Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day

I don't really have anything special to say about Boxing Day, readers. I do think that it's a great day to have a party. Christmas taken as a whole can be a bit overwhelming, but Christmas Day itself is not the sort of day that tends to leave people exhausted and hungover the next morning, so the 26th is an excellent day for casual entertainment. Sort of a soft landing to help avoid the post-holiday crash.

With all that in mind, probably the best sort of Boxing Day event is a combination open house/languid sex party. One doesn't normally think of sex parties as languid affairs, but slow and easy sex can be as fun as fast and hard sex. What you want are some overstuffed sofas and some movies that everyone knows and likes, so that in between watching his favorite scenes, your cocksucker of the moment can lean over and work in a relaxed manner on your cock. Perhaps while another guy is working on the cock of one of your friends, that same one of your friends who is offering you his full lips for soft, lingering kisses.

Or I guess you can just have a bunch of people over to eat leftovers and dismantle your gingerbread house(s). Boxing Day isn't celebrated much in America, so -- here at least -- you can make of the holiday pretty much what you like. Heck, you can go all literal and ask people to bring a boxed lunch. Or you can just take all your leftover boxes to the recycling center and ogle all the hot married men who are there trying to get away from their in-laws.

I'm not doing any entertaining today. B&c's mom is still around, and she's pleasant enough, but she and I don't really have a lot in common, and I still had some shopping to do, so I went to Pier 1 and Target in the morning, came home, woke EFU up, drove her to work, did some more shopping in Silver Spring (I got boots. On sale. I detest shopping for clothes, but I make an exception for boots.), and went to see Rachel Getting Married before heading home. It was a terrific movie, but not, alas, the sort of movie to produce an audience full of eye candy.

There is definitely a much more relaxed vibe in the shopping areas this year. I find it very pleasant, but since it's a creature of necessity rather than reasoned choice, I expect that most people will not remember 2008 as the year when they didn't have to battle crowds and traffic and paid more attention to their families. Rather, I'm pretty sure they'll remember it as the Christmas of economic uncertainty. I would complain more loudly about this phenomenon, but there's no doubt that buying that pair of boots (on sale!) for myself put me in a better mood. Maybe not in as good a mood as, say, singing, or a session with a hot submissive, but one takes whatever comfort's available, I suppose.

Tomorrow morning, very early, EFU and I will be on our way to the airport and thence to Florida to spend a few days with some of the extended family. AirTran wanted $15 per bag, each way, to check baggage, so I am left to hope that fruitcake is not a prohibited item. I checked the TSA guidelines, and I didn't see it listed, but it's possible that they just thought it was too obviously objectionable to have to list.

By the way, I got a camcorder for Christmas. I'll have to see whether I can get up to any trouble with it when I return.


A Lewis said...

Box on, boys! Box on!

(awk)Word said...

That soapy ass gave me a reason to celebrate! Wahoo!

Will said...

The idea of you, a parade of tricks and a camcorder just boggles the mind.
In a VERY good way.

erquirk said...

Hey TED, I really like the idea of a "laid back," "languid" sex party. Sometimes it's nice to have a group sex event, and not have to deal with the intensity, palpable yearning, and stratification, but instead make it more relaxed, casual, fun! Would make a great Boxer Day tradition (though not with one's mother-in-law present).

I still owe you a pic. Been waiting to be sent a new batch with some goodies. I'll be in touch.

Hope you're holidays are going wonderfully!

Ashe said...

I wanna hear more about the new boots!