Monday, December 3, 2007

So Many Mixed Messages

As we were never allowed to say in French class: le sigh. The craigslist missed connections section is not the gold mine it used to be. Nowadays it mostly makes me sad. Here are a few examples why. (Along with some locker room pictures because, well, do we really need a reason?)

1. The standard open-yer-yap-and-say-it-to-the-guy-or-at-least-put-it-in-an-email post:
John - so many mixed messages - m4m - 37
Reply to:
Date: 2007-11-30, 11:48AM EST

at breakfast this morning. First you tell me I have the sort of personality that attracts people, and I think you're into me. Then you wonder out loud how you let people know that you're not interested because of your situation. I tried to wave you in with my comment about being completely dense, but you didn't follow up. So can we take it further or are you not into it?

I get that the conversation is hard to have, but am I the only one who goes ahead and starts it? Sometimes I get what I want, sometimes I don't, but knowing is always better than wondering. By the way, in this particular instance: he's just not that into you.

2. The standard if-that's-not-a-clear-invitation-then-what-is post:
Golds Gym Jerking off in the Showers after the sauna - m4m - 27
Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-01, 8:42PM EST

We both kept noticing each other in the locker room around 4-4:30pm today and went into the sauna and then the showers. Your curtain was open in the last shower on the left, I went into the last one on the right. You were stroking your nice hard cock and I was mine.

You: in great shape, mid-late 20's, blond hair. Me: 27, white, 6', 178lbs, with brown hair and eyes.

We both walked out of the gym at the same time and you said "have a good night." I wish you would have come over to my car and talked to me. Maybe we could have taken it somewhere else:) I usually see you with a workout buddy or partner but today you were alone.

Email me back man. As I said, you have a great body and an amazing tool as well. Would have liked to have helped you bust one, safely and discreetly.

I'm not sure there's a clearer way to say "I want you to touch me" than to jerk off in a shower while another guy's watching and doing the same thing. It's possible the guy's just an exhibitionist, but I still think that if someone jerks off while you're watching (and he knows you're watching: an important detail), he's implicitly given you permission at least to approach him. If you don't have the balls to say, "You wanna go somewhere and finish that off?" how about handing the guy your number and saying, "Here's my number"?

3. The standard WTF post:
Long shot - Rt15/Rt55 about 2 years ago - m4m - 35
Reply to:
Date: 2007-11-30, 8:46AM EST

This is a long shot and I did not really consider posting here before but I would like to try and meet up with you again. Never got your name and should have. You were
very forward and I unfortunately wasn't, but you left an impression.

Seriously. WTF?

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