Sunday, December 23, 2007

The End of Scholarship

We all know that, my protestations to the contrary, my post about the recent craigslist missed connections drama really was mostly an excuse to post pictures of hot Desi guys. Still, I do study the missed connections, after a fashion: I read them out of an interest other than their stated purpose, and I report back on unusual posts.

So when I was going through my referral statistics and noticed that someone had found me by googling "vijay dc frontrunner," I couldn't help clicking on the referral link, and I found that I'm the first result. So I decided to look again at the missed connections, and I found this:

Vijay haters club. - m4m - 36
Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-22, 5:27PM EST

Lets start one. it might be fun. Vijay Haters meet at JR's on Monday night. We'll then get a collection of money for flowers for Joseph.

* Location: DC

And I couldn't help remembering that I'd written this:
I think maybe these guys should stop whinging all over the clmc. They can form a support group and whinge to each other. But don't most guys form support groups to get laid? That's not going to work for these men: they're clearly all bottoms. But maybe they can have a BYOD (bring your own dildo: the host supplies the lube) bitchfest/sex toy party. Send me the pictures, boys!

A logical supposition would be that someone read my post, took my idea, and suggested forming the support group. He didn't mention the sex toys, but I reckon he was just being discreet. I haven't ever actually been to JR's, but I don't think it's the sort of place that you associate with sex toy parties. I could be wrong about that. I'd ask TJ, but he's busy wearing really big shoes over in the Netherlands. I think wearing oversized shoes is probably like driving a Hummer: he's clearly overcompensating for something. I have no idea what he's compensating for; I just know that whenever EFU is in the car with me and we pass someone in an SUV or a big pair of wooden shoes, she holds her hand out the window with her thumb and forefinger very close together to indicate that something is small.

Anyway, if someone's taking my ideas and putting them into effect over on the clmc, you know what that means, don't you? It means that I'm affecting the clmc, so I can no longer study it objectively. I'm really not a professional scholar, but I'm pretty sure that if you influence your subject, you're violating some sort of academic prime directive.

I've already milked the whole Vijay drama for about three hundred times what it's worth, so I'll try -- pending additional developments, of course -- to stop now. I'll just say in closing that if someone's going to take part of my idea, they should follow through and take it all. In other words, when the sex toy party goes down, I still want pictures.


Truly, I apologize for the Vijay obsession, but there were two more messages on clmc when I went to check just now.

One from a charter member of the Vijay Haters Club:

Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-22, 8:41PM EST

Who cares about Vijay's small member or lack of sexual prowess. That is not a secret. What is smaller, his heart is even smaller.I know the true story. Not the lies he martyrs himself around.


He did break up with Joseph after Joseph told him he had cancer. Then he tells everyone he is concerned and worried. He only wants the attention. I have heard him. If you are what have you done?

Joseph did move away, but Vijay said he would move with him until Joseph told him about being sick.

Joseph has to pay all his medical bills because of a new job. You would think Vijay would help pay his bills or offer him money, no he remodels his house.

Vijay has not visited or spoken to Joseph since he told him about his cancer.

Vijay your heart is smaller than the GRINCH!

Do the right thing.

* Location: ALEXANDRIA

And one that I could have written (I did not, however, write it):

will someone send me a photo of Vijay? - m4m - 40
Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-23, 10:59AM EST

Surely if so many of you dated him, someone has a photo. And if you make the rest of us listen to your complaints, I for one would like to see what you're all talking about.....and Indian men are kinda hot. And I'm no size queen....

* Location: dupont

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