Thursday, August 13, 2009

Virtue Rewarded

Patience is a virtue, right?

There's this Latin bi (meaning gay but in denial: bi doesn't always mean that, but this time it does) guy who'd been saying for nearly a year that he wants to hook up with me, but who never followed through, usually citing work as an excuse. And I guess he does work a lot. He's a veterinary tech, and he works two jobs, but I'd offered him the chance to come by after his late shift, even if it meant coming around at 2 am, and he always found a reason not to. I figured nothing was going to happen, but I reckon he got hornier and hornier until his need for dick overcame his reticence. He'd been asking more and more insistently over the last few weeks, when I couldn't play, but this past Sunday, b&c was driving his mother back to NJ (she'd been down for a visit at the same time his son and daughter-in-law and infant grandson had come up from Atlanta, and my ex-wife needed YFU to do something for an extra couple of hours, so I told Migs that I could play. He said that his car was in the shop, but when I volunteered to pick him up, he said that would work.

Migs lives in the next town over, but out in the exurbs that's a hike, so after I went and picked him up from his parents' ginormous place (five acre lot, I reckon), I got to fondle him while driving him back here. I was relatively subtle about it, mostly working on his thighs and barely brushing against his briefs, but he was all wood right away.

Migs is a smooth, slightly chubby, early thirties guy, and that's something that really works for me, especially with Hispanic men. I drove in through the garage, since b&c was out, and squeezed his shoulders as I maneuvered him towards the stairway. I moved to his ass, of course, as he started to climb the stairs.

I barely broke stride to remove my glasses and cellphone before pushing him down on the bed and climbing on top of him. Nice lips, and the sort of good technique you expect from a guy with a girlfriend who probably doesn't let him go all the way with her. And eager? Oh my, yes.

But also quiet, so I had to go by subtle cues. I certainly prefer a man who's vocal with his appreciation when I bite lightly (or not so lightly) down on his nipple, but the quiet, sudden intake of breath and the slight stiffening of the body, particularly when followed by eager kissing when kissing resumes, also gets the message across.

We only had about an hour, and I figured it might be difficult, given how long it had been since he'd been fucked, to get him opened up, but I still took my time. I waited until the second time he went down on me before I got between his legs and buttocks and began to lick and then tonguefuck his very hot, very clean ass. I worked a couple of fingers in, and I could tell it was one of those asses that's very tight but still opens as wide as I need it to.

His lack of verbalization continued when I started to fuck him, and I had to decide for myself how quickly to push into him by watching his face and the tightness of various muscles. I pushed it a little faster than I might have, but, hey, he didn't say anything, and when, after the initial round of penetration, I pulled out to give him a break, he asked me to fuck him again "only not too hard," so I did. I had him on his stomach at first, then with him astride me, then on his side with one leg bent to his chest, and then on his back with both ankles pushed towards his ears. He ejaculated some that way, and it's always hot to fuck the cum out of a guy, but I figured he had more, so I lay next to him and jerked him off while we kissed. He came very quickly, and with much more volume. Then I jerked myself off most of the way, stopping to let him pull the trigger. Volcanic.

We got in the shower and played a little more, and then I drove him home. He got almost chatty. I reckon I'll see him again, but it'll probably not be any time very soon. That's ok. I'm patient. Patience is a virtue, right?

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Will said...

And you are nothing if not virtuous. What comes through this encounter description loud and clear is that you took really good care of him.