Sunday, July 26, 2009

Breaking and Entering

I tend to find role play aficionados somewhat tedious. Reading, for example, a porn story about a guy who decided to make the laptop repair technician take his job title literally can be fun and exciting, but acting out a scene that ends up in sex is just never as much fun as just having sex. Uncertainty itself can be very sexy: I have very fond memories of a time, perhaps nearly ten years ago, when a guy I'd chatted with and who seemed to want to just be friends, allowed me to invite myself over when he said that he was going to watch some porn. The minutes when we were sitting on his bed watching the porn as I was inching my way closer and closer to him and getting up the nerve to reach out and stroke his thigh were awesome. But artificial uncertainty is, well, artificial, and it mostly just makes me roll my eyes.

On Thursday, I'd fully intended to work somewhat late, head home, eat food that was bad for me, and watch the sort of dreck reality television that embodies everything that's wrong with America. But I had my gmail account open at the office, and this guy who always comes on and tells me that he's horny, had tried yet again to get me to leave work early to come over and bend him over and fuck him. And he'd told me that he'd hooked up with somebody in some park or other, and when I asked him how he'd gotten there, he'd said he'd borrowed his roommate's car, and I told him that if he wanted to borrow his roommate's car later that evening, he could come over and enter the house, and I'd blindfold him and tie him to the bed and spank him and fuck him from both ends. And he'd told me that it got him all excited, but then he'd vanished, and suddenly I was all excited, so I posted a craigslist ad.

And I got the usual array of responses from guys who obviously hadn't read the ad, plus a few who had but who weren't what I wanted, and then there was one guy who was both interested and suitable but who sent a message after I'd left the office and got the wrong idea when I didn't reply immediately, even though I'd told him I was leaving the office. So I got home with nothing planned, but then I got an email from a guy who said
Hey - I came to your house once maybe 6 months or so ago - WMP, 46, 6' 160 very fit. I had you in a scene where you caught me breaking into your house. Unfortunately I cam too quick from you eating my ass. I want to try again - same scene. I need to expoerience your cock in my ass - a nice load deep inside me.

I am leaving DC job now. SO send me tyour number right away as I am elaving and will not ahve email.


And on the one hand, maybe he was so worked up thinking about our previous encounter that he just couldn't spell, and that's hot, but on the other hand, I didn't remember him, but on the third hand, he sounded kind of hot, but on the fourth hand, "Ciao!"? Dude. Anyway, I searched on his email address and then cross-referenced the date with the blog, and I determined that he'd been over exactly eight months earlier and that he was definitely someone I wanted to have again. Even at the expense of occasionally having to stop and say something about not breaking into my house again, boy, or asking him whether he'd been to the big house and was that where he'd learned to be such a good cocksucker. The things I do.

Anyway, we set things up, and he texted me too many times, but within a reasonable period of time, I was sitting at my computer, and I heard the door open and clothes being removed and the velcro of the blindfold, and I knew it was time to go and be the outraged homohomeowner. And, damn! he looks good in the summer, with the long, lean body and the deep tan and the tan lines. I took him upstairs and pulled his boxer briefs down and worked on him with the belt until the white of his ass was red. I very briefly, not wanting another premature ejac, tongued his hole before shoving him down on the bed and starting to suck on his nipples, which, it turns out, are extremely ticklish. A nice person would not have taken advantage of this fact, but he didn't come over to play with a nice person. Besides, his nipples were great.

I soon had him by the hair, pushing his head up and down on my cock, and we did that for a while, and he does suck cock very well, but I wanted to eat his ass, of course, so I told him that I wanted to eat his ass, and he slid around so that I could put my head between his legs and go to town. It was clearly a somewhat overwhelming sensation for him, so I didn't do it as long as I would have liked before I started in with the fingers.

This guy claims, perhaps truthfully, that he's only ever been fucked once, and that it was too much for him, but it really wasn't that hard to get four fingers up his ass. Of course, some men are naturally receptive, but I suspect that he engages in a fair amount of dildo play. Regardless, as worked up as I was, I wasn't ready to fuck him and have things come to an end too soon, so I pulled him off my cock, thought, "What the hell," and began to kiss him. Always a risky move with a married sub who hasn't said that he loves to kiss, but he obviously loves to kiss, and he was good at it, so I got to make out for a spell before putting on the condom, lubing us both, and telling him to sit on it. Again, he said it was really hard for him, but the only thing that seemed really hard was me. Well, I reckon he seemed really hard, too, after I stroked him a bit. But he probably doesn't get fucked much, because I was only able to have him ride me for about five minutes and then put him on his back and pound him for another five minutes and then put him on his stomach and plow into him from above for a third five minutes before he was begging me to cum in him.

I wasn't anywhere close, but he really seemed to be having some difficulty, so I pulled out, jerked myself to the edge, then shoved back in him so that I could fill the rubber.

He'd asked me beforehand if I'd suck him off, and I said that I would, even though it's usually a mistake to do that with guys like this because it disturbs their self-image as servers. But he was pretty hard, and he asked me if I'd suck him, so I did. I'd expected him to cum very quickly. He didn't, but it still didn't take that long. I redoubled my efforts after he started to talk aggressively. I don't like being told what to do, and I would have been annoyed, but then he asked me whether I wanted him to fuck me, and I couldn't help laughing. He was pretty worked up then, and it wasn't long before, without adequate warning, I felt the first volley of cum on my tongue. In general, I have very mixed feelings about the taste of semen, but his was downright bitter. Yuck. It's a good thing he was so good looking. I finished by stroking the rest of his load out of him until he was begging me to stop playing with his cockhead, and then I went for the mouthwash. And then back to the bed, where he lay, still in his blindfold, looking all spent and pretty.

Then he said he needed to go. I just didn't say anything. He felt around for his underwear, put it on, and felt his way out into the hallway. I was about to close the door so he could take off the blindfold, but he was able to navigate the stairs with it on, so he was soon out of sight. A couple of minutes later, I heard the door shut behind him, and I got downstairs with a load of laundry just in time to see him get into his SUV and drive off.

All in all, it was a lot of fun, and I've penciled him in already for next March.

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Will said...

You are indeed a great and generous soul.

I never contacted you, but I was in Takoma Park in mid-April for a couple of days, believe that's quite close to you, and would have liked nothing better than to have met you in person. But I was there on the 13th and 14th and, knowing what you do professionally, I felt that the last thing you needed would have been a social call. Perhaps some day.