Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Project Pornway

Have I mentioned before my deep and abiding love for Project Runway? I know squat about fashion, but I love the combination of obvious talent and manufactured drama. There's been a lot of on-net whinging about how this season doesn't measure up. And there was even more whinging about how the third episode didn't measure up. To which I reply: are you shitting me? What other season has had such a fine crop of hot gay male designers? And what other episode gave us a parade of hot male models, sometimes in various stages of undress. Seriously, I get that Sweet P's outfit wasn't something I'd want to wear, but isn't the point of male fashion to make me want to rip the clothes off the guy? And I would have had Sweet P's model undressed in three seconds flat.

Anyway, reality TV needs to start putting out some more pornographic products, and given all the hotness on display in PR4, I'm going to suggest that they put a get a few of those boys together, lock them in a room, drop in a pitcher of cosmos, a large tube of lube, some toys, and a gross of condoms. I'd buy the DVD.

I have to say that Rami doesn't do much for me, though. He's pretty, and he's the type of guy I'd normally salivate at the thought of, but I guess he's more proof that personality matters. Smug bastard. I much prefer Steven. I really go for the slender and geeky, smart but inarticulate type. You get the sense that there's a lot going on in his head that he just can't put into words in a timely fashion. Which is fine: it just means that you have to keep his mouth occupied, and there's a challenge that I'm more than up for. After the fluids have been spent, you could easily hold Steven all night and listen to him ramble slowly on about whatever's in that cute head of his.

On a more primal level, I'm all about Ricky and Jack. Mmmmmmuscles. In fact, if I can't have Steven all to myself, then the three guys I want locked in that room with the cameras running are Ricky, Jack, and Steven. I think it'd make for a stunning video. I reckon they'd call it Where's the Top?


Jason_M said...

I notice you didn't include Christian in your review....

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

Good catch, jason. And thank you for the opportunity to reinforce the fact that minors do not belong in adult films. I'm sure he'll be very cute when he's old enough to vote, though.