Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Wow. Talk about your long dry spells, readers. Nowadays, when I hear about sex, I think, "Wow, that sounds vaguely familiar. Isn't that something that maybe I used to do ALL THE TIME?" But opportunity there has been little of. B&c was meant to go on a four-week business trip to scenic Guyana, but when he was on his way out to visit his daughter and son-in-law in Denver, he ripped his rotator cuff while lifting his carry-on luggage off the conveyor belt at the x-ray machine at the airport. Or so he says. I was all, "Dude. I don't care if you got injured while you were tied to some guy's bed, table, or garage door, even if you never asked me to tie you up. It's your shoulder," except I didn't say that out loud because he probably did tear the rotator cuff lifting his carry-on bag, and how sad is that? Checked luggage is your friend, people.

Anyway, he's been around all the time, but I haven't wanted to fuck him for various reasons, including not wanting to injure him, but mostly just because I think it'll make the whole moving out process easier in the long run. Even though there are times when I walk by him in the morning while he's standing naked at the sink and feel a twinge of something like desire. Ok, something exactly like desire, but it's made a good deal less painful by the knowledge that what I really most want to do -- sink to my knees, spread his cheeks, and eat his ass -- is something that he's not at all into. I feel like I've said all this before, but I find that when I haven't had sex in a while, my thoughts get stuck in unhelpful patterns.

So this past Saturday, I'd come to the office to get caught up a little bit on my mountain of work, and I may have happened to look at the craigslist ads, and I may have read an ad from a guy who called himself a cub and who said that he had a papa bear coming over later in the day and that he (the cub) wanted either other tops to join in or other tops to play with him separately. And he may have mentioned a particular interest in dominant tops. And apparently all this actually happened because we exchanged a few emails and then a phone call and then I was on my way to his hotel.

Well, it wasn't quite that easy because he'd said that he really wanted to engage in some roleplay, and OH MY GOD, fine, yes, ok, I will do your silly little roleplay, boy. I mean, what the hell, right? Because good sex isn't good enough, without pretending that it's something that it isn't. I really don't want it to sound like I was annoyed by the request, it's more just that I was rolling my eyes. I mean, it's easy enough to do roleplay when you're engaged in cyber or phone sex, but if you want me to pretend to be a policeman, well, I don't have the uniform, and I can't really fake it enough to be a credible cop. But there are plenty of other authority figures, so I told him to be clean and naked when he opened the door, and that I'd take it from there.

I had a description of this guy, and I'd spoken to him on the phone, and I'd seen an anonymous, from-behind photo, but I didn't know exactly what to expect. People mean very different things when they say "cub." Often it just means anybody who wants to play with a bear, but in this case, it meant a cute, fit, thirty-two year old with abundant reddish-brown hair all over his face and body. Yum. I could see all the hair, of course, because he was naked when he opened the door. I introduced myself as the hotel manager and said that I'd had numerous complaints about noise and about all manner of men coming into his hotel room at all hours and that I very much resented being pulled from a comfortable bed where I'd been having a good time and being forced to come to the hotel to evict a guest and can you think of any reason why I shouldn't toss your ass on the street?

And he started to answer, but that was when I shoved him down on the bed, climbed on top of him and started to kiss him. I mean, role play is fine, but there are limits. After a few minutes of that, I did remember myself enough to tell him that he needed to be punished and to spank his very cute and perky ass until it was nice and red before kissing him again and starting to work on his nipples. I also managed to insist that he give me the typical, "Thank you, sir. May I have another?" after each whack with the belt, but it was mostly pro forma.

But, you know, pro forma is really enough. He seemed overwhelmed in a very good way by the whole experience. And he was a really good kisser. He had a great, soft mouth and good technique, and when I bit his nipples or pinned his arms down or licked his pits or shoved my jeans-covered crotch in his face, he always seemed to be right on the edge of too much, and that was clearly an edge he liked.

Eventually I got my clothes off and pushed him down to my cock, and, wow, great head. The soft mouth appeared to be connected to a throat without a gag reflex. He seemed very, very happy, but he didn't complain when I pulled him off my cock so that I could kiss him some more and then pin him down again. The next time I let him go down on me, I put his ass right in front of my face so that I could play with it and eat it, and he pulled off the very neat trick of clearly going into his extra happy place without stopping the suction. Awesome. We stayed in that position for a while, my alternating fingers with tongue, and then we made out some more until he begged me to fuck him. In his emails, he'd mentioned concern about being able to take my thickness, but I could tell from the fingering that a) he could take it, and b) he'd be eager to take it.

I teased him a little, but then I let him sit on it, and he was over the moon. I worked on his nipples while he bounced up and down on me a bit, then I put him into X position for a bit, but there wasn't a whole lot of time, so I moved him onto his stomach and lay on top of him, fucking him that way, and then I finally put him on his back, shoved his knees up to his face, and pushed into his hole and right up against his prostate.

I knew it'd be sensitive from the way I'd played with it when I had two fingers inside him. And I knew from earlier warnings that I couldn't play with his cock too much or he'd cum right away. What I didn't expect was that after just five or six minutes of fucking him that way and listening to him talk about how much he loved it, I'd be close to shooting myself. I almost never cum in that position, even though it's my favorite way to fuck. I warned him what was coming, continued to pump for a bit more, gave a shout, and filled the condom. After I was finish jerking from the intensity of the orgasm, I grabbed his cock, which was still hard, and gave it a few pumps. He'd already been pretty close when I started, so it wasn't a shock when the first watery blast came out of him and flew halfway up his chest before a thicker wad of semen shot out and hit his beard. So much fun.

I continued to stroke him until he was shuddering from the sensitivity of his cockhead, then I pulled out and lay beside him for a couple of minutes. Then we chatted a bit, and I jumped in the shower and then got dressed. He was dressed, standing up, and thanking me for coming over, and I pulled him too me and kissed him softly for a while, told him that the pleasure had really been mine, and left, heading back to the office.

Between work and the move, it may be a while before normal sexual activity resumes, but I'm sure that after I move, I'll make up for lost time.


JZY said...

What strength did you still have to remain standing and stroking him to a devastating orgasm followed by giving more cock head arousal when you had already squirted off all your manly load? Are you real man?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I take a work-enforced hiatus from your blog for a bit and I come back to read that you're moving out from living with B&C? Or did I misread that?