Monday, May 21, 2012

The Annual TED Sluts Around Manhattan Post

Hey y'all.  How've you been?  I feel bad about not writing for a while.  I was going to write about the guys I had sex with on my recent trip to NYC, but that was a few weeks ago now, and I only made the following notes here shortly after my trip:

1. Peruvian Medical Coder
2. Cypriot Something or Other
3. American Producer
4. Colombian Chef
5. Italian Chemical Engineer
6. French Endowment Manager

So we know the order of the guys I bedded, and we know the nationalities of all the guys and the careers of five of the guys, but the rest of the details are a bit fuzzy.

On the other hand, let's try.  We'll start by re-ranking the guys in order of my enjoyment of them:

1. French Endowment Manager
2. Colombian Chef
3. Italian Chemical Engineer
4. Cypriot Something or Other
5. Peruvian Medical Coder

Yes, we're one man down, and -- of course -- it's the only American I got horizontal with.  And I have to say: Americans, it's time to step up your game.  Each and every one of the European and South American guys I hooked up with was somebody I'd happily play with again, but it just so happens that the American dude is someone who actually lives in Maryland.  He hit me up on Scruff about a week after we'd played in New York and said he wanted to get together again, and I didn't even reply.  In general, I think it's a bad idea for a bottom who says he wants to suck me off and get fucked to show up, get naked and horizontal, and -- twenty minutes in -- inform me that he doesn't suck cock on the "first date."

Wait, were we dating?

Anyway, I believe that you play the hand you're dealt, and we were already twenty minutes in, so I made him shoot his load at the twenty-one-minute mark and thought about European capitals while he got dressed and then left.

I got into NYC on a Wednesday afternoon and left Saturday morning.  I did the first two guys on Wednesday evening, Mr. Makes-Me-Embarrassed-To-Be-American on Thursday, and the other three guys on Friday.  I did the Colombian Chef in the afternoon, and he gave me some very helpful restaurant suggestions for dinner.  I'm afraid that I rather rushed through the Italian (who probably deserved more time) in order to get to the French guy who was very cute, very charming, and very responsive.  He eventually came when he was sitting on my cock, with just the cockhead inside his ass, and I was stroking him off.  His face contorted in a memorable way when he shot, and then we chatted amiably for a while, and then he left to go home to his son, who was visiting from Paris.

If memory serves, I only came twice, once with the Cypriot and once with the Colombian, but it is never really about the cumshot with me.

All of the non-horizontal parts of the trip were really great, too.  I made a conscious effort not to spend so much of my trip fucking this time.  Six seemed like a good compromise.