Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Married Submissive

This past Saturday I hooked up with Rick, a local married sub, for the second time. Rick follows the rules of sleazy Internet hookups, which means, in part, that you can say that you had a good time, but you can't suggest another meeting. Doing so only encourages other people to lie. Or at least to have second thoughts later. Most guys, if you catch them right in the afterglow, legitimately want to have another go with you at a later date, but married guys, especially, are subject to a lot of delayed post-coital guilt that is only intensified by agreeing to a rematch. So if you tell most guys that you want to fuck them again later, they may be pleased at the moment, but you're reducing the chances of actually fucking them again later. I'm an exception to this phenomenon: I always know exactly how much I liked the sex right after it's happened, and I don't have any guilt tying me down, so if someone tells me they'd like to play again, and I say that I'd like it, too, I mean it. Conversely, I have no trouble saying that once was enough.

Anyway, Rick had expressed enjoyment but had said nothing more after our first hookup, but I had a pretty good idea that he'd be ready for round two, so I emailed him, and he responded affirmatively, noting that my nipple work the last time around had been very thorough. So when he got to the door on Saturday, I wasted no time grabbing his nipples with a fair amount of conviction. I was, naturally, kissing him at the time.

He, wise man, had come over wearing sweatpants but no underwear, so when he climbed the first stair, I was able to pull the waistband down just below his ass and grab hold firmly as we went up. Rick never says anything, but you can tell from the way his body responds just how much he enjoys what you're doing to him, and he was, shall we say, pleased.

When I got him upstairs, he started to finish taking off his sweatpants, but I threw him on the bed before he got a chance. Lying next to him, I went back to kissing him and squeezing his nipples. He sort of whimpered into the kiss, so I squeezed harder, without breaking the kiss. He's a good kisser, and I knew that before long, my mouth would be busy biting down on his nipples, and since I wanted to enjoy the kissing as long as possible, I held myself back from the nips for as long as I could. I rolled him on his back, got on top of him, grabbed his wrists, held them down over his head, and started sucking on his lower lip.

I'm never sure what happens with time when I'm having sex. I'm sure y'all have the exact same experience: sometimes I'm having a great time for what seems like a long time, but I'll look up and relatively little time has gone by. Other times, I'm having a great time for what seems like only a little while, and I'll look up and we'll have been going at it for an hour. And sometimes, like on Saturday, both will happen. Parts of it flew by and other parts didn't. All in all, it was ninety minutes of great time that left me seriously dehydrated, but some of it (like the making out) stretched and some of it (like the ass eating and ass fucking) condensed.

Rick's an older guy, but he has a very fit (he runs) and very responsive body. So, as with most guys, when he'd been going down on me for a while and I pulled him around to eat his ass, his head flew off my cock. I pushed it back down (as with most guys), and he seemed to go at it with renewed vigor. He has a really nice ass, too: not bubble but very firm. And very clean, of course.

I did keep going back to his nipples and his lips. I worked the nips about as hard as I dared. There were a couple of times when he almost asked me to ease off, but he never did. And he was always eager to kiss more. Unlike a lot of guys, even after he came (I had his hands pinned over his head with one hand, while I jerked him off with the other. And I was biting his nipple, of course.) hard, he was eager to kiss more. There was even a period of -- highly unexpected but very enjoyable -- cuddling. I suppose that after going at it for ninety minutes, he might have simply been catching his breath, but it seemed that there was some legitimate warmth. I feel some warmth towards all the guys I fuck, but in most cases, I don't expect to feel it back, and I don't generally miss it. If I need warmth, after all, I've got b&c. But I got some from Rick, and it was nice. It made me wonder whether -- in addition to cock -- he's hungry for some sort of m2m affection. Not that it matters, I'm not going to offer it unless he asks for it, and he's never going to ask for it. Still, it made an impression.

I fucked Rick for about fifteen minutes, and we went at it pretty hard, but I didn't cum. I have pretty much managed to separate fucking and orgasm. I love to fuck ass, but I don't especially like to cum that way: I lose track of some of the sensation in a way that I don't if I'm cumming by hand (mine or somebody else's) or mouth, and the actual moment of orgasm is less intense. It's better to finish off outside the ass, or even later in the day, alone.

When we were done with everything, I told Rick I'd had a good time, and he told me it had been "intense." I smiled. I'm sure it was very intense for him, but for me it was more fun than intense. Or perhaps it was just not more intense than a lot of other sex I've had recently. But it was great sex, all the same, and I certainly would (and likely will) do him again.

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Dave said...

Very hot indeed. Do you entertain more married subs? I am in. Email me.