Friday, December 28, 2007

Doing Denton

Almost exactly a year ago, I put an ad on craigslist, and I got a reply from someone who said he was 30, 6'2, 220 pounds, and black. He included a body pic, so I replied with one of my own. He wrote back and said the he knew me and that we'd hooked up four or five years earlier. I wrote back and said that I thought he must be mistaken: surely I would remember anyone as hot as he. Then he wrote back saying that I had two daughters and at the time we'd last met, I'd been working in Kensington. I replied that it certainly sounded like me, but that, again, I felt sure I'd remember him. He wrote back that he had been sure I'd remember him, too, and that the last time we'd gotten together, it had been at his cousin's place. Something clicked, and I wrote back. "Oh. The last time we got together, did we break a bed?" And, really, I couldn't believe I'd forgotten either because Denton was smokin'.

The intervening four years had done nothing to lessen his charms. At 30, he was better looking and more confident. I don't fetishize black men, but if you can find a guy who's dark and smooth, with big lips, a narrow waist, and a great big bubble butt, well, what's not to love? I apologized for not remembering him, and he asked me whether I still liked to eat ass as much as I had. More, I told him. He asked me when he could come over, and I asked him why he wasn't already here.

We had an awesome time then. He's smart and articulate as well as hot, and I'm flattered because he very rarely bottoms, but he does for me, and he obviously loves it. He kept telling me how big my cock was, and it was a little bit tough for me not to laugh because, well, if you imagine the sort of cock you'd expect to find on a 6'2, 220 lb black man, that's the cock he has. Or maybe he has a little bit more than that. Anyway, after we played, we chatted for a bit about his life in Seattle, and after he left, I emailed him to say I'd had an awesome time and that if he was ever back in town again, he should let me know. He said he would.

A little before Thanksgiving this year, I got an email from Denton saying that he'd be in town around Christmas and that he'd get back to me when he knew exactly when. When he had the times narrowed down, it was pretty clear that the afternoon or evening of Boxing Day would be the only time when we were both free. B&c would still be in New Jersey, and Denton would be done with his familial obligations. Or at least that was the plan. He'd originally said anytime that day would be fine, so I said 4:00, which would allow me to play with him and then tie up and edge a submissive who'd said he wanted to play. But then he had something else that he had to do with his family, and so we put it off until about 8. There was a series of text messages from him: half of them were about things I was going to do with them, and the other half were about delays. By the time all was said and done, he couldn't get here before 10:30. Fortunately (and unsurprisingly) the sub baled on me. I think he's permanently off my list now.

When Denton arrived, I said hello, and then started to kiss him. It's unusual for me to have to look up when I'm kissing a guy, and it was a little weird, but he looked better than ever. He'd trimmed down to about 200 pounds, and he was, as always, gorgeous. I pointed him towards the stairs. Normally, I keep a hand on a guy's ass all the way up, but he took the stairs two at a time, and I had to move fast just to keep up with him. Eager lad.

He wasted no time getting naked, and, well: da-yum. He has an ass that just doesn't quit. He lay down on the bed on his stomach, and I ran my hands over his cheeks and squeezed them. But I wasn't ready to go there just yet, so I put him on his back and started to kiss him. God, what lips. Denton's not an eager kisser until he's warmed up, so I went right to the nipples. At first when I bit down, he told me to go easy, but then I sucked in and motored my tongue fast back and forth over the nub, and he started to moan. I took the other nip between my thumb and forefinger and kept working on both, and the moans grew louder.

Denton had told me in one of his text messages that he'd only been fucked once since the last time we were together, and he clearly wanted to bottom, so I kept him down on his back and kept working on his nipple until he couldn't take it any more. He got up on his knees and dove for my cock, taking it all the way in in one gulp before beginning a more leisurely blow job. It felt so good that I lay back and enjoyed for a while before starting to play with his nipples and then moving to his nuts and, finally, his ass. I ran a finger back and forth across his hole, and he moaned loudly around my cock. We kept at that for a few minutes, and then when I pulled his head back to mine, he was ready to make out more intensely. I took him in my arms and we kissed deeply with his fat lower lip between my lips and our hands all over each other.

I had every intention of eating his ass, of course, but I wanted to take my time getting there, so I rolled him onto his stomach and lay on top of his back with my cock wedged between his legs, the length of my shaft against his asshole. He was making a lot more noise from the time he felt my cock near his ass, and he got really loud when I started to push my tongue around and into his ears. He was writhing under me, almost out of control while I kept alternating between licking the ear and sucking on the earlobe. I gave him just a moment of respite before turning his head and going to work on the other side. He was writhing more and moaning my name.

The moaning turned into something between a growl and a low scream when I bit down on his shoulder. I'd never bitten Denton before, but he really got into it. I chomped down strongly on one side then moved to the other, all giving rise to increasingly loud and inchoate professions of passion. When I had him worked up to a fever, I started to move my mouth down his back, and as I kissed down his spine, he shivered and shook all over. His body would tense, then relax, then shudder. I went further and further down his back, and when I was making him shake and whimper from kissing the small of his back and squeezing his ass hard with both hands, he began to beg for more. I wanted to make him wait before I ate his ass, though, so I just squeezed his cheeks harder, and he loved it.

I went back to chewing his shoulders for a bit longer, then I rolled off him and pushed his shoulder so that his head moved down towards my cock. Once he had it in his mouth, I pulled him around farther until his knees were straddling my head, and then I took a cheek in both hands and took a moment to enjoy the sight of that big beautiful butt I was about to dive into.

I love ass. (Yeah, I know: big surprise there.) A year ago, when Denton and I had been finishing up and I was, yet again, telling him what a great ass he had, he told me that he thought it was too big and that he was seriously considering having some surgery to make it smaller. I told him not to do it without telling me first so that I could fly out to Seattle and throw myself in front of the scalpel. He just laughed, but while I'm unlikely to burst into any operating rooms like a jilted lover trying to stop a wedding, I truly did think that reducing that ass would have been a tragedy. Fortunately, calmer heads appear to have prevailed. The ass was slightly smaller than it had been the year before, due to his overall modest weight loss, but it was still very full and clearly had not been butchered. Praise be to Cthulhu.

I always try to start with some teaser licks when I'm eating ass, but with Denton, it's pretty hard not to treat rimming him like a pie eating contest. And let me just say: somebody owes me a blue ribbon. Interestingly, while biting, squeezing, and pinching him is more of an extroverted pleasure (meaning that he moans and screams), eating his ass provokes a much more introverted response, as if he's pulling in to fully connect with the pleasure. I do have to give him credit for not leaving off sucking my cock when I shoved my tongue into his ass. After a while of drawing him in, I bit down on his inner thigh and sent him back out. He responded with the lustiest moans to date and then sat up, reached back, pulled his cheeks apart, and sat on my face. I reached up and teased his nipples as I shoved my tongue in still deeper. It was just great, but I could only do it for a minute or so at a time because then he'd get so worked up that he'd let go of his ass, and the full buttocks would cut off my breathing. For a while I alternated between eating his ass and chewing on his thighs, but then I figured out that I could get both reactions simultaneously by continuing to eat his ass while grabbing both cheeks and squeezing hard. That, too, made him ask for more.

I have no idea how long I ate his ass, but it must have been a long time. He'd arrived late, and we were both very horny, so there was a greater urgency than usual to our session. We'd originally talked about not wanting to be rushed, and we certainly weren't rushed, but it was clear that we weren't going to go for the two hours we'd normally go for, and there was an increase of intensity that seemed to compensate for the reduction in duration. The session only lasted about 75 minutes, but it was a terrific 75 minutes. Anyway, I think after the fourth or fifth time he sat up and pulled his cheeks apart to send me deeper, I started to insert fingers in his ass and play with his prostate. He was really, really clean, so I'd go back to eating his ass in between fingering. When I had three digits inside, I figured it was about time to hand him the condom. After he put it on me, we made out for a couple of minutes, and then I rolled him onto his stomach.

I lay down on his back again, with my cock wedged in his asscrack, and started to chew his shoulders, and then I pretty quickly moved my cockhead right up against his asshole and started to push. He started to pant and asked me to go slow, and I did. He was very wet from the (if I say it myself) extremely thorough ass munching, so even without lube, I was able to get partway inside him. We worked at that for a couple of minutes, with him asking me to go slow but wanting more and me increasingly needing to just fuck him. Eventually I grabbed the lube and put some on the condom and then I slid in farther. I still wasn't in all the way, but I was in far enough that I could begin to shove in and out and truly fuck. Every couple of minutes, I'd stop and push into him a little deeper, and he'd get used to it and tell me that it felt good. And that my cock was too big. Fortunately, I was too worked up to roll my eyes.

When I was all the way in him, I began to really plow, and he got louder and louder. I do love a noisy fuck, so I went harder and harder. He had, after all, told me that he was pretty sure he'd be starting an exclusive relationship when he got back to Seattle. It's a safe bet that the other guy is a bottom, so I figured he might go months or even years without being fucked again, and I wanted to make sure this fuck was memorable. I'm pretty sure it'll still register even after he leaves off being hoarse.

It was a little warm in the bedroom, and we were really going at it, so I was already pretty sweaty by the time I turned him over and bent his knees up towards his chest. I grabbed the bottoms of his feet and pushed down as I pushed back into him. He's a lot looser in that position, and it was easy to shove in and out of him while I pushed down and then released his legs. The combination of the mattress and the memory foam make that all a little bit like fucking on a trampoline, and it's a real good time. He started to play with himself, but I took his hand away and began to stroke him. That made his ass tighten somewhat, but I was pretty sure that I would hit the point of exhaustion before I'd cum in his ass. So I fucked him until we were both covered with sweat, then I pulled out, lost the condom, and lay beside him and started to jerk myself off. He told me that he wanted me to cum in his mouth, so after kissing him and wanking with great resolve, I straddled his chest, thrust my cock into his mouth a few times and started to ejaculate. It was amazing: I was right on that edge between feels great and too much sensation, and I was able to stay there until I was drained and starting to soften. Then I pulled out and collapsed, retaining just enough energy to finger his ass and suck lightly on one nipple while he jacked himself off. Which took almost no time at all. Then we lay there for a couple of minutes like two stoned dudes, saying "Damn that was awesome" and other pronouncements of similar profundity. Words are not always adequate.

He jumped in the shower, and then while he got dressed, we talked for a bit about what was going on with him. There's always a chance that we'll hook up again next Christmas, but he seems like the kind of guy who knows where he's going, and if he says he's going to be entering an exclusive relationship, it's likely that he's right about that and that he'll be in it for a while. I certainly can't imagine any bottom letting that cock and that body get away from him. So it's most likely that we won't see each other again, and that's cool, too. It was a great way to say goodbye, and a great last hookup for 2007. 2008 is going to have some work to do to keep up.

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An enjoyable read, as always.
Looking forward to reading all about next year's exploits. Happy New Year!