Friday, December 21, 2007

To Have Ambition Was My Ambition

More miscellany today, readers. Also, please enjoy these NSFW pictures of men in (and, more often, out of) uniform.

An update on yesterday's drama from the craigslist missed connections. I figured it was only a matter of time before someone questioned Vijay's anatomical adequacy:

Indian Frontrunner Perfect?! - m4m - 34
Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-20, 1:04PM EST

I think it is funny Vijay is so full of himself. For all those that slept with him, you know for a fact he is not perfect. Some of the worst sex ever. No matter how perfect you think you are Vijay, you'll always be "short" changed in that area.


I've heard that there's actual research to back up the common perception that Desi men have smaller penises. I haven't seen the research, but it certainly comports with my personal experience with Indian guys. I can't help wondering whether someone fabricated the substance of that post based entirely on the stereotype, but it doesn't matter. I think most guys really don't care about cock size, and if this guy was such a terrible lover, why are all these men so pissed off about him having dumped them? We make jokes about guys who say, "I hate you! I'm better off without you! You were awful in bed! Call me!" but there's something to it, isn't there?

B&c is heading to New Jersey today to pick up his mother and bring her to our place for Christmas. His son and daughter-in-law are flying up from Atlanta, too. Everyone will be over for dinner on Christmas Eve. I think I'm in charge of most of the food preparation, even though I have to be at church from 3 to 5 and again from 7 to 9, so I won't actually be home for dinner. I really like a) cooking for people during the holidays and b) leftovers, though, so I'm more than happy to do it. I'm just wondering exactly how I'm going to get the turkey to put itself in the oven.

Normally, b&c's absence on a Friday night and Saturday morning would be the occasion for much play, but I have a shitload to get done for next Monday and Tuesday, so I'm only going to play with one or two guys. I emailed the two best subs from the weekend after Thanksgiving. One of them's coming over tomorrow morning:
Sounds good. Can you do about 9:00 am? I'm going away Sat noon for the week-end.

Last time my nipples were sore for a week!!

I assume the second exclamation point means that week-long sore nipples are a good thing. I couldn't help emailing back that I must be losing my touch if they only lasted for a week. Still, I bet he was exaggerating. Surely they would have recovered within five days.

The other guy's equally eager, but it might be difficult to find a mutually agreeable time. There's a decent chance he'll make a late night visit tonight, but, like I said, I have a lengthy to do list (of chores, if not boys), so I'm not going to put a lot of time or effort into procuring more hook-ups.

Not that it's necessarily that much effort. I don't know whether it's holiday stress or holiday time off (or both), but guys seem to be coming out of the woodwork. My phone kept vibrating towards the end of choir practice last night. I thought it was EFU wanting a ride home (she got back from school Tuesday) from work, but it was some guy who I've been trying -- very occasionally -- to hook up with for months. At least I'm pretty sure that's who it is. He's entered in my cell phone, and I called him back last night to tell him I wasn't free, and we talked for a minute, but my initial reaction was "who?" Then when I got home, I had an email message from Mitchell, a guy who I tie to the bed and edge for ninety minutes or so maybe once a year. He never contacts me. Usually I see him on, and if it's been long enough for me to be interested, I say hello to him, and if it's been long enough for him to be really horny, he agrees to come over and don the blindfold. There must be some powerful holiday horndog mojo out there for him to ask to come over. Sadly, I couldn't gratify his request, so we likely won't replay that scene for another six months, if ever.

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