Friday, December 28, 2007

Doing Denton

Almost exactly a year ago, I put an ad on craigslist, and I got a reply from someone who said he was 30, 6'2, 220 pounds, and black. He included a body pic, so I replied with one of my own. He wrote back and said the he knew me and that we'd hooked up four or five years earlier. I wrote back and said that I thought he must be mistaken: surely I would remember anyone as hot as he. Then he wrote back saying that I had two daughters and at the time we'd last met, I'd been working in Kensington. I replied that it certainly sounded like me, but that, again, I felt sure I'd remember him. He wrote back that he had been sure I'd remember him, too, and that the last time we'd gotten together, it had been at his cousin's place. Something clicked, and I wrote back. "Oh. The last time we got together, did we break a bed?" And, really, I couldn't believe I'd forgotten either because Denton was smokin'.

The intervening four years had done nothing to lessen his charms. At 30, he was better looking and more confident. I don't fetishize black men, but if you can find a guy who's dark and smooth, with big lips, a narrow waist, and a great big bubble butt, well, what's not to love? I apologized for not remembering him, and he asked me whether I still liked to eat ass as much as I had. More, I told him. He asked me when he could come over, and I asked him why he wasn't already here.

We had an awesome time then. He's smart and articulate as well as hot, and I'm flattered because he very rarely bottoms, but he does for me, and he obviously loves it. He kept telling me how big my cock was, and it was a little bit tough for me not to laugh because, well, if you imagine the sort of cock you'd expect to find on a 6'2, 220 lb black man, that's the cock he has. Or maybe he has a little bit more than that. Anyway, after we played, we chatted for a bit about his life in Seattle, and after he left, I emailed him to say I'd had an awesome time and that if he was ever back in town again, he should let me know. He said he would.

A little before Thanksgiving this year, I got an email from Denton saying that he'd be in town around Christmas and that he'd get back to me when he knew exactly when. When he had the times narrowed down, it was pretty clear that the afternoon or evening of Boxing Day would be the only time when we were both free. B&c would still be in New Jersey, and Denton would be done with his familial obligations. Or at least that was the plan. He'd originally said anytime that day would be fine, so I said 4:00, which would allow me to play with him and then tie up and edge a submissive who'd said he wanted to play. But then he had something else that he had to do with his family, and so we put it off until about 8. There was a series of text messages from him: half of them were about things I was going to do with them, and the other half were about delays. By the time all was said and done, he couldn't get here before 10:30. Fortunately (and unsurprisingly) the sub baled on me. I think he's permanently off my list now.

When Denton arrived, I said hello, and then started to kiss him. It's unusual for me to have to look up when I'm kissing a guy, and it was a little weird, but he looked better than ever. He'd trimmed down to about 200 pounds, and he was, as always, gorgeous. I pointed him towards the stairs. Normally, I keep a hand on a guy's ass all the way up, but he took the stairs two at a time, and I had to move fast just to keep up with him. Eager lad.

He wasted no time getting naked, and, well: da-yum. He has an ass that just doesn't quit. He lay down on the bed on his stomach, and I ran my hands over his cheeks and squeezed them. But I wasn't ready to go there just yet, so I put him on his back and started to kiss him. God, what lips. Denton's not an eager kisser until he's warmed up, so I went right to the nipples. At first when I bit down, he told me to go easy, but then I sucked in and motored my tongue fast back and forth over the nub, and he started to moan. I took the other nip between my thumb and forefinger and kept working on both, and the moans grew louder.

Denton had told me in one of his text messages that he'd only been fucked once since the last time we were together, and he clearly wanted to bottom, so I kept him down on his back and kept working on his nipple until he couldn't take it any more. He got up on his knees and dove for my cock, taking it all the way in in one gulp before beginning a more leisurely blow job. It felt so good that I lay back and enjoyed for a while before starting to play with his nipples and then moving to his nuts and, finally, his ass. I ran a finger back and forth across his hole, and he moaned loudly around my cock. We kept at that for a few minutes, and then when I pulled his head back to mine, he was ready to make out more intensely. I took him in my arms and we kissed deeply with his fat lower lip between my lips and our hands all over each other.

I had every intention of eating his ass, of course, but I wanted to take my time getting there, so I rolled him onto his stomach and lay on top of his back with my cock wedged between his legs, the length of my shaft against his asshole. He was making a lot more noise from the time he felt my cock near his ass, and he got really loud when I started to push my tongue around and into his ears. He was writhing under me, almost out of control while I kept alternating between licking the ear and sucking on the earlobe. I gave him just a moment of respite before turning his head and going to work on the other side. He was writhing more and moaning my name.

The moaning turned into something between a growl and a low scream when I bit down on his shoulder. I'd never bitten Denton before, but he really got into it. I chomped down strongly on one side then moved to the other, all giving rise to increasingly loud and inchoate professions of passion. When I had him worked up to a fever, I started to move my mouth down his back, and as I kissed down his spine, he shivered and shook all over. His body would tense, then relax, then shudder. I went further and further down his back, and when I was making him shake and whimper from kissing the small of his back and squeezing his ass hard with both hands, he began to beg for more. I wanted to make him wait before I ate his ass, though, so I just squeezed his cheeks harder, and he loved it.

I went back to chewing his shoulders for a bit longer, then I rolled off him and pushed his shoulder so that his head moved down towards my cock. Once he had it in his mouth, I pulled him around farther until his knees were straddling my head, and then I took a cheek in both hands and took a moment to enjoy the sight of that big beautiful butt I was about to dive into.

I love ass. (Yeah, I know: big surprise there.) A year ago, when Denton and I had been finishing up and I was, yet again, telling him what a great ass he had, he told me that he thought it was too big and that he was seriously considering having some surgery to make it smaller. I told him not to do it without telling me first so that I could fly out to Seattle and throw myself in front of the scalpel. He just laughed, but while I'm unlikely to burst into any operating rooms like a jilted lover trying to stop a wedding, I truly did think that reducing that ass would have been a tragedy. Fortunately, calmer heads appear to have prevailed. The ass was slightly smaller than it had been the year before, due to his overall modest weight loss, but it was still very full and clearly had not been butchered. Praise be to Cthulhu.

I always try to start with some teaser licks when I'm eating ass, but with Denton, it's pretty hard not to treat rimming him like a pie eating contest. And let me just say: somebody owes me a blue ribbon. Interestingly, while biting, squeezing, and pinching him is more of an extroverted pleasure (meaning that he moans and screams), eating his ass provokes a much more introverted response, as if he's pulling in to fully connect with the pleasure. I do have to give him credit for not leaving off sucking my cock when I shoved my tongue into his ass. After a while of drawing him in, I bit down on his inner thigh and sent him back out. He responded with the lustiest moans to date and then sat up, reached back, pulled his cheeks apart, and sat on my face. I reached up and teased his nipples as I shoved my tongue in still deeper. It was just great, but I could only do it for a minute or so at a time because then he'd get so worked up that he'd let go of his ass, and the full buttocks would cut off my breathing. For a while I alternated between eating his ass and chewing on his thighs, but then I figured out that I could get both reactions simultaneously by continuing to eat his ass while grabbing both cheeks and squeezing hard. That, too, made him ask for more.

I have no idea how long I ate his ass, but it must have been a long time. He'd arrived late, and we were both very horny, so there was a greater urgency than usual to our session. We'd originally talked about not wanting to be rushed, and we certainly weren't rushed, but it was clear that we weren't going to go for the two hours we'd normally go for, and there was an increase of intensity that seemed to compensate for the reduction in duration. The session only lasted about 75 minutes, but it was a terrific 75 minutes. Anyway, I think after the fourth or fifth time he sat up and pulled his cheeks apart to send me deeper, I started to insert fingers in his ass and play with his prostate. He was really, really clean, so I'd go back to eating his ass in between fingering. When I had three digits inside, I figured it was about time to hand him the condom. After he put it on me, we made out for a couple of minutes, and then I rolled him onto his stomach.

I lay down on his back again, with my cock wedged in his asscrack, and started to chew his shoulders, and then I pretty quickly moved my cockhead right up against his asshole and started to push. He started to pant and asked me to go slow, and I did. He was very wet from the (if I say it myself) extremely thorough ass munching, so even without lube, I was able to get partway inside him. We worked at that for a couple of minutes, with him asking me to go slow but wanting more and me increasingly needing to just fuck him. Eventually I grabbed the lube and put some on the condom and then I slid in farther. I still wasn't in all the way, but I was in far enough that I could begin to shove in and out and truly fuck. Every couple of minutes, I'd stop and push into him a little deeper, and he'd get used to it and tell me that it felt good. And that my cock was too big. Fortunately, I was too worked up to roll my eyes.

When I was all the way in him, I began to really plow, and he got louder and louder. I do love a noisy fuck, so I went harder and harder. He had, after all, told me that he was pretty sure he'd be starting an exclusive relationship when he got back to Seattle. It's a safe bet that the other guy is a bottom, so I figured he might go months or even years without being fucked again, and I wanted to make sure this fuck was memorable. I'm pretty sure it'll still register even after he leaves off being hoarse.

It was a little warm in the bedroom, and we were really going at it, so I was already pretty sweaty by the time I turned him over and bent his knees up towards his chest. I grabbed the bottoms of his feet and pushed down as I pushed back into him. He's a lot looser in that position, and it was easy to shove in and out of him while I pushed down and then released his legs. The combination of the mattress and the memory foam make that all a little bit like fucking on a trampoline, and it's a real good time. He started to play with himself, but I took his hand away and began to stroke him. That made his ass tighten somewhat, but I was pretty sure that I would hit the point of exhaustion before I'd cum in his ass. So I fucked him until we were both covered with sweat, then I pulled out, lost the condom, and lay beside him and started to jerk myself off. He told me that he wanted me to cum in his mouth, so after kissing him and wanking with great resolve, I straddled his chest, thrust my cock into his mouth a few times and started to ejaculate. It was amazing: I was right on that edge between feels great and too much sensation, and I was able to stay there until I was drained and starting to soften. Then I pulled out and collapsed, retaining just enough energy to finger his ass and suck lightly on one nipple while he jacked himself off. Which took almost no time at all. Then we lay there for a couple of minutes like two stoned dudes, saying "Damn that was awesome" and other pronouncements of similar profundity. Words are not always adequate.

He jumped in the shower, and then while he got dressed, we talked for a bit about what was going on with him. There's always a chance that we'll hook up again next Christmas, but he seems like the kind of guy who knows where he's going, and if he says he's going to be entering an exclusive relationship, it's likely that he's right about that and that he'll be in it for a while. I certainly can't imagine any bottom letting that cock and that body get away from him. So it's most likely that we won't see each other again, and that's cool, too. It was a great way to say goodbye, and a great last hookup for 2007. 2008 is going to have some work to do to keep up.

2007, Penultimately

Unless I'm very much mistaken (which happens all the time, but probably not this time), this will be my next-to-last post of 2007. Don't worry: I have no intention of boring you with any sort of year-in-review nonsense. I think about that sort of shit occasionally, but I mostly keep it to myself. And if I don't keep it to myself, it'll likely be the first post of next year: why look back when you can look forward? (This bit of advice applies to life more than to men. In generally, I'd rather look at a guy's backside, though it's hard to choose: men are really an embarrassment of riches, aren't they?) I just have a few pieces of miscellany to put out there now so that my last post of the year can be about some recent play that was particularly satisfying. Seeing the year out with a bang, as it were.

The kids and I are off to Florida tomorrow afternoon. We'll be staying with my folks, and my sister and her family will be there, too. Absolute bedlam, but lots of fun. I have gifts for my parents, but I haven't gotten anything for my sister and her husband or for the nephews yet. I only hope that I can find a Target or something on the three-hour drive from Melbourne to Bradenton (It was the only way I could get tix for all three of us for under a grand, and the young'uns -- mine anyway -- travel well.) so that I can pick up something en route. The ex informed me, when she was dropping off her present for my folks, that the airlines don't appreciate wrapped presents, anyway, so no one need know that I waited until the last minute. My whole family will have assumed that I'd wait until the last minute, anyway. I'm putting a fruitcake I made in the checked baggage so that they can see that I at least did something ahead. By the way, my fruitcake is fabulous. Even people who hate fruitcake love my fruitcake.

B&c and I didn't get around to opening our presents to each other until tonight. We were lying in bed enjoying the afterglow this evening, and when he mentioned making dinner, I said that we should probably open our presents first, "in case mine is something that I want to take with me." He laughed: it was no secret that he was getting me luggage. It's very nice luggage, too. It has wheels and a handle that's long enough for a six-foot tall man to pull without stooping. I'm mostly packed now. I renewed b&c's subscription to Wine Spectator, and I bought him a bunch of books and a gray, cotton CK sweater. It's pretty much the same every year: Wine Spectator, books from NPR's annual recommendations, and something soft and snug that he'll look irresistible in.

B&c looks his most irresistible right after a haircut. You would think that he'd figure that out from the way I jump him whenever he comes back from the barber, but he's a little clueless. Remind me to tell you a story about just how clueless he can be next Tuesday, which will be our fourth anniversary. Anyway, I'm not going to tell him about the haircut thing. Too much knowledge is a dangerous thing.

In case I forget tomorrow, enjoy what's left of 2007, and I wish either a fabulous or an even more fabulous 2008 for all.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Married Submissive

This past Saturday I hooked up with Rick, a local married sub, for the second time. Rick follows the rules of sleazy Internet hookups, which means, in part, that you can say that you had a good time, but you can't suggest another meeting. Doing so only encourages other people to lie. Or at least to have second thoughts later. Most guys, if you catch them right in the afterglow, legitimately want to have another go with you at a later date, but married guys, especially, are subject to a lot of delayed post-coital guilt that is only intensified by agreeing to a rematch. So if you tell most guys that you want to fuck them again later, they may be pleased at the moment, but you're reducing the chances of actually fucking them again later. I'm an exception to this phenomenon: I always know exactly how much I liked the sex right after it's happened, and I don't have any guilt tying me down, so if someone tells me they'd like to play again, and I say that I'd like it, too, I mean it. Conversely, I have no trouble saying that once was enough.

Anyway, Rick had expressed enjoyment but had said nothing more after our first hookup, but I had a pretty good idea that he'd be ready for round two, so I emailed him, and he responded affirmatively, noting that my nipple work the last time around had been very thorough. So when he got to the door on Saturday, I wasted no time grabbing his nipples with a fair amount of conviction. I was, naturally, kissing him at the time.

He, wise man, had come over wearing sweatpants but no underwear, so when he climbed the first stair, I was able to pull the waistband down just below his ass and grab hold firmly as we went up. Rick never says anything, but you can tell from the way his body responds just how much he enjoys what you're doing to him, and he was, shall we say, pleased.

When I got him upstairs, he started to finish taking off his sweatpants, but I threw him on the bed before he got a chance. Lying next to him, I went back to kissing him and squeezing his nipples. He sort of whimpered into the kiss, so I squeezed harder, without breaking the kiss. He's a good kisser, and I knew that before long, my mouth would be busy biting down on his nipples, and since I wanted to enjoy the kissing as long as possible, I held myself back from the nips for as long as I could. I rolled him on his back, got on top of him, grabbed his wrists, held them down over his head, and started sucking on his lower lip.

I'm never sure what happens with time when I'm having sex. I'm sure y'all have the exact same experience: sometimes I'm having a great time for what seems like a long time, but I'll look up and relatively little time has gone by. Other times, I'm having a great time for what seems like only a little while, and I'll look up and we'll have been going at it for an hour. And sometimes, like on Saturday, both will happen. Parts of it flew by and other parts didn't. All in all, it was ninety minutes of great time that left me seriously dehydrated, but some of it (like the making out) stretched and some of it (like the ass eating and ass fucking) condensed.

Rick's an older guy, but he has a very fit (he runs) and very responsive body. So, as with most guys, when he'd been going down on me for a while and I pulled him around to eat his ass, his head flew off my cock. I pushed it back down (as with most guys), and he seemed to go at it with renewed vigor. He has a really nice ass, too: not bubble but very firm. And very clean, of course.

I did keep going back to his nipples and his lips. I worked the nips about as hard as I dared. There were a couple of times when he almost asked me to ease off, but he never did. And he was always eager to kiss more. Unlike a lot of guys, even after he came (I had his hands pinned over his head with one hand, while I jerked him off with the other. And I was biting his nipple, of course.) hard, he was eager to kiss more. There was even a period of -- highly unexpected but very enjoyable -- cuddling. I suppose that after going at it for ninety minutes, he might have simply been catching his breath, but it seemed that there was some legitimate warmth. I feel some warmth towards all the guys I fuck, but in most cases, I don't expect to feel it back, and I don't generally miss it. If I need warmth, after all, I've got b&c. But I got some from Rick, and it was nice. It made me wonder whether -- in addition to cock -- he's hungry for some sort of m2m affection. Not that it matters, I'm not going to offer it unless he asks for it, and he's never going to ask for it. Still, it made an impression.

I fucked Rick for about fifteen minutes, and we went at it pretty hard, but I didn't cum. I have pretty much managed to separate fucking and orgasm. I love to fuck ass, but I don't especially like to cum that way: I lose track of some of the sensation in a way that I don't if I'm cumming by hand (mine or somebody else's) or mouth, and the actual moment of orgasm is less intense. It's better to finish off outside the ass, or even later in the day, alone.

When we were done with everything, I told Rick I'd had a good time, and he told me it had been "intense." I smiled. I'm sure it was very intense for him, but for me it was more fun than intense. Or perhaps it was just not more intense than a lot of other sex I've had recently. But it was great sex, all the same, and I certainly would (and likely will) do him again.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

Happy holidays to everyone. Have some more seasonal miscellany, on me.

It's almost midnight on Christmas Eve, and I have not yet begun to wrap presents. This is about the first minute of my day that wasn't accounted for. I dropped YFU at her mom's house this morning on my way to the office. I worked until just after noon, then I came home and cooked for almost two hours, then went to church to sing madrigals for the afternoon service, then came home and cooked for another hour, then got the food on the table early enough to have fifteen minutes with the guests (b&c's family and in-laws), then went back to church to sing with the choir for the evening service, then came back home and spent another couple of hours with the guests, and then it was now. It was all fun, but I'm beat. And those presents aren't going to wrap themselves.

I spent much of the weekend trying to shop. I had forgotten how much I dislike really big crowds. Costco on Saturday was particularly oppressive. I think maybe when there are going to be that many people there, they should avoid having twenty or thirty people preparing and handing out samples. They take up a lot of space, and they slow all the shoppers down.

I had much better luck at Ikea on Sunday. Not only did I find some good gifts, but I got to do what I really go to Ikea for. Have you ever noticed the Ikea shopping carts? They're like supermarket shopping carts but with much better wheels. If you're standing in place, you can spin the thing around with one good pull, and it comes right back to where it was. Better still, if you're walking in a straight line, you can give the cart a turn, and it will rotate completely around while still moving in a straight line, so that you don't even have to break stride, and the handle comes right back to where it was, only farther along the straight line. You know what that's called? Physics.

B&c will be taking his mother home tomorrow late morning or early afternoon, and he'll spend a couple of days in New Jersey with her. I have two hookups tentatively set up for late in the day on the 26th. One is with the guy who emailed me last weekend and wanted to be tied to the bed and edged for a couple of hours. The other is a guy who I first hooked up with maybe six years ago and who now contacts me when he's back home for the holidays. He is hot beyond words, so I hope that one pans out. I can take or leave the guy tied to the bed. Well, I can't leave him forever, I guess, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, I wish everyone the best of all possible holidays. I'll be spending most of the day with the kids, and I expect it to be very relaxing, especially since I have a ton of leftovers from tonight so I won't have to do much for dinner tomorrow. I expect a thoroughly pleasant holiday, and I hope that you all have the same. I am not expecting a lot of presents, but then there is very little that I need. When I was in Costco (a different Costco) on Sunday, I passed by a Le Creuset 8 quart enameled cast iron dutch oven for what struck me as a very reasonable price (about $170). I have wanted one forever, and the check my parents sent me for Christmas would more than cover it, so I put it in my cart and smiled broadly for about ten minutes while I shopped. Then I put it back on the shelf, and continued smiling broadly. Not to turn all Polyanna on you, but the fact that I could have had it (and perhaps the realization that I could have had it without the check from my parents) was enough to fill me with gratitude for how much I do have, both materially and otherwise. It's a good life, and I hope we'll all spend at least a little of tomorrow thinking less about what we're unwrapping and more about the whole peace-on-earth-goodwill-to-men thing.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The End of Scholarship

We all know that, my protestations to the contrary, my post about the recent craigslist missed connections drama really was mostly an excuse to post pictures of hot Desi guys. Still, I do study the missed connections, after a fashion: I read them out of an interest other than their stated purpose, and I report back on unusual posts.

So when I was going through my referral statistics and noticed that someone had found me by googling "vijay dc frontrunner," I couldn't help clicking on the referral link, and I found that I'm the first result. So I decided to look again at the missed connections, and I found this:

Vijay haters club. - m4m - 36
Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-22, 5:27PM EST

Lets start one. it might be fun. Vijay Haters meet at JR's on Monday night. We'll then get a collection of money for flowers for Joseph.

* Location: DC

And I couldn't help remembering that I'd written this:
I think maybe these guys should stop whinging all over the clmc. They can form a support group and whinge to each other. But don't most guys form support groups to get laid? That's not going to work for these men: they're clearly all bottoms. But maybe they can have a BYOD (bring your own dildo: the host supplies the lube) bitchfest/sex toy party. Send me the pictures, boys!

A logical supposition would be that someone read my post, took my idea, and suggested forming the support group. He didn't mention the sex toys, but I reckon he was just being discreet. I haven't ever actually been to JR's, but I don't think it's the sort of place that you associate with sex toy parties. I could be wrong about that. I'd ask TJ, but he's busy wearing really big shoes over in the Netherlands. I think wearing oversized shoes is probably like driving a Hummer: he's clearly overcompensating for something. I have no idea what he's compensating for; I just know that whenever EFU is in the car with me and we pass someone in an SUV or a big pair of wooden shoes, she holds her hand out the window with her thumb and forefinger very close together to indicate that something is small.

Anyway, if someone's taking my ideas and putting them into effect over on the clmc, you know what that means, don't you? It means that I'm affecting the clmc, so I can no longer study it objectively. I'm really not a professional scholar, but I'm pretty sure that if you influence your subject, you're violating some sort of academic prime directive.

I've already milked the whole Vijay drama for about three hundred times what it's worth, so I'll try -- pending additional developments, of course -- to stop now. I'll just say in closing that if someone's going to take part of my idea, they should follow through and take it all. In other words, when the sex toy party goes down, I still want pictures.


Truly, I apologize for the Vijay obsession, but there were two more messages on clmc when I went to check just now.

One from a charter member of the Vijay Haters Club:

Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-22, 8:41PM EST

Who cares about Vijay's small member or lack of sexual prowess. That is not a secret. What is smaller, his heart is even smaller.I know the true story. Not the lies he martyrs himself around.


He did break up with Joseph after Joseph told him he had cancer. Then he tells everyone he is concerned and worried. He only wants the attention. I have heard him. If you are what have you done?

Joseph did move away, but Vijay said he would move with him until Joseph told him about being sick.

Joseph has to pay all his medical bills because of a new job. You would think Vijay would help pay his bills or offer him money, no he remodels his house.

Vijay has not visited or spoken to Joseph since he told him about his cancer.

Vijay your heart is smaller than the GRINCH!

Do the right thing.

* Location: ALEXANDRIA

And one that I could have written (I did not, however, write it):

will someone send me a photo of Vijay? - m4m - 40
Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-23, 10:59AM EST

Surely if so many of you dated him, someone has a photo. And if you make the rest of us listen to your complaints, I for one would like to see what you're all talking about.....and Indian men are kinda hot. And I'm no size queen....

* Location: dupont

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sweet Merciful Crap

I assume, readers, that you know that when I say
like I said, I have a lengthy to do list (of chores, if not boys), so I'm not going to put a lot of time or effort into procuring more hook-ups

what I really mean is something more along the lines of
I'm going to post an ad on craigslist and maybe hang out for a bit on, but if nothing suitable comes along, I'm going to get some work done around the house and not be upset about it.

Anyway, the cl responses were oddly slow in coming. Normally, I get a number of decent responses in the first ten minutes the ad is up, leading me to believe that there is a sizable number of people who eschew hanging out on so that they can refresh the screen on craigslist. Since it had been a couple of hours and there was no response whatsoever, I figured I'd hop on for a bit, and before long, Geraldo was hitting me up. I'd never met Geraldo, but we'd chatted a couple of times before. He lives in Bethesda, and I work in Bethesda, so it seemed like we ought to be able to make a nooner work sometime. The problem had been that while Bethesda is not that big a place, it's not that small, either, and the traffic is vicious. Anyway, it was 3, and it was Friday, and he wanted me to come over, so I figured I'd cut out early and go play with him. He said he was free until about 4:30: we could play for an hour, then I could still get home early enough to work on the house or do some shopping.

Traffic was more vicious than usual on Friday, so I didn't make it to his apartment building until 3:30. As he'd requested, I called him from the parking lot to let him know I'd arrived. He said something about how at least we'd have time to meet each other. Uh huh. When he let me in the apartment, I grabbed him and started to kiss him. Geraldo is a compact Latino with very nice, full lips, and he's a great kisser. I pretty quickly started twisting both his nipples through his shirt, and he said, "You're aggressive, aren't you? I like that."

He kept trying to get me to sit down on the couch, and I kept playing with his nipples and pushing him towards his bedroom. He told me that he was worried about his uncle coming home, and I kept pulling on his clothes. He told me not to take my clothes off, and I threw him down on the bed. He told me we had to be careful, and I straddled him and continued making out. He said again that I was very aggressive, and I pushed him towards my crotch. He unzipped me and pulled my cock out and started going down on me. Excellent oral technique. He kept telling me that my cock was really big. As usual, I said, "Thanks," but inside, I was saying, "Whatever."

He was obviously very nervous about his uncle/roommate coming home, but he was equally into what I was doing to him. He really started to melt when I bent him over the bed and wedged my cock up next to his asshole and leaned forward to kiss him.

But caution won out. He asked me whether I could come back. He said if his uncle wasn't home by 5, it would mean he wouldn't come home at all that night, and then we could play. I told him that I could host, and when he said that he didn't have a car, I told him I could pick him up, and bring him home, he asked whether he could stay the night. I told him I had too much to do, but that I'd bring him home. I was pretty worked up, and I really wanted to finish him off, but I figured that if he didn't call me later in the afternoon, it would be no great loss. I felt even more that way when I got back to the office and found an answer to my CL ad from Tim.

Tim said he was 28, Asian, 5'7 and wanted to learn to be my slave. He said that he had no experience with kink or even with bottoming but that he was very turned on by my ad. Despite his lack of experience, the offer seemed too good to pass up, especially since he didn't want to come over until about 9, and I figured that I'd be done with Geraldo by then, especially if we were playing at his place. I gave Tim my number and told him to call me after 7.

Geraldo did call me back to say that his uncle had come home and that we'd have to play at my place. I told him I was on my way. I picked him up, and he kissed me when he got in the car. Then he started showing off his navigation/GPS device. It seemed weird to me that you'd have something like that if you didn't drive, but he was very proud of his toy. When he told me that it had cost about $400, though, I said, "I could buy a lot of porn with $400." He didn't think that was funny.

Geraldo kept telling me what a nice guy I was, and it became clear to me that even though he'd originally contacted me about a hookup, he was thinking of this as a date. I get a little put out when guys can't be bothered to read enough of my profile to know that I'm not looking to date, but he was being very nice about it, so I just explained my situation to him. He seemed a little crushed, which was odd under the circumstances.

Anyway, it took a long time to get home, and he asked me a lot of questions and told me about himself, and he seemed like a really nice guy. I wanted to jump him as soon as we got inside, but he asked for a drink. I went to get him a beer, but he asked what else we had, so I showed him the closet with the liquor shelf, and he lit up like Christmas. He pulled down the bottle of Amaretto. It seemed a weird choice to me, but I took two wine glasses and poured a small amount in each. He asked me to pour him more, so I poured him about four ounces, which, much to my amazement, he drained in a swallow. Then he asked for more. I was all "Dude, slow down, it's Amaretto: you're supposed to sip it," but he wasn't listening, so I pushed him towards the stairs. He grabbed his glass and took it with him.

I had him naked, and we'd been making out for a while when he said he needed another drink. I offered him my glass, and he drained it, too. We went at it for a little while longer, and he wanted more. I'd been at work all day, and I really wanted to wash the nether regions before moving in for the fuck, so I told him to go downstairs and get a refill while I showered.

When I'd finished drying myself off, I went back to play with him some more, and he told me he needed to talk to me. I said "OK," and I went for his nipple. He said, "No, you're not listening," and I replied, "I'm exceptionally talented at multitasking. I can very easily listen to you and work on your nipple." So I sucked on his nip for a bit while he started to tell me that he wasn't going to let me fuck him because I have a partner. He said he had to be that way "out of respect for your partner." I, naturally, said, "My partner would be cheering us on if he were here," but he started in on a long explanation of how he was and how he didn't want this just to be sex. Even though, you understand, he'd asked for and advertised for sex.

I was a little tired of listening to him talk. He seemed like a nice guy, but he was trying to tell me that he wasn't good at separating sex and affection, and I already got that. I tried telling him that I understood that there are people who can fool around without problems and people who can't, and that I was willing to accept the fact that he wasn't. I wasn't even annoyed that he'd misrepresented what he wanted and that I'd driven him all over the place because he was fairly entertaining when he wasn't explaining or apologizing or telling me that he knew I was mad, but he kept doing all three of those things for the next hour, while we got dressed and I took him home. And, on the way, while he made me stop at Dairy Queen to buy him something to eat and while he stopped the person making the food before she made it to say that he didn't want anything after all, but not before I had a cone much larger than I thought I'd ordered. He wouldn't eat any of my cone, either. He said he didn't want me spending money on him. Then he spent the next ten minutes asking me to buy him various things, all of which I said no to with a laugh. I'm still not sure whether he was serious. Then he borrowed my cell phone (because it makes more sense to spend $400 on a GPS device you don't need than to pay for, say, a cell phone) so that he could call various members of his family, all of whom told him that he really shouldn't be drinking. He was getting more and more boisterous as more and more of the Amaretto kicked in.

Seriously: what the fuck? Who gets smashed on Amaretto? Between what I poured for him and what he drank while I was in the shower, the dude drank half of a 700 ml bottle of Amaretto di Saronno.

Anyway, he never got violent or crazy or anything, so I was still halfway between amused (I mean, at least it makes a good story, right? And even after he said I couldn't fuck him, he still wanted to make out some, and he really does have great lips. Plus, he kept telling me what a great kisser I am, and even though I know that's true, I still like hearing it.) and incredulous. I finally got him home just before nine. After I'd kissed him goodbye, he told me he loved me when he got out of the car.

There's only one thing to say in situations like that: "Next!"

Tim had called me when I was still with Geraldo, and I hadn't taken the call. I felt kind of bad about that, and I figured I'd blown my chances, but I called him back, anyway. I'm not sure where he's from, but his English is, well, recent. He said it was too late and that he was way up in Germantown (rather than Rockville, where he'd been before), but I told him that he should still come over so I could teach him a few things. If a guy wants to be your slave, you might as well give orders, right? He said he'd call me back in ten minutes. I figured it was an excuse, but I also figured I deserved it, so I didn't let it bother me. Twenty minutes later, when I was pulling into the driveway, he called me back. I gave him the address and directions, and he said he'd call when he was leaving. Another twenty minutes later he called, and said he was on his way. Where he was coming from is a hike, so even though he said twenty-five minutes, I figured forty.

I spent the time getting the ropes and restraints ready and looking for shit. I have a toolbox for my toys, but stuff gets scattered. I know we used the blindfold at our holiday party, but I don't know where it ended up after that. I finally located the tit clamps in one of my jacket pockets. Don't ask. I made a replacement blindfold by taking an old ratty t-shirt and cutting the bottom few inches off it. When it was doubled and stretched (I tested it), you could see a little through it, but I figured it'd be good enough.

When Tim arrived and I let him in the door, I was a bit taken aback by how cute he was. Not handsome, but cute. He's 28, but he's Asian, so he looks really young. Short, smooth, innocent (looking, anyway), with big big lips. Naturally, I started kissing him as he stood there, and the lips were as soft as they were big. I'm much too sensible to have a dream houseboy, of course, but if I had a dream houseboy, Tim would be it. I was very excited.

As he'd said, Tim was very inexperienced with being dominated. And given his rudimentary English, there wasn't much talking. I kissed him and squeezed his nipples for a bit, then I pushed him towards the stairs. When he was too stairs up, I grabbed the back of his pants and pulled them down to expose half his ass. Then I pushed him upstairs and onto the bed.

He really went with the flow and took everything I threw at him. He's asked me, via email, not to be too rough with him, so I only spanked him with my hand rather than the belt. And I only tugged hard on his nuts rather than affixing clothespins to them. And instead of chewing on his nips for too long, I just put the clamps on and left them there.

He stayed hard, so I guess he was having a good time. God knows I was. I eventually put the blindfold on him, and that made him somewhat more animated. When I pushed his head towards my cock, I discovered that while he might not have been fucked, he'd obviously had plenty of experience sucking cock. He was good at it.

There was a lot of kissing throughout, and eventually, I turned him around so that he could go down on me while I ate his truly magnificent ass. He seemed to have a bit of trouble processing that much stimulation, but he managed to suck cock pretty well even with my tongue in him.

I knew from my initial finger probing that I was dealing with an unusually tight (and unused) ass. After some more kissing, during which I let him suck his precum off my fingers, I grabbed some lube and started probing.

Tim never complained, he just moaned and sighed and occasionally jumped. I went in with a single finger, and he mumbled a bit, and then when I took it out and then pushed it back in and went for the prostate, he shook a little bit. He went back and forth between semi-firm and fully erect, and he leaked a lot of precum, and I eventually got a second and then third finger in him, but it took a while. When I had three in him, he asked me whether I was using fingers and how many. He seemed surprised and pleased that he could take three.

As much as I was enjoying all this, I'd pretty much given up on the idea of fucking him. It was really tough getting the third finger in, and I need to be able to get four in before my cock can slide in with any amount of ease. He scooted away from the third finger, and he might have gotten off the three fingers entirely had I not had the foresight to put the wrist restraints on him and tie his wrists to the corners of the bed first.

When I took my fingers out and walked over to the sink to wash my hands, he asked whether there was blood or "dirty," and I assured him that I just wanted to do something else for a while. He was, in fact, extremely clean. I just didn't want lube all over my hands.

I kept him tied up and licked the tip of his nipple between the pieces of the nipple clamp. He jumped some more, and we kissed for a while more, and I started to play with his cock. Tiny and very responsive. I teased him for a while, getting him close and then backing off, and he never complained. Eventually, I decided to stroke him off. He's 28, after all, so he should be able to cum at least twice. And he was tied up, so he wasn't going anywhere.

I was kissing him the whole time I brought him off. Then I left him there and sat on the other end of the bed, with my calves around his thighs, to play with myself. His body started twisting, and he started looking very unhappy and asking for me to loosen one of his wrists. I let it out of the restraint, and he contorted and held his side tightly. Sort of like you'd probably do if you had appendicitis. Uh oh. I let him out of the other restraint, and he started to apologize profusely and said that he needed to use the bathroom. I was starting to freak out a little at the possibility of having to take a young'un to the ER and explain what we'd been doing (I couldn't help wondering whether I'd caused a problem when I rubbed that ice cube all over his torso and then stuck it up his ass, but it's never caused anyone else any problems.), but when he got out of the bathroom, he said that while it was extremely painful, it was something that had happened before. When he'd had major school exams, for example. He said the tension causes some sort of problem in his intestines and that it's very painful. He apologized yet more and said he needed to go. I was so happy that it wasn't a ruptured appendix, that I really wasn't upset that he had to leave. Hell, he was obviously in great distress. I probably should have offered to take him to the hospital, but he said he'd be all right. It took him twenty minutes to get dressed an out the door because he had to stop constantly to clutch his side and bend over. He said he'd call me again another time. I think he meant it, but I reckon that a night of excruciating pain might change his mind. Fucking intestines. I'd certainly enjoy a repeat, with a further intensifying of our play (sans intestinal blockage, of course), but, as always, I expect nothing.

Anyway, it was great fun, but it definitely wasn't a happy ending. At least for me. I was pretty tired, and I hadn't been planning on playing for much longer anyway, but watching a guy hunched over in pain as he leaves makes me wonder if I'm going to have to change my answer to all those guys who tell me they don't want it too rough. "I am intense," I say, "but I haven't injured anyone. Yet."

Fortunately, this morning's session with the married sub more than made up for Friday night's missteps. But you must know by now that I'm going to make you wait for another post to tell you about that one.

Friday, December 21, 2007

To Have Ambition Was My Ambition

More miscellany today, readers. Also, please enjoy these NSFW pictures of men in (and, more often, out of) uniform.

An update on yesterday's drama from the craigslist missed connections. I figured it was only a matter of time before someone questioned Vijay's anatomical adequacy:

Indian Frontrunner Perfect?! - m4m - 34
Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-20, 1:04PM EST

I think it is funny Vijay is so full of himself. For all those that slept with him, you know for a fact he is not perfect. Some of the worst sex ever. No matter how perfect you think you are Vijay, you'll always be "short" changed in that area.


I've heard that there's actual research to back up the common perception that Desi men have smaller penises. I haven't seen the research, but it certainly comports with my personal experience with Indian guys. I can't help wondering whether someone fabricated the substance of that post based entirely on the stereotype, but it doesn't matter. I think most guys really don't care about cock size, and if this guy was such a terrible lover, why are all these men so pissed off about him having dumped them? We make jokes about guys who say, "I hate you! I'm better off without you! You were awful in bed! Call me!" but there's something to it, isn't there?

B&c is heading to New Jersey today to pick up his mother and bring her to our place for Christmas. His son and daughter-in-law are flying up from Atlanta, too. Everyone will be over for dinner on Christmas Eve. I think I'm in charge of most of the food preparation, even though I have to be at church from 3 to 5 and again from 7 to 9, so I won't actually be home for dinner. I really like a) cooking for people during the holidays and b) leftovers, though, so I'm more than happy to do it. I'm just wondering exactly how I'm going to get the turkey to put itself in the oven.

Normally, b&c's absence on a Friday night and Saturday morning would be the occasion for much play, but I have a shitload to get done for next Monday and Tuesday, so I'm only going to play with one or two guys. I emailed the two best subs from the weekend after Thanksgiving. One of them's coming over tomorrow morning:
Sounds good. Can you do about 9:00 am? I'm going away Sat noon for the week-end.

Last time my nipples were sore for a week!!

I assume the second exclamation point means that week-long sore nipples are a good thing. I couldn't help emailing back that I must be losing my touch if they only lasted for a week. Still, I bet he was exaggerating. Surely they would have recovered within five days.

The other guy's equally eager, but it might be difficult to find a mutually agreeable time. There's a decent chance he'll make a late night visit tonight, but, like I said, I have a lengthy to do list (of chores, if not boys), so I'm not going to put a lot of time or effort into procuring more hook-ups.

Not that it's necessarily that much effort. I don't know whether it's holiday stress or holiday time off (or both), but guys seem to be coming out of the woodwork. My phone kept vibrating towards the end of choir practice last night. I thought it was EFU wanting a ride home (she got back from school Tuesday) from work, but it was some guy who I've been trying -- very occasionally -- to hook up with for months. At least I'm pretty sure that's who it is. He's entered in my cell phone, and I called him back last night to tell him I wasn't free, and we talked for a minute, but my initial reaction was "who?" Then when I got home, I had an email message from Mitchell, a guy who I tie to the bed and edge for ninety minutes or so maybe once a year. He never contacts me. Usually I see him on, and if it's been long enough for me to be interested, I say hello to him, and if it's been long enough for him to be really horny, he agrees to come over and don the blindfold. There must be some powerful holiday horndog mojo out there for him to ask to come over. Sadly, I couldn't gratify his request, so we likely won't replay that scene for another six months, if ever.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Is This About Senator Clinton?

As a regular reader of the glory that is the craigslist missed connections page, I can't help wondering how it will evolve over time. Sure, 90% or more of the posters there are still nothing more than guys who lack the balls to approach other guys they're infatuated with, but there's always that small minority for whom it's something more. Do they represent the wave of the future? It's hard to know: evolution on a species level is pretty easy to understand because we have millions of years of fossil record, and thousands of people with university appointments and hard and soft funding (as with many things, hard is better) who have worked and continued to work on the matter. With the clmc, we're still in the throes of evolution: something that happens today may or may not provide an evolutionary advantage and recur tomorrow. And in place of thousands of academics and Charles Darwin, there's just me. And I think it would be safe to say that I'm somewhat less serious about my study than Mr. Darwin was about his. On the plus side, though, I don't have craigslist creationist fundamentalists to contend with. Yet.

Anyway, I was cataloguing specimens yesterday when I came across a development that seemed out of place. An entire semi-anonymous vindictive smackdown/pile on was taking place right in front of me. Here's the first post I saw.

For The Indian FRONTRUNNER who doesn't want his name used - m4m - 32

Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-16, 11:03PM EST

I would be a better friend to him than you. Give me his e-mail address like you said you would. Joseph (thanks for his name)seems like a gentleman. Too god for you. I will be his friend and more. DUde this wasn't about you, so get over youreslf. Who cares how u spell it, you got that it ws you. Maybe you are the casue of the terribel things he is going through. oh and here is what you said in case you forgotten. Can't wait to see if your man enough.

I really don't want my name used on a craigslist posting. If there's something you (whoever you are) want to know about Joseph and me, you are welcome to ask. Both of us have enough drama in our lives right now without mystery postings. Yes we are broken up. If you want to contact him, I'll even give you his email address if you don't have it by now. Since you are in love with him, maybe you can help him deal with all the terrible things that are happening in his life right now. He could probably use a good friend right now. If not, please stay away from both of us. By the way, my name is spellled Vijay, not VJ.

Obviously, I was late to the party on this one and missed an earlier post or posts, but there was already a lively back and forth (and back and forth and back and forth) going on about this frontrunner person in response to the above post. I've certainly never heard any of the Democratic or Republican frontrunners called any variant of Vijay, but I couldn't help wondering whether the clmc is becoming the new home of the whisper campaign. You know, some Roveian posts something like "Hot Granddaddy Senator I Hooked Up With at Union Station" and suddenly John McCain is losing the South Carolina primary.

[By the way, I would like to take this opportunity to deny that this post is little more than a cheap excuse to post pictures of cute Desi guys. This is research, people. As it happens, I didn't even know, until a couple of days ago that "Desi" means "from the Indian subcontinent." I just assumed it meant Cuban, as an homage to Desi Arnaz, but apparently the word "Desi" means something like homeboy in Hindi or Urdu. Or something. I'm sure there's a fuller explanation at, or at least there are more interesting pictures there than in the Wikipedia entry. I gather that the term "Desi" is considered descriptive rather than pejorative by the people it describes. I hope I'm right about that.]

Anyway, the first shot seemed to violate the anonymous/unknown nature of craigslists postings. There was the trademark lameness and desperation, but channeled towards an entirely different objective. The first reply seemed to take the original poster to task for not playing by the rules. Call it the evolutionary pushback:

RE:For The Indian FRONTRUNNER who doesn't want his name used - m4m - 3 - m4m

Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-17, 10:52PM EST

What makes you think he's Indian? He happens to have been born here, so that makes him American. Besides, was it necessary to post his message in the first place? How about just respecting someone's request and moving on?

Oh, and by the way: in your first post about his then-boyfriend, which I saw a few months ago, you didn't seem to have too much to say about the guy being a gentleman. In fact, the only thing you mentioned was that he had a nice ass. Really classy.

And learn to run spell check. You're barely literate.

As the kids say, "Ooooh, burn." Apparently this dispute has been simmering for months. Naturally, the original poster could not leave this attack unanswered:

RE:For The Indian FRONTRUNNER who doesn't want his name used - m4m - 3 - m4m

Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-18, 2:41AM EST

His background is Indian no matter where he is born. i posted his message because i wanted him to give me joesph's email address like he said. i knew he wouldn't do it . if you red his message he said if i wanted to be a firend then he would give me the address. if joesph is in trouble i will help. he said to move on if i wouldn't help. i want to know what is going on. yes i mentioned his ass,nothing wrong with that. from what i saw and when i talked to him he was very nice too. thanks for the tip on spell check. i wasn't born here so my spelling and english is not great, but i have 2 degrees and speak three languages. how about you?

Location: Washington Dc

I'd like to make a few points here. 1. Complimenting a gay man's ass is never out of line. 2. As much as I appreciate and attempt to practice correct spelling, grammar, and usage, I don't think you get very far by calling someone out on his linguistic difficulties. If you write correctly yourself, you automatically call attention to the other guy's deficiencies without looking like a martinet. 3. If you weren't born here and have two degrees and speak three languages, call me!

Anyway, it's worth remembering that nothing on the clmc is private. That, indeed, is why people post there. I don't think, though, that they expect as much chiming in as they got in this case. Here's the next post from an interested but disinterested observer:


Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-18, 10:20AM EST

So whats wrong with Joseph?? is He ok?? When did him and they other guy break up?? Is the Indian the ex or is the other guy the ex of Joseph? or does the Indian Guy just know Joseph?? We're pulling for Joseph!!

Location: DC and Other's Fascinated by this story.

Pardon me for a moment while I do some deep breathing to get over that greengrocer's plural. There, that's better.

The story of Joseph and Vijay (and the mysterious poster) seems to have struck a nerve. And not just one:


Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-18, 12:17PM EST

I am also rooting for Joseph. My friend told me that he is having some very serious health issues, I think lupus or something like that. Then the guy dumps him! Self involved (*^&*%^*&^)! I wouldn't want my name mentioned either.

Location: Virginia - I know the answers

I have little tolerance for people who claim to know the answers but won't tell them. If you know something, either share it or keep your fingers still about it. Otherwise, you look like a dick. "Looking like a dick" is only good when it's meant literally. And then, only if the guy saying it is a power bottom.

The story continues to unfold:


Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-18, 8:49PM EST

Are other people actually following this story? What kind crap is this? it's interesting. I certainly hope Joseph is okay with his Lupus. What an asshole to dump him for being diagnosed with a chronic illness. It sounds callous, but i'm not so sure I would have stayed with him either. Then Again, I dont really know.

By the way, so does the Indian fellow not want people to know his identity? Despite the fact that this poor gay running group is now tainted with drama.... that, my friends, is fascinating.

Location: DC

I have to say that public sentiment seems to be running against Vijay. If there's a prom queen race riding on this, he probably shouldn't be counting on that tiara. But the feeling is not unanimous:

Frontrunner Saga - m4m

Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-18, 10:28PM EST

To clear the record up, the Indian guy did not dump Joseph because he has cancer. Joseph moved away and the Indian guy didn't go with him. I went on a few dates with the Indian guy and he is exremely nice and thoughtful. Jesus Christ. This is like some Sweet Valley High bullshit.

Of course, it does sound a bit fishy for someone who'd gone "on a few dates" with Vijay to be writing in and defending him. But, hey, maybe he's just that great a fuck guy. Others, however, were suspicious:

Frontrunners the real scoop - m4m

Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-19, 6:43AM EST

Is it cancer? Is it lupus? How do you know what is true? When did you date him? If you dated Vijay why did you break up? I think you are Vijay. If you are, I dated you too for about a month. I believe you would dump someone because they were sick. You dumped a lot of guys for a lot less. Why haven't we heard from Joseph? If he moved away, why did he? I saw your pathetic it is "all about poor little ole Vijay don't use my name" explanation. You are not so nice and egocentric. I am glad that people are finding out about the real you. You have a dark side. Get some help for yourself.

Location: DC

Okay, fellas. I'm not in the business of defending players, but reality check: he's just not that into you! Get over it and get on with your life. Nobody wants to hear the dumped guy get bitter. And don't tell Vijay he needs therapy. Maybe he does, but all the indications are that he has no trouble finding as many guys as he wants and dating them for as long as he wants. Maybe he's not happy deep down, but I reckon he's exactly the guy he wants to be.

Of course, some people really don't think this sort of post/discussion belongs in the hallowed pages of the clmc at all:

Frontrunners drama bullshit everyone is sick of hearing your shit - m4m - 40

Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-19, 1:46PM EST

Save your -Fags of our lives- story for another place. Fucking drama!

Location: Washington, DC

That last post, btw, was only up for a short while before it disappeared. I reckon it must have been flagged by the (apparently large) pro-drama contingent. Fluke or natural selection? You be the judge.

Then, today, the last word (so far) from yet another of Vijay's bitter castoffs.

Can't hide from the Truth Indian Frontrunner - m4m - 37

Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-19, 11:51PM EST

I dated him for about six months. He dumped me when I too was going through some health issues. It is a pattern. Then he tries to make himself look good by lying about it and telling everyone a fake story. Joseph good luck to you buddy. You are better off without someone who can't stick by you. And those of you who think he is your friend, you should of heard what he said about you behind your back. Your too fat, too talkative, too codependent. I guess when you are perfect you can be so judgemental. Well your not Vijay. I am glad you are out of my life.

Location: DC

Again, I don't condone mistreating the guys you date. I'm just thinking that if Vijay's that bad to that many people, he must have a reputation, and these guys all knew what they were getting into. I think maybe these guys should stop whinging all over the clmc. They can form a support group and whinge to each other. But don't most guys form support groups to get laid? That's not going to work for these men: they're clearly all bottoms. But maybe they can have a BYOD (bring your own dildo: the host supplies the lube) bitchfest/sex toy party. Send me the pictures, boys!