Tuesday, December 4, 2007


A conversation from this weekend.

B&c: Did you get YFU over to the Civic Center on time?
TED: Yeah, this afternoon was no big deal. I just had to put her hair in a bun. This evening's when I have to curl her hair. Oh, the humanity.
B&c: [Flashing a menu] Did you know there's a whole string of Salvadoran restaurants down in Silver Spring?
TED: No. Is that the menu?
B&c: Yeah. I've been chatting for a while with this Salvadoran guy. We hooked up for five minutes and then we went to this place for lunch.

TED: How were the pupusas?
B&c: Pretty good.
TED: Wait. Five minutes?
B&c: Yeah. He's one of those guys who shoots and then he's all "I'm done now," so we went and had lunch.

TED: Bummer. Not a big kisser, eh?
B&c: Well, he likes to have his nipples played with, and he's got these gorgeous thick Latin nipples.
TED: Oh man. That sounds great.
B&c: But you start playing with them, and he cums.
TED: Oh my god. That's so hot, it's almost worth the whole five-minute thing. I'd love to have him tied down to the bed.

B&c: Yeah, but is it worth it? It's only five minutes.
TED: For you, maybe. I'd tease his nipples and make it last an hour. He'd be praying to the Virgin Mary before I was done with him. I am sooo jealous. Do you think there's a support group somewhere? Guys who cum quickly from having their nipples played with. Then I could just go to a meeting and do them all: the five-minute thing wouldn't matter so much.
B&c: You're insane. Besides, wouldn't the support group mean they don't want to cum in five minutes. You'd show up at an AA meeting with a bottle of Scotch.
TED: What can I say? I'm a giver.

B&c: Anyway, the hook-up really wasn't all that, but we should try the restaurant sometime.
TED: Sure. I'd still rather try the nipples, though.
B&c: Well, I did invite him to our party. He said he might come.
TED: In five minutes? I'll be sure to have paper towels handy.
B&c: You really are not as funny as you think you are.
TED: Do you think it would be rude if we used him for a party game? Sort of like musical chairs, only everyone gets fifteen seconds working on his nipples, and whoever makes him cum wins the prize.
B&c: What's the prize?
TED: Duh.

B&c: I'm not sure he'd go for that. On the other hand, it's certainly no more tacky than your pin-the-cock-on-the-twink game.
TED: What are you trying to say? You don't want to play pin the cock on the twink?
B&c: I'm just not sure everyone would appreciate it.
TED: Well, sure. Christopher and Anthony won't like it, but they can play pin the fur on the bear instead.
B&c: That's not quite what I meant.
TED: You never let me have any fun!
B&c: Less true words have never been spoken.

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