Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lick It and Stick It

So, it was Sunday night, and I'd had a run of weirdness and bad luck, so I'd pretty much given up for the evening. B&c and I had had dinner, and we were thinking about watching the first half of The Best of Youth, but it was more of a time commitment (each half is just over three hours long) than we were willing to make, so he went to do something (comparison shopping or boy chasing, I reckon) on his computer, and I went to finish making the lebkuchen dough. I made fourteen dozen lebkuchen a few weeks back, but I reckoned that another fourteen dozen would come in handy. I'd already boiled my molasses and honey and done my mise en place before the earlier disappointments and dinner.

Anyway, I came back from finishing the dough (It needs to chill overnight or longer before I can roll it out, cut it, and bake it. YFU and I will probably do that tonight.), and when I sat down to the computer, I realized I'd left myself logged into gay.com. There was a window with a series of messages: after a couple of hellos, an expression of disappointment, and several frowning emoticons, they ended with a simple question mark. They were from William.

Maybe you know somebody like William. Shy, closeted, fucked up, and smoking hot in the sack. The last item makes up for the other three, as long as you can avoid letting the other three get to you. I'm really just guessing from our limited interaction and my experience with other guys, but I'd guess that he had a very repressive, perhaps abusive, upbringing, and that he still (at thirty-five) experiences a large amount of shame even for thinking about how much he likes having a cock up his ass. It takes a long while for the need for that cock to overcome the shame, but when the horniness can no longer be denied, you want to be there when the damn breaks. Before the horniness builds to that point, he'll play games with you, so you want to avoid him as much as possible. You can, to a certain extent, accelerate the horniness by being rude to him, but the effectiveness of treating him badly is limited, and rudeness is never fun, so it's best just to wait.

Of late, it's been increasingly clear that William was reaching the break even point. A couple of months ago, I'd said hello to him online, and he'd ignored me, so I'd given up contacting him. Then, a couple of weeks ago, he started saying hello to me, always saying that he wanted to play but that he couldn't because he was out of poppers. William claims that his tight ass is just too tight for my thick cock without the poppers, but it's a weak excuse: the last time we hooked up, he didn't have any, and I didn't have much trouble sliding in. Still, he claimed afterwards that he'd been very nervous throughout the encounter because of the thickness, and, well, I'm not so humble that I'm totally immune from the flattery of claiming that my cock is just too big. Even though it's not. It's just right. If Goldilocks were a gay man, he'd totally sit on it.

Anyway, on Friday or so, William told me that he had acquired some poppers after the last time we chatted. But Friday wasn't good for me. William's the kind of guy who can't plan to have buttsex because buttsex is bad. He's a lot like all of my cousins who couldn't use birth control because that would be planning to have premarital sex, and premarital sex is bad. That's why I had so many nieces and nephews before I graduated from college. If William gives into the moment, he's been weak, but it's a lot easier to get forgiveness than permission, so you just have to be in the right place at the right time. Fortunately (sort of), he's so shy/fucked up/whatever that even though he has a nice body (and a really nice ass), he won't put an anonymous picture or even a description in his gay.com profile, so nobody's chasing him, either.

So, Sunday night, he'd left this series of messages, and I finally replied. He said he was available and had poppers. I said I'd be over at ten. He started to tell me what he wanted, but he'd told me what he wanted numerous times before, so I shut him up and said I'd be over at ten.

What William always says he wants is to be raped. I don't do rape scenes, and my invariable reply to guys who ask for one is "It's not rape if you want it and set it up beforehand." I know it's just role playing for them, but there are, after all, limits. Anyway, he also says that he wants his ass eaten thoroughly, which, you may have gathered, is not something I have to be asked twice. He doesn't ever say that he wants to make out, but he's a really good kisser, and he gets into it. He gets into it more if I grab him by the hair and kiss him harder than I would otherwise, but life is all about compromise, right?

He'd said that he wanted to be poppered up and naked on his bed when I arrived. When I parked opposite his apartment building, I texted him, then I entered the building and took the elevator up. The door was unlocked.

I walked in and bolted the door behind me. He was lying on his back, naked, as promised. When I walked into the sleeping area, he got up to make sure the door was locked, but I stopped him, grabbed him, kissed him, and shoved him back on the bed. He liked that. He'd turned the heat way up, presumably because he was planning to lie naked on the bed, so I should have stopped to undress completely, but I was really horny. I dropped my coat on the floor and kicked off my shoes and climbed on top of him.

William responds to authority and the appearance of force, I grabbed his wrist and held it down over his head as I started to make out with him. He struggled a little against my hold, and when he could tell that I wasn't letting go, he got more into the kissing. I started to squeeze and twist one of his nipples with my free hand, and that excited him further. It was intense kissing without being either too forceful or too frenetic. It was great. I squeezed one of his thighs between my legs so that he could feel my erection through my jeans.

A bit later, I left off kissing him so that I could suck and bite his nipples. He whimpered but didn't object. I still had one hand holding his wrists down, and I took the other one down to squeeze and tug on his nuts. I alternated biting and sucking on the nipple, taking him to what I figured must be as much as he could take. About a 7 or 8 on the ten-point nipple abuse scale, I reckon.

After a brief period where I straddled him, used both hands to hold his wrists down, and made out with him, I was starting to suffer from the heat, so I stopped to undress. He hopped up to make sure the door was double locked, and I was naked by the time he got back to the bed. I pulled him down beside me and put one of his hands on my cock. He started to stroke me, and I held his hair tight with one hand while we kissed and I played with his nipple with the other.

William isn't one for paying much attention to my cock, but if he's handled properly, he will. We'd continued making out for a while, and I was fingering his ass, making him moan into my mouth, and one of his hands was on my shoulder (the other was stretched out under him: he was on his side), when I started to spank him. At first he moaned and kissed me harder, but after about the fourth whack, he started to say "Baby, baby," and after another five or so smacks to his asscheek, he jumped up, got on his knees, and started to go down on me. Unexpected, but I wasn't complaining. I let him do that for a minute or so, then I grabbed his knee and pivoted him around so that I could push my hands up against his cheeks and get at his ass.

When I first shoved my tongue against his hole, he gasped and his head shot up. I pulled it back down onto my cock. Once I started rimming him, he really never regained the necessary attention for good head, but he at least made an effort, and I was having too much fun eating his ass to care. I kept his knees on either side of my head and my tongue engaged with his ass for another five minutes or so before shoving him down on his stomach and going at his hole from another angle.

Throughout, William was taking hits from his poppers. I don't much like the smell, but they really do take him beyond the normal range of horndoggery, so I just waited for a minute after the hit before kissing him again. The next time I was on my back and pulled him on top of me to kiss him, he sat up and sat right down on my cock. No lube, and I slipped right in. And then I slipped right back out: I didn't have a condom on yet. I shoved him back on his back and rubbed the length of my shaft along his ass, without penetration of course, while we kissed some more, then I pushed his knees up and ate his ass yet again. He'd told me before that his favorite position to have is ass eaten from is on his back. I do my best to be accommodating.

We went at it for a while and moved around and changed positions a lot. He was on his stomach again when I finally left off eating his ass and handed him the condom from his bedside table and told him to put it on me. He did, and he also got out the lube and slicked himself up. Then he sat on my cock again and bounced up and down for a bit while I shoved up into him. He's very easy to fuck: it's not hard to get into him, but he's still tight.

He really liked bouncing up and down on my cock. And then he liked it when I put him on his back and kissed and fucked him at the same time. And then he liked it when I put him on his side and plowed him hard while straddling his leg. And he liked it doggy style. And he liked it when I had him flat on his stomach and was pounding him from above.

I'd pulled out for a bit of a breather, and when I went to go back in, he started with the "baby, I don't think I can take it" crap. It was pretty obvious both that he could take it and that he wanted to take it. So I told him that he was gonna take it whether he could or not, and I shoved him back down on the bed and entered him again. We played that game a few more times from a few more positions, always with the same result. It was a lot of fun, but we'd been going at it hard for a while, and it was really hot in the room, so after the fifth or so time that he said he couldn't take it, I lay on my back and started to stroke myself.

That was more than he could take, I guess. He jumped back on my cock and rode me for a time while I squeezed hard on his nipples. Between the condom and the heat, I didn't think I'd cum in that position, so I pushed him on his stomach again, and he started the games again. So I lay on my back one more time, pulled the condom off, and wrapped his hand around my cock. The boy gives a terrific hand job. He got up on his knees to scrutinize my dick while he stroked it, and soon thereafter, I was telling him that I was going to cum. And then I was shooting everywhere.

If there's one thing William hates, it's anyone else trying to give him pleasure, so when I'd cum, he jumped immediately up to get a towel, just in case I decided to play with him some more and make him feel good. But I know that he doesn't want me to play with his cock, and I know that the less attention I pay to him, the sooner I might get a chance to do all that again, so after I toweled off, I got dressed as quickly as possible. As I was heading towards the door, he actually had the nerve to say, "Don't be a stranger." I couldn't help laughing. I also couldn't help giving him a kiss and a tug goodbye. Hard as I try, I can't be a total dick. Nobody's perfect.

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