Thursday, May 14, 2009


Wow. I started this post twelve days ago, but then life, or the impending lack thereof, got in the way. And I'm not sure that I really feel like writing it now, but I'd already picked out and put in the pictures, so maybe I can summarize.

A couple of weeks ago, I finally arranged a threeway with b&c and that sometimes-bizarre, sometimes-nice guy from NoVA that I've mentioned a couple of times before. He's hot in the sack, but if he opens his mouth, you gotta have something ready to shove in it, or you'll be sorry.

Anyway, the threeway was a bust. I started out with Mr. NoVA, and b&c joined us a few minutes later, but he really wasn't all that into it. He hung in for ninety minutes, which included a break in the action during which it became apparent that Mr. NoVA is one of those guys who supports the expansion of Israel because he thinks it'll hasten the apocalypse, even though he doesn't care much for Jews. Oy.

B&c stopped participating after a while, then he went downstairs, and I spent another twenty minutes giving Mr. N a thorough pounding. It was good sex, but all of the background noise made it less satisfying than it should have been. B&c reiterated afterwards that he just wasn't really into threeways. Bummer.

B&c's proclivities, coupled with the reduction in his travel schedule and some other issues that make him less sexually available, have put me in a difficult position. I am having some trouble accepting the notion that I have to cultivate a new group of fuckbuddies who are able to host. It's a shame: I so enjoy fucking married guys.

But I'm working on it, and toward that end, I hooked up with a really cute, furry, shortish, young deaf Italian guy in DC. We spent about ninety minutes going at it last week. He was a terrific kisser and gave great head, and after we'd both cum and had showered and dressed, he sat next to me on his bed and we chatted via a pen and a spiral notebook. He told me that I have a "strong Italian" face, and then I had to explain to him what a Mennonite is. A little later, he wrote out a list of all of the places that he thinks I really need to visit in Italy. And then he helpfully explained to me the concept of a Google image search. You can find pictures of stuff on the Internet? Who knew?


Will said...

Ah, yes, the partner who cuts back on out of area activities, and all that entails. It has a very familiar ring. Fortunately for me, it's not accompanied by any distaste for three-ways which I consider to be one of life's major joys.

Jay said...

Hot story... hot pics!!! :)