Friday, September 13, 2013

I Know This Much Is True

You should never believe anything a man tells you.

There are, of course, exceptions to this dictum, but in general, if you don't know a guy very well indeed, you should assume he might be lying to you. And it's probably obvious, but I'm mostly talking about guys who want to have sex with you.  The longer you've known someone, in general, the more you can believe him, but the more he wants to have sex with you, the less.  So your old friends who really don't find you all that attractive?  Sure, believe them.  The new guy who wants your dick?  He'll say anything.

I don't mean to sound cynical here.  Most of these lies are harmless and they're either meant to make you feel better or just to spare the teller some level of embarrassment.  Don't you spend a lot of time telling people what you think they want to hear?  And don't you do it with generally good motives?  I do, though, of course, sometimes I'm just trying to get in some guys pants.

Anyway, the other night I was on my way home from choir practice, and I was in a pretty good mood because the choir director had given me a fat solo in a gospel piece we're doing, and, well, I love that music, and it works really well with my voice.  I'd just finished walking the dog when I got a text message from my old exish-friend Sunil. 

I say "exish-friend" because while I have no ill feelings towards him (nor he towards me, I'm sure), there's a little bit of history.  Namely, back in the day -- and we're talking maybe eight or nine years ago -- I used to hook up regularly with Sunil, first when I was single, and then when I moved in with b&c.  And he was a nice guy and a pretty good lay.  And a Desi bearish guy, and, well: woof.  I had another fairly regular FWP, Chuck, and Chuck was also a nice guy and a good lay.  On the whole, I'd say that Sunil had a better ass, but Chuck's ass was just fine, thanks, and he may have been the best cocksucker in Montgomery County (and, hey, there's a lot of competition for that title, believe me).

Anyway, one holiday season, b&c and I were having our usual holiday party, and I invited both those guys.  They met for the first time at that party, and they really hit it off, and they started dating, and they're still together, all these years later.  And I'm truly happy for them, but the immediate effect of their getting together was that I was suddenly down two of my favorite FWPs.  Which happens, of course, but I thought (very sensibly, I'm sure you'll agree) that if I was directly responsible for getting them together, then the very least they could do was to include me in a threeway as a gesture of thanks.  It's a simple matter of courtesy, right?

The other problem with Chuck and Sunil was that while they were both nice guys they both turned out to be a whole lot less interesting to me when I wasn't fucking them (go figure), so while b&c and I went out to dinner with them a couple of times and invited them to another party or two, we kind of lost touch, and I figured, well, that happens.  And it's not like I couldn't or didn't find other guys to fuck.  I may have told you about two or twenty of them right here.  

Every couple of years, though, Sunil would email me and say that he wanted to get together.  I'd reply promptly and say that would be great, and then I'd hear nothing more from him.  After the second or third time that happened, I figured nothing would ever come of it, but there's not a whole lot of effort associated with sending an email, so it was just a thing that happened and then didn't happen, and I never thought about it.
About seven months ago, Sunil texted me on my birthday, and he said the same thing, and I said the same thing, and he disappeared again, and I forgot again.  And then the other night I got another text from him, but this time I just texted back, "Want to come over?" And he did.

I had to amend my traditional modus operandi a bit because Sunil wanted to chat for a while, so while I kissed him some when he walked in the door, he pulled away and sat in a one-person chair, and I got him some water, and we got caught up.  And, you know, it's amazing how no matter how much has happened to you in the last seven or eight years, when what you really want is to get in a guy's pants, you pretty much act like everything's exactly the way that it was the last time you see him.  Even if you're living in a different house, without your former partner, and your kids have almost entirely grown up since the last time you talked to him.  

Anyway, after maybe fifteen minutes of chit chat, he asked if I wanted to go upstairs, and I did, of course.  The stairs in my house are very steep -- they wouldn't meet code if they were built today, I reckon -- and that's not always a good thing, but it does mean that if you let a guy get three steps ahead of you, his ass is right at eye level, but not to far away to reach out and grab.  Which I did, eliciting a low groan from Sunil, who, I figured might not have had his ass grabbed, eaten, and/or fucked in quite some while.  Because if I knew anything for sure when those two got together, it was that Sunil was going to be the top in that relationship.

As per usual, I was in a bit of a hurry to get him into bed, but once we were there, I was very happy to take my time, thanks.  He has big, thick, firm lips, and he loves to kiss, so we did that for a good long while, with my hand alternately navigating his chest hair and going up the leg of or down the back of his shorts to play with his nuts or his ass, respectively.  Eventually I started undoing his belt, then his zipper, and then I pulled his shorts down so I could play with his cock, which is small and uncut, the way any cock that isn't mine should be.

He likes to be kissed and bitten (everywhere except on his left nipple, where some dog years ago apparently preceded me, rendering that one little bit of him overly tender; damned dog), and he shows this pleasure audibly and at a decent volume, another thing that revs me up immensely.  So when I wasn't kissing, sucking, or chewing on his lips, I was kissing, sucking, and chewing on his (right) nipple or his neck or his shoulder, and he was groaning and shaking.

Whenever I would finger his ass, he'd groan and murmur something about how it had been so long, and I figured he just meant that it had been a long time since I'd been in his ass.  It wasn't a particular surprise when, after he'd been going down on me for a while, he really started getting loud when I wriggled under his ass and started tonguing it.  At the same time I grabbed his right nip in one hand and his cock in the other, rubbing his foreskin up over his drooling cockhead, and he got very animated, causing me to dial back the intensity.  I certainly didn't want him cumming before I got a chance to shove my cock into his amazing ass.
The opportunity came soon enough.  I pushed him down on his stomach, lay on top of him, and started chewing on his shoulder.  I reached over to grab the Gun Oil off the table behind my bed, took a couple of pumps, and started to slide a couple of fingers into him.  He said again how it had been so long, but it wasn't a cautionary "so long": it was more the "so long" of a man getting water in the desert.  I put some of the lube on my cock, lined up behind him and started to push the cockhead into him.  I knew I'd need to go slow, so I did, letting his ass get used to the head before I started to push the shaft into him.

But I knew he could take it, and I really wanted to give it to him, so I was buried to the hilt in him before long, and he was really on fire for it.  I pulled out slowly until just the tip of the head was in him, then I re-entered with one long, slow, steady push, until I was all the way in him again.  He was moaning, and I asked him if he liked it.  I got a breathless "yesssss" in reply.  I reckoned that was my cue to speed up.

Normally, I like to rotate through a bunch of positions, but I was really into fucking him from behind while he lay on his stomach, so I just started to increase the thrusting frequency, and he kept moaning more and more loudly.  He was so tight that I knew I wouldn't last more than ten minutes, and he seemed legitimately unused to taking cock (despite how much he was clearly loving it), so I just thrusted faster and faster until I could feel the pressure building in my shaft.  I was really ramming and twitching then, and I just let fly, continuing to thrust and thrust as I spewed.

Then I collapsed on top of him, chewing idly on his neck.

Before long, I recollected myself and turned him on his back, got some more lube, and started to stroke his cock while I chewed his good nip.  It didn't take long before he was gushing.

We lay still for a couple of minutes, then I grabbed a towel and cleaned both of us up.  We talked for a while longer, mostly about his problems with his daughter, and I asked him how Chuck was doing.  Then, finally, I asked him if the two of them ever did threeways, and he said no and that my fucking him was the first time he'd been with anyone other than Chuck since the two of them got together all those years ago.

In a way, I was a little bit flattered.  But mostly, I just rolled my eyes at what he was saying. You should never believe anything a man tells you.


Jérôme said...

And the pictures are back!

You just believe them when you want them to get in your pants.

Anonymous said...

Hi TED, I am a new reader of your blog, sorry for the english, I am from Brazil. I found your blog in a comment you made in someone,s blog. I didn´t read much of your blog, just some things that help me to know you a litle bit. I know taht you was married and have two daughters and your experience with your best frined when you was 13/14. But some questions I have: did your daughters know about you (being gay)? How the reactions when they discover? Did you continue wiht b&c or did you break up? I know you studied in MIT, but what was your curse (I know is something related with tax: must be economy, account, law etc). I didn´t pick up what´s is your religion. How old are you know? Now that I discover your two blogger I will keep reading them.

TED said...

Hi Anonymous Brazilian. These sorts of questions are better addressed via email, but I'll go ahead and answer.
I told my older daughter that I was gay when she was either 10 or 11. By the time I thought my younger daughter was old enough for me to tell her, my older daughter had already told her. Neither of them had any problem at all with my being gay. They never liked b&c all that much, but they have liked other guys I've dated just fine.
B&c and I broke up about four years ago, and I moved into my own house. We still see each other frequently though we are no longer sexually active together. Just last night, in fact, he dragged me to a production of Tristan und Isolde. I will probably forgive him for that someday.
I actually studied literature and biology at MIT. I got a master's degree at Northeastern (also in Boston) which is how I got into accounting and tax.
I am a Unitarian Universalist. I am 52 years old. Thanks for reading.

Will said...

Had I lived in the area, I would gladly have stood in for you at the opera. I'd forgotten you were at MIT --you would have been there while I was was on the Music and Theater Arts faculty.