Monday, November 2, 2009

Not Dead Yet

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned. It's been almost a month since my last confession.

And this isn't going to be much better I'm afraid. The movers are coming on Thursday, I'm overwhelmed with painting and packing, and I have to go to the opera tonight. It's the hat trick of despair! Plus b&c is home all the time now, so there's almost no opportunity to hook up. But that all changes Thursday, and I'll be sure to let you know all about the presumably much increased sluttishness going on in my new home. Though, to be honest, I don't know whether I'll spend the weekend in bed exhausted or in bed getting further exhausted. Time will tell.

For now, I should mention that a couple of weeks ago, b&c was out of town, and YFU was unexpectedly at her mother's on an evening when I'd expected her to be with me, so I posted a craigslist ad, and there was almost no response (on a Friday!). So I went to sleep, but I couldn't sleep very well, and when I woke up at 6am (on a Saturday! Morning!), there was a response from a local guy who described himself as 5'10, 170, muscular, and very eager to suck cock. The response had come in at 3am, so I was sure he'd be asleep, but I wrote back, and he was up. He wouldn't send a picture and he wouldn't call, but I could tell from his emails that he was overly discreet rather than crazy, so I gave him an approximate location and told him to text me when he got there, and then I directed him the rest of the way in.

Gorgeous, thick-lipped, narrow-waisted, bubble-assed Black guy! On the one hand, I was a bit surprised that he hadn't mentioned his ethnicity, though maybe he just assumed that I was cool with any ethnicity because of my statement in the ad that ethnicity is not an issue for me. I just now thought of that. Up until this moment I was thinking that he'd been taking a risk and that he was just lucky that my reaction to finding out that a guy is Black is to thank the universe, but I guess I'd already conveyed that. Anyway, he was a very eager cocksucker, but he was also a great kisser, and the smooth ebony body certainly didn't hurt. He was there for about two hours, and we went through three condoms (alas, I didn't shoot three loads: we just kept losing them via aggressive pounding) after I'd eaten his ass thoroughly. Awesome!

I might also mention that on Saturday, when I was meant to be painting all day, I went all the way over to Arlington (Virginia! I must have been reallllly horny.) to hook up with a guy who contacted me on one of the web sites. He may have had the nicest pair of lips I've ever encountered on a white man, and boy did he know how to use them. He also had nipples that loved being worked, and, well, I worked them. It was one of those slow and comfortable, yet intense, sessions that worked its way out very leisurely until I'd eaten his ass for a while and he mounted my cock. Then he got carried away. He stroked off a load while he was riding me, then he lay beside me and kissed me while I stroked off one of my own. He said something about my not having to leave right away if I didn't want to, so after we wiped up a bit, we chatted for a while, then we started to make out again, and before I knew it, I was wearing a second condom and he was riding me again. He apologized for not being able to cum a second time, but I really didn't mind. He has a partner, and he only plays when his partner travels, but his partner travels a lot. He wants to play again, but I'm torn. On the one hand, truly awesome sex with a great kisser. On the other hand, Northern Virginia! It's a toss-up that might go the other way once I'm in my own place and able to have guys over pretty much whenever I want.