Monday, December 8, 2008

Room Service

I only hooked up four times this weekend. Before you start to think that I'm losing my touch, (which could, I suppose, be the case: it's bound to happen sooner or later, right?) kindly consider that YFU was over this weekend, so I could only host when she was off dancing. AND that didn't even include Saturday evening because EFU, who was due to arrive home from Guadalajara late Saturday night, got to the airport early and got on an earlier flight. As much as I love chasing ass, I'd rather spend time with my kids, so I really could only host for a few hours Friday evening, plus Sunday after 5, when I got home from taking the girls to their mother's house.

I'd had a mostly satisfactory encounter with an aging hippy on Friday evening. We'd made out, and he'd gone down on me, and we'd just established that his ass couldn't handle more than three minutes and 50% of my cock when the phone rang and YFU said she'd be ready to be picked up in twenty-five minutes or so. I'd warned the guy that I only had until about 9 to play, and the call came in at 9, and he seemed happy enough with the making out and the nipple work, plus he was the sort of guy who really enjoys sucking cock but doesn't require the thick load payoff, so I was fine with saying, "We're done here," and kissing him goodbye before washing up, getting dressed, and going to pick up YFU.

YFU was exhausted from two performances following on a week of late rehearsals, so she went straight up to bed without being asked. That left me a) alone, b) unable to host, and c) very horny. Fortunately, about half an hour later, I checked my email, and there was a response, to a former CL ad, saying, "I want some of that," along with a description, a cell phone number, and the proviso that he needed to host at his hotel room, about a fifteen-minute drive away. I noticed that the things he said he wanted to do didn't include kissing, but I didn't mention it when I called him. I'd been thoroughly kissed earlier in the evening, and maybe this guy just forgot to mention it (yeah, right). When I got there and parked, I called him, and he had the front desk let me in, then directed me towards his room. When I turned into the hallway, I saw him standing there with his cell phone. Tall with a thin frame, wearing a t-shirt and pajama pants. Hot.

Of course when I pushed him down on the bed and went for his mouth, he gave me the "I don't kiss," so I pushed up his t-shirt and veered off to his nipples, sucking on one as I reached down to grab his crotch. I started to untie the drawstring on his pants, but he told me to just pull them off, so I did. He pulled his shirt off. At the top of his chest were two large tattoos that were meant to look something like Chinese characters, but which were more likely abstract designs. The combination of those (I figured the tattoos were a way of saying, "I'm cool, but I don't have actual Chinese characters because I don't want you to think I'm a commie.") and the "I don't kiss" made me think of him as vaguely redneckish, but didn't stop me from working his nipples.

I'm accustomed, though, to alternating the nip work with kissing, or at least neck biting or shoving my tongue in a guy's ear. That all seemed off the table, so it wasn't very long before I rolled him over onto his stomach, pulled off my sweater and jeans, ran my hands up the backs of his legs, spread his cheeks, and started to rim him. He had a beautiful, lightly hairy ass, and his hole was extremely sensitive. He moaned for a while, then he writhed a bit, and finally he went so far as to say, "That feels really good." I told him that he had a really great ass, but my voice was kind of muffled because I was still in it.

The combination of horniness, nipple play, and ass eating had made me very hard, so I got rid of my boxers, lay down on the bed, and directed his head toward my cock. "It's so thick," he said. He said that a lot over the next hour. It would have gotten old fast, but he always had that little-kid-on-Christmas-morning tone to his voice that made it slightly endearing. In any case, I pulled him back around so I could get between his knees and keep eating his ass while he went down on me. He had pretty good cocksucking skills, and I was perfectly happy to stay in that position, but it wasn't long before he said that he wanted to be fucked. I handed him a condom and told him to put it on my cock and then sit on it. I twisted his nipples some more as he eased himself down. I'd expected more difficulty, but he really wanted it, so even though he was very tight, he got me all the way in him.

I told him to lie back, so he leaned back on his elbows. "No, all the way back. Trust me, you'll love it." And he leaned back into X position, and, behold! I had not lied: he loved it. A combination of inarticulacy and "so thick" kept coming out of his mouth. I could have replied, "So tight," but I elected to lay back and enjoy without repartee. He was very hard, and he started to stroke himself, and I pushed his hand away. We did that three times, and finally he slapped my hand (lightly), grabbed his cock and said, "Let me play with it. I ain't gonna cum."

So I let him, and he continued rocking back and forth, moving my cock in and out of him. A few minutes later, I decided to fuck him face to face, so I moved up onto my knees, pushed his legs all the way forward, and started banging his prostate hard. More "so thick" and more "feels good" and lots more banging. It was intense.

Everything was moving along nicely, though no sort of climax was within view, when he reached over and pulled the clean white sock off his clean foot, which he then moved up to my face with a "suck my toes, daddy." I'm not aware of ever having sucked toes before, but he clearly wanted it, and they were clean and right there in my face, so I sucked on them, and, well, I have to say that I just don't see what all the fuss is about (sorry, Lewis). It was a lot like sucking on a guy's fingers, only much less erotic. But he liked it, and I was still pounding his ass, so I guess it was all good. I didn't do it for long, though, and he didn't ask me to do it again, so maybe I'm just not a good toe sucker. Yet another thing with which I cannot honestly pad my resume. Oh well.

He asked me to do him doggy style, so I did, but we'd been going at it for a while, and I felt like I needed a break, so I pulled out, and lay down again. He flipped around, and we both rolled onto our sides and got into a 69. His cock was long, but it was thin, so I could handle it pretty well. I took it almost to the root and then I sucked on the cockhead for a while, until he told me to stop because he didn't want to cum yet. He wanted to cum when I came, and he wanted me in his ass when that happened.

That seemed a bit unlikely to me, but I eased off his cock, switching over to occasional sucking followed by occasional stroking. He worked harder on my cock, but I really wasn't getting anywhere close to shooting. It was fun keeping him on the edge, and that would have been plenty for me, but he insisted, again, that he wanted "that fat cock up my ass when I shoot."

So I grabbed my cock and started stroking it. That wasn't working so well until I eased the condom off. I kept lightly sucking his cockhead, stopping whenever he started to groan like he was about to shoot, while I stroked hard and fast at my own cock. It took a while, but when I felt like I was getting close, I slid the condom back on and told him to have a seat. He got on his knees, lowered himself onto my cock, and began to bounce up and down. I thrust from beneath and grabbed his cock and started to stroke it fast. When I started to cum, though, he pushed my hand away and brought himself off within seconds of my ejaculation.

We both collapsed after that. It had been a very energetic fuck, so we were spent. Obviously, there was no post-coital cuddling. He recovered relatively quickly and went to the sink to clean himself up, returning with a damp wash cloth. He'd gone pretty quickly into post-ejaculatory embarrassment mode, and he couldn't say anything other than, "Wow. That was intense." "Yeah, that was fun," I replied, as I pulled off the condom. It was pretty loaded, and when I handed it to him, he took it with equal measures of fascination and revulsion. He disappeared into the bathroom, and I got dressed. I did the compulsory once over to make sure I had keys, wallet, and cellphone, then I headed out the door.

When I got home, I still had to make pound cakes for the next day's bake sale, so I was up until almost 3 am. But there's no pleasure without pain, right?


Will said...

Many years ago a guy said he wanted to shrimp me. As everything else he was doing to me was good, I said yes. Shrimping turned out to be sucking and licking my feet, especially my toes. It really didn't add too much to the encounter for me, and actually became a little weird. I eventually suggested that the action was really elsewhere.

In the years since, I've heard the term shrimping here and there, so some guys seem to be into it.

erquirk said...

Actually, I've come to learn that I love servicing my Sir's feet...he REALLY gets off on it, and so do I. Different strokes, as they say...

Jesse Archer said...

Thanks for sharing--with your writers sense for great detail!

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

Absolutely, erquirk. I can't say why sucking on a nipple is such an immensely pleasurable experience for me, but sucking on a toe does nothing for me. Any safe source of excitement is a good thing.

erquirk said...

Of course, that's not to say that I don't also LOVE working his nipples too!

Ad Schuring said...

would like to know details on the stat 1 to 4 images.
Locations, sculptors, anybody?

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

I'm afraid I can't tell you who sculpted any of them, Ad, but the sculptures are in Florence, Rome, Vienna, and Nice, respectively.