled him and got even less enthusiasm when I began to kiss him again. So I moved my tongue down to his nipple, and he did that OH MY GAWD thing that makes you wonder whether these guys even knew they had nipples before they met me. It was certainly a nipple that showed no evidence of having been played with. At least he liked it. And I liked it.

He reached for my cock. I tried to slow him down, but he undid my pants, slid them off me and went down on me, so there was nothing left for me to do but to play with his ass. I licked a finger and ran it across his asshole, and he jerked a little, so I pulled his knees around to straddle my head and began licking the hole, and he made more moans and sucked my cock a little harder. He was more than competent, and I was very excited. I wasn't so much into rimming him, though, so I pushed a finger into him, and he gave a few "damn"s, which got louder when I reached his prostate.

After not too long, I pulled my finger out and tried to push him onto his back, and he told me that he just didn't have enough time for that. I thought he meant he wanted me to fuck him right away, but instead he pushed his cock towards my face and asked whether I could suck it. It was large and uncut, so I gave him about fifteen seconds worth of sucking and pushing my tongue between the foreskin and head, and he seemed very agitated again. Then he went back down on me, and when I put two fingers inside him and against his prostate, he told me that he was close to cumming. We'd been at it not much more than ten minutes, so I pulled out to slow down, and he excused himself to go to the bathroom, where I think it took him about four seconds to finish himself off. Then he came back and said that he was sorry but that he had to go and that I was really hot and that we needed to do it again when he had more time and that maybe he'd be able to take my cock then but he doubted it.

I was all, "Huh? You're leaving?" But he was.

If a guy leaves because he's not having or you're not having a good time, then it's annoying. If a guy leaves because he's had too good of a time too quickly, then it's frustrating. All things considered, I'll take the frustration. The blue balls (which I had) are at least the result of having had a lot of fun while it lasted. I was too bewildered to be annoyed, anyway.

I tried to go back to the guys who I'd said no to earlier. When I'd said no, I told them that I was going to hook up with a guy who'd asked first. I figure you may as well be honest about that sort of thing. Some guys appreciate it. A couple of guys expressed interest but disappeared when I gave them my cell number rather than my address.

So I called Nelson. Nelson's this married guy who works for a major health research government agency located in Bethesda, and he's been after me for a while to take the Metro one stop to where he works so that he can pick me up, bring me into the government building, and let me fuck him in a restroom or something. I'd told him we could try that on Thursday, but he'd also mentioned that he'd be willing to visit me at home so that we could use a bed. It was around 1pm when I called him, and I got his voicemail. I left a message saying that I was home and could host, and he called me back about fifteen minutes later to say that he'd come over. Then he called me back ten minutes later to make sure that I wasn't wearing any cologne. He didn't want his wife to smell it on him. I wasn't.

He also asked me whether we'd hooked up before. I didn't think so, but he said that he'd been to a house in my town where the guy had had him watch while he tied someone else up. That sounded a lot like me, but then he got more detailed, and some of the details weren't quite right, so I figured he must have been playing with someone else in the neighborhood. I can think of a couple of likely candidates, but I have no way to find out for sure. Anyway, Nelson said he liked to kiss and to have his nipples played with and to suck cock, so he sounded ideal.

And he was as good as his word. We had not, in fact, met before, but he had very sensitive nipples, a very hairy chest, and a medium uncut cock, and he was a lot of fun. There was much making out and even more nipple play -- as well as some competent oral from him and a tiny bit from me -- before I put the condom on and started to fuck him. He was an extremely appreciative and tight bottom, and after some deep and forceful thrusting, he started telling me to cum, and, well, that's something that almost always works, so I did. Then I played with his nipples while he finished himself off. The session was about an hour from start to finish, but it seemed faster because the blue balls made me a man on a mission. He remarked many times on my intensity. He also said he wanted to play again and again. We'll see whether that means a restroom somewhere.

I reckon I must have fucked him even harder than I'd realized because I was really spent afterwards. He left and I had some orange juice and watched some of the Season 3 Project Runway marathon on Bravo. When I got back to my computer, there were a bunch more replies, but I was too beat to consider any of them.

Except for the one from the guy who said that he lived only a few minutes from me and would be home by 4. I'd put in the ad that I'm a top, but this guy said he wanted either both of our cocks "played with" or his cock sucked. And I thought, "Why not?" He seemed like the kind of guy who cums within five minutes, and I like uncut cock, so why not have a third. I emailed him my number, and right around 4 he called. I gave him the address, and he said he'd be over in five minutes.

He was another very hairy guy, and we got right to it. I did take him upstairs and have him lie on the bed because I don't really do the on-my-knees thing, but as for the blowjob itself, well, let's just say that's thirty seconds of my life that I'll never get back, but there may be worse ways to lose half a minute.

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