Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Common Misconceptions

After several failed attempts, last night I finally managed to get a third hoo-up with Shane, the uber-hot, early thirties former gymnast with maybe ten tattoos and maybe six percent body fat. The last time we hooked up was way back around the end of summer. His partner had pretty much kicked him out, and we fucked on the carpet in their nearly empty townhouse. I was sore for a couple of days afterwards, but it was clearly worth it.

Since then, he and his sometime partner had reconciled and then come apart permanently, and he'd been staying with friends in DC and working several jobs, trying to get back on his feet, even though he's clearly most comfortable on his back. I'd contacted him occasionally, but he'd always had to work, and one time he'd fallen asleep until after the last Metro train, but we talked on the phone, and he said, "Come on. You know how much I like being fucked by you." So I texted him on Sunday, saying, "Monday or Tuesday?" and he said that could work, but Monday didn't work, and last night almost didn't work, either. He's starting another job and had to wait around for a form to fill out, or something, and I thought maybe he was going to stand me up, so I sent an email to this twenty-three year old guy who'd been corresponding with me regularly since he'd responded to one of my craigslist ads. He'd never done anything with a man, but he was awfully curious, and earlier in the day he'd said that he'd be available in the evening. I'd told him that I had plans but that I'd let him know if they fell through.

Anyway, I emailed him my phone number, he called, and he came over and came. Twice. Mostly we made out and he went down on me, and I fingered him some and ate his ass some, and then we made out some more while I stroked him to two very quiet orgasms. He'd mentioned when he walked in the door that he was nervous, so I asked him periodically whether he was ok, and he always said, "Yeah" and nothing more. I mentioned later that he's very quiet, and he said, "Yeah, I am." But he was a great kisser (nice lips, good technique) and a natural at sucking cock, assuming that it really was his first time, and it probably was. I think he would have loved being fucked, but he only had about an hour, and I would have wanted more time to get him accustomed to the idea as well as to plow him, so I settled for stroking a couple of small loads out of him. His girlfriend is currently home from college, and he had to go to a party with her after we were done. I asked him whether they had lots of sex, and he said, "Yeah, we do." A bona fide bisexual, I reckon, and very sweet. He apologized for cumming on the sheets. It happens. I wonder whether I'll see him again. It would be interesting seeing his reaction to getting fucked the first time.

He left around 9, and I puttered around for nearly an hour before deciding to try Shane's phone again. He answered, saying he'd been just about to call me and that he was getting a ride to the Red Line. I told him to call me when he got to Wheaton, and I would pick him up at Glenmont. An hour passed, and he called to say he was at the Rhode Island Ave station. This was beginning to look inauspicious, at least in terms of getting started at a reasonable hour. Apparently the train stopped at a number of stations to wait for trains from other lines. Anyway, it was 11:30 or so when he called from Wheaton. I went to fetch him from the station, and before long, there he was, with the body of a jockey wrapped in many layers.

I was not particularly surprised when he wanted a cigarette as soon as we got back to my place. I let him smoke on the porch, then I grabbed him, and he said something about needing to shower and brush his teeth. I grabbed him more fervently and shepherded him upstairs where I found that both nipples and his cockhead are now pierced. Awesome. Well, actually, who cares about a cock piercing, but two pierced nipples? AWESOME. I did my best to get him undressed and in bed, but he was insistent about the shower, etc. (I had showered both before and after the twenty-three year old.) so I let him out of my grasp and dozed on the bed.

He took his time, but when he came back, he was more than ready. I know that what Shane loves above all else is to be fucked long and hard, but he was downright affectionate last night, so there was a little bit of what would have been considered cuddling if I hadn't been kissing him and tugging hard on his nipples at the same time. But we only made out for about fifteen minutes. He seemed hungry for my cock, and I, naturally, was hungry for his very fine ass. As I ate it, he told me that I needed to shove my cock up it, but I continued to eat it for a while, and he didn't complain. Still, it wasn't long before the usual paraphenalia made its way onto the bed and onto my cock and his ass, and he was sitting on top of me, riding.

Which reminds me how, the night before, I'd gotten an email in response to a craigslist ad from this guy who was in his early twenties and extremely cute, and he said he was going to hop on the Metro and come see me, even though he was in Bethesda, and I was pretty sure the last train had already run. Also, he didn't ask for my phone number or my address, and while I suppose he could have emailed me for them from his cell phone after arriving in Glenmont, I was pretty sure that he was either playing me or just deluding himself. So I accepted the proposition of someone else who wanted to come over and have me dominate and pound him, and that was a very good choice, indeed, since he was able to handle nipple work at about a six. And when we were done, and it was well after midnight, I checked my email again, and there was an email saying -- lo! and behold! -- that the Metro had been closed. I felt like sending that guy an email saying, "Dude. If you want to pretend that you're going to hook up with someone, at least make your story plausible. Ask for a phone number to call so that you don't have to pretend to be someone who's going to spend nearly an hour on the subway with no idea of your specific final destination. Also, choose an email address that's a little more subtle than

But back to Tuesday, Shawn was riding me for a while, but I knew what he wanted was to be on his back with his ankles around his ear and my cock pounding his prostate so that he almost couldn't take it but would be damned if he'd ever give it up, so we did that. For a long time. For whatever reason, Shawn turns me into a fucking machine (admittedly not that much of a transformation) that just won't stop. We switched positions a few times and then took a break during which he queried me about whether I'd been having much sex lately. "I'm doing ok," I said, and he pretended to be hurt that I wasn't the first guy he'd plowed in my new home. "If you loved me, you'd wait for me." "Dude, even if I did love you, I wouldn't wait for you." He laughed. Then he asked whether he was at least the first guy in 2010 to be entertained in my bed, and I was thinking to myself, "Just please don't ask whether you're the first one tonight," and fortunately, he didn't.

I get this sort of reaction a lot, though, from bottoms. They apparently think that because I'm extremely passionate when I'm kissing and fucking them (also, apparently grabbing someone and kissing him when he comes in the door and before shaking his hand or whatever is seen as extremely dominant and sweeps some men right off their feet when all I'm going for is efficiency) that I haven't had sex in a while or don't have much sex. No, I just really get into what I do.

Shane said that he hadn't been fucked properly in a long time, but then he proceded to tell me about a straight friend of his who'd never done anything with a guy before and who was about to move back to Wisconsin, and the two of them had been hanging out and Shane got up to get something, and his friend pulled him back down roughly onto his lap where Shane felt a "raging hard-on. Then he pulled my jeans down and buried his face in my ass for like four minutes and then he fucked me. It was like a transcendental experience because he'd never done anything with a guy before. He was a little drunk."

That was something of a turn-on, not that I needed more, so I put him back on his back and rogered him for another few minutes before turning him onto his stomach, lying on top of him, and plowing him until I came, which only took about another fifteen. That boy is one hot fuck. Then he pulled out his camera and showed me a video of a guy who visits regularly from Atlanta fucking him. That didn't get me so worked up, but it may just have been the exhaustion of cumming hard at a late hour after more than a half-hour of hard pounding.

We cuddled up for a while, then he went down on me and got me hard again, and I fucked him a little bit more from a spooning position, but it was after 2 and we were both tired, so we fell asleep, entertwined.

I messed with him a little bit more during the night, but he was hard to wake up, even when I rubbed my cock against his ass, so I went back to sleep until about 8, when I got up, showered, and called the office to say I'd be in late. Shane was still dead to the world, so I lubed up, rolled him onto his stomach, and entered him from behind. He groaned, but I knew he liked it, and I was really, really hard, so I just started to plow him, nothing fancy. We'd been at it for nearly fifteen minutes when he called a break. I rolled off him, kissed him a bit, got him all the way on his back, pushed his knees up, and started in again on his prostate, and he took it pretty well for another five minutes, but then he said he couldn't take it any more. So I rolled off him, figuring I'd had more than my share, but he insisted that I cum. It took me a while, and after the night before, I didn't have all that much cum left, but the couple of shots I did have flew all the way to my shoulder.

I jumped in the shower again. We chatted for a while as we got dressed, and I drove him to the subway. He said that he's moving back to Maryland and that he promises it won't be another six months before we fuck again. We'll see, but I'm going to have to make sure the next time is on a weekend because I'm pretty wasted today.


Ashe said...

You and your stairs! I hope you scratch a notch in the baseboard every time you push a man up those stairs...

Jérôme said...

@ Ashe: TED knows that "le plaisir commence dans l'escalier"