Monday, October 5, 2009


B&c was out of town most of last week, flying down to Colombia on Monday and back on Friday. I'm not sure I quite understand the concept of flying to another continent for three days of work, but whatever, right? He hadn't been out of town much, so I figured I should take advantage of his absence, even though in a week or two (Or eight: God only knows when I'll get around to moving. I kind of wanted to add a shower to the upstairs half-bath that will abut my bedroom before I move, and I have a feeling that project will get quickly out of hand.) I should be able to hook up in my own place on a sluttishly frequent basis, if I so choose. I will likely so choose.

Anyway, last Thursday, I should have gone to choir practice, but I knew that the choir director had deputized one of the altos to run practice for her, and I figured it might be a frustrating evening, so just before I left the office, I posted a craigslist ad, figuring that if it was a good evening for responses, I'd have them by the time I got home.

And I did have a few, including one from this guy who's been bugging me to dominate him for months and months. Maybe as long as a year. I guess I should go check. Hang on a sec. Yes, original contact was made in response to an ad I posted on or about September 14, 2008. And -- oh -- my initial response to him was, "I don't think we're a match." But then, according to the fossilemail record, he contacted me six months later, and I was less dismissive.

Anyway, since March, this guy's been pursuing me (or at least my cock) with somewhat dogged determination, usually asking to be used by me and my friends. But the timing was never right. But his was among last night's replies, and since I hadn't posted for a group scene, I figured either one-on-one or group would work, so I told him to come on over. He said he was an hour away. Now that's a guy who wants cock. Around the same time, three other guys said they wanted to come over, so I gave them my cell phone. One guy never called and a second decided not to come after I told him -- when he did call -- that he wouldn't be the only one coming (he texted me today to ask whether I was looking again tonight), but a third was eager to come over and get pounded whether I had company or not, so I gave him directions. Then I sent a text message to Pedro, whom I hadn't played with in a while. Pedro eventually texted back to say that he could make it, but late. I was hoping to be done before Project Runway started, but I figured I could always watch the 11:30 rerun.

The first guy showed up just before 8. He was a bit smoky, but cute and very eager and a good kisser.

And oh, motherfucking hell. I wrote all of that more than a week ago, and then attempted to update the time references, and blah, blah, blah. I am never going to have the time to give this entry the attention it deserves, so I'll break it down for you:

Good kisser guy and I go at it for a while.

Sub wannabe shows up and joins in a bit on the periphery. Mostly he sucks my cock. I shove his head up and down on it a bit.

Half an hour later, sub wannabe gets up, gets dressed, mumbles something about "too much smoke," and leaves. Don't let the door hit you on the way out! More importantly, don't lock it!

Pedro's running late, so I go ahead and fuck good kisser guy, who loses his load while he's on his back and I'm pounding his prostate. He jerks me off some, in a desultory manner, but when Pedro finally comes up the stairs, he repeats that he has to get going. I don't mind: Pedro's more fun.

Pedro's kind of tired, so we make out for a while, and then the frot starts. Eventually, I lie on my stomach and pull him on top of me so that his cock is wedged into the upper part of my asscrack. Boy howdy does Pedro love that. He writhes for a bit, and every so often I squeeze my cheeks together. He cums: low volume, but he's very excited. I realize that I had forgotten how much I enjoy feeling the weight of another guy on my back. It's kind of like getting a massage and leaves me feeling very relaxed, if not aroused. Pedro gets dressed. I go to sleep.

The night before, Pedro had sort of stood me up. It was a Wednesday, and YFU wasn't over for some reason, so on Tuesday afternoon I texted Pedro to see if he wanted to play. He did, and, as always, he wanted a group scene, so on Wednesday I put an ad on craigslist looking for a third and a fourth. And then, after I placed the ad, Pedro texted to say that he had to work and would be later than expected. And I spent the next hour explaining to guys responding to an ad for a group scene that I wasn't sure the versatile guy would be there. Alternating with texts from Pedro asking whether the other guys would be there. I tried to explain to him that I was in a bit of a bind because the other guys were only coming if he was coming, but that I wouldn't tell them he was coming if he might not come, even if every other guy who's ever advertised on craigslist has no trouble doing that very thing.

After a while, I threw up my hands and went to the supermarket and then the county liquor store. My favorite boxed Australian Shiraz was on sale, and I sat in front of the TV with some cheese and crackers and the Shiraz and watched Glee. Then I read for a while. It was great.

On Tuesday night, I had another foursome involving two married guys and Nike, whom I hadn't seen in forever. It was fun, and it went for about 2.5 hours. I forget most of the other details, though I do remember fucking Nike. He finally has his own car, so after we were finished, I was able to fall asleep instead of having to drive him home. Yay.

I think that's about it. I did spend about forty-five minutes this past weekend fucking Torless. He hadn't had any in a while, I reckon. It was fun, but not especially remarkable. Torless is always fun, but not especially remarkable.

I'm hopeful that normal sexual activity and reportage thereon will resume after the move, which should happen soon before or after the extended individual income tax deadline. Something to look forward to.


A Lewis said...

Nice to know that you and Craigslist are still joined at the hip. Good times!

Will said...

There's something very positive to be said for the always fun if not especially remarkable when they're reliable.