Sunday, December 9, 2007

Yet Another Reason Why I'll Never Get To Make Out with Todd Oldham

In my defense, gingerbread structures are meant to be hot messes, right? Right?

Anyway, after the recent collapse of my five-tier pagoda, two of the layers were completely intact (three layers, if you count the one that I ate), and one seemed fixable, so I fixed it. I made the structural supports Friday night, then I assembled and decorated Saturday morning, during breakfast. FYI, putting a grape Jolly Rancher in your coffee is not recommended.

I affixed the votive holder shortly before I went to shower and dress for the party, and then I was too busy greeting guests (I think we must be the only gay couple who tell people the party starts at 7:30 and have eight people arrive before 7:45) and handing out drinks to light the candle (The top candle, that is: the lights in the inside layers are battery-operated faux candles. Last year, I tried to use a real candle inside my gingerbread temple, and there was much smoke.), but a couple of hours in, I remembered, and we lit it and turned out the lights, and everyone thought it was pretty cool. That might have been the mulled wine, though.

More about the party, later, but here's a picture of some of the wine people brought us.

One brave nonconformist brought us Red Bull instead of wine. No one brought kneecaps, alas.


Lexx said...

Rose Mount, redbull and no kneecaps??? Conformist Bitchezzzz!

Happy Holidaze.

Jason_M said...

Wente. Tsk.