Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Three, Part II

Last Thursday, when I returned home from my second play date of the evening, I was equally sleepy and worked up. I hadn't bothered to cum with either guy. Ejaculation during an encounter is rarely important to me, and it hadn't been something either of the other guys had asked for. So what I really wanted was a wank and then sleep. But I'd hurried out the door a bit to see the second gentleman, so I hadn't bothered to log out of anything I was in, and I returned to find a message, about a half-hour old, from someone who had written me to say that he thought I was handsome and that he liked my cock. It would have been rude not to thank him for his kind words, so I did. I might also have mentioned how very pleasing the picture of his ass in his profile was, but, here again, it would have been rude not to. He very quickly wrote back to ask whether I might be up for some company and went so far as to tell me what he most liked to do when naked in the company of another man.

Our inclinations were very complementary, and he was very cute, so I sent him my number. He called, and I invited him over. I could tell from his profile and our correspondence that he was looking for something that simulated romance. He wanted a take-charge top, yes, but he wanted to be made love to rather than just fucked. I figured that he also wanted a daddy, and that's normally something I shy away from, but when a well-put-together, twenty-nine-year-old bottom who lists his favorite activity as kissing wants to play, I'm inclined to accommodate him as far as possible.

All of which I say mainly to explain why, when he entered the door, I didn't grab him and kiss him hard before saying hello. Instead, I took him in my arms and kissed him softly before saying hello. The two don't look much different, but trust me, they're miles apart in the mind of the recipient of my attentions. For me, the two actions are more or less equally pleasurable, but in different ways. In any case, Stephan responded like someone who hadn't had a very good kiss in a very long time, and we just stood there and made out for a couple of minutes before we broke apart, and I said, "Hi."

I took his hand, and as I led him up the stairs, he remarked that it had been something of a drive all the way out to my place but that it had been worth it. He kicked off his shoes, and I pulled him over to the bed and laid him across it. Then I lay next to him and began kissing him again. He was very responsive throughout: when I kissed him, he sighed and pulled even closer to me; when I sucked on a nipple, he oohed and told me how good it felt; when I grabbed his ass, he quivered and whispered my name. And throughout, whenever his mouth wasn't occupied, he'd tell me what a good time he was having and how good I was at what I was doing. I would generally reward him by wrapping my arms around him, intertwining my legs with his, and kissing him some more. He was very into, and very good at, the full-body-cuddling make out, and I found it very rewarding. I would start doing that and before I knew it, another ten or fifteen minutes would be gone.

I did, of course, get him naked, bit by bit. First his shirt so that I could give his nipples some serious attention. When he was writhing from that, I took his hands and pinned them down over his head and went for his armpit. His response was a more agitated writhing and some whimpering, and when I left off to kiss him briefly, he asked, "Do you mind if I call you 'Daddy'?" And you know what? I didn't mind at all. Not that I was thinking too hard at the time, really. All sex, I aver, is an attempt to get to a state of something like Nirvana, a place where time passes independent of reason, and thought continues, if at all, only at unconscious levels. And there is nothing like having a fit (for the record, he was six feet even, with a lightly hairy and muscular but not overly muscular chest, flat but not ripped abs, and a smooth, pretty ass) responsive man in your arms and on your lips to make you not care about anything else in the world but that guy and that moment.

I guess Stephan must have been thinking at least a little, though, because as much as he was enjoying feeling my lips and tongue in a variety of places, his hands kept seeking out my cock, and whenever they found it, he said, "Mmmmmmm," so after a while, I figured that I really should be nice and let him take off my boxers and have to. And he went after it like a man starved, taking me all the way to the root, without so much as a hint of a gag reflex. I couldn't concentrate for a minute, but then I began to caress his head as he went down on me, and he soon began to explore more slowly.

I know there are people who write erotically and at great length about receiving a blowjob, but what is there to say, really? If the guy's a truly talented cocksucker -- as Stephan was -- it's truly very hard to pay attention enough to be able to remember what exactly he was doing. I spent much of the next quarter hour or so with an unfocused stare and an unfocused mind, and he seemed perfectly content to just keep sucking my cock, stopping only occasionally to comment on what a great cock it was and how much he liked sucking it. I did, at least, remember to tell him what a fine job he was doing.

Eventually, I pulled him off my rod, kissed him for a minute, and laid him down on his stomach. Then I lay on top of him and licked his earlobes and pushed my tongue into his ears. I lightly bit his shoulder and made a low "grrrr," and he perked up even farther, telling me how much he loved hearing me growl. So I growled a little more as I worked my tongue down his back, spread his cheeks, and began to lick his asshole. Not surprisingly, this drove him a little bit nuts, which made me go at it all the more ardently. Even now, I can't write about it without my eyes blurring as a vacant smile crosses my face. Oh my.

Anyway. Whenever I managed to tear myself away from his hole, I put him on his back, lay on top of him, wrapped myself around him, and resumed making out, which was no less awesome than any of the other times that we did that or anything else. I played with his cock a little bit, and he took a hold of mine and was very pleased to find that I had some precum. I told him I didn't usually have it, but that he had me very worked up, which precipitated a back and forth of compliments that were heartfelt but superfluous. I stopped that by telling him that I wanted him to go down on me again and that I wanted to eat his ass at the same time. He grinned and asked, hopefully, whether that would make me cum, and I told him that it probably wouldn't, because it takes a lot to make me cum, but that I would enjoy it a whole lot.

So he started to go down on me, slowly, and I pulled his body around so that his knees were on either side of my head, and I ran my hands lightly up his inner thighs, spread his cheeks, and pushed my tongue hard up against his ass. He responded by sucking me deep and fast, with his head bobbing all the way up to the head of my cock and then quickly all the way down to the base. Over and over again.

When I (somewhat later) pulled him off me to kiss him again, he was really worked up, and I could tell that he really wanted me to cum. He asked me whether I wanted him to sit on my cock, and I handed him the condom and lube. He'd said that he hadn't been fucked in a while, so I let him go at his own pace, alternately grazing his nipples with my fingertips and letting my hands rest on his hips. It took him a while to get me inside, and when I went to unbend his legs so that he'd be sitting on me all the way, he asked me to go very slowly, so I held off and let him have some more time to get used to it. I bent him down to kiss me, and that helped enough to let him sit on it. I lowered him back into X position, and then he upped the moans and ahhs.

I pulled him back up, and we fucked in a few positions. It felt great, but I wasn't getting very deep penetration. He was vocally enjoying the fuck and urging me on, but his ass wasn't opening fully. When I'd had him on his stomach for a few minutes, he told me that I was rubbing him raw, so I pulled out, lay next to him, and pulled his head to mine to kiss. He apologized, but I told him it didn't matter at all. Then I pulled off the condom and began stroking myself, so he began to play with himself. He was very worked up, and it didn't take very long before he was at and then over the edge, shooting a thick load of cum as his body jerked.

As usual, it took a lot more effort for me to get myself off, but that made the orgasm all that much more intense, and just before I came, he dove for my cock and began sucking it. I shot a lot, and he took it all and just kept sucking. My cockhead was very sensitive, and the whole thing was more than a little overwhelming, but I didn't pull him off: I just took it like a man.

Then we cuddled up a little, and he told me that it had been a long time and that he'd really needed it. He'd been very shy and sweet during the whole session, but after having shot a load, he was a little more cocky, but still nice. As we were chatting, he told me that it was his last night in DC because he had to go back to Texas to take care of his ailing mother. I held him for a while longer, but when he asked whether I had to go to work in the morning, I didn't think to tell him that he was welcome to stay the night when I told him that I did. He might have left anyway, and there wouldn't really have been any benefit to having him stay the whole night, but I feel bad about not having offered. I think he would have liked to have been asked.

When I'm in the thick of it with a hot younger guy, I temporarily sort of get the whole daddy thing. There's something very gratifying about having a cute guy who's clearly looking up to you following your lead and really enjoying himself while you really enjoy yourself. But when the sex is over, I cease once again to get it. He was nice enough, but it's hard to imagine having someone like that around all the time always expecting you to tell him what to do and never asserting much of an opinion. I'm sure there are older/younger relationships where the younger guy does assert his opinion, but finding a cute, young guy who both likes older men and really has his shit together has to be pretty hard unless you have a lot to offer. I mean, rumor has it that it's worked pretty well for Barney Frank and Anderson Cooper, but I can't imagine it would every work for me. Which probably makes it just as well that I tend to prefer guys my own age or older.

Anyway, Stephan got up and got dressed, and when he went for his shoes, I saw that they were flip flops, and I sighed a little inside. I had a really terrific time with him, and I'd certainly do him again if he weren't back in Texas, but despite the trappings of romance, it was just really great sex. Not that there's ever anything wrong with that, mind you.

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