Thursday, April 15, 2010

Zach Spends the Night

I was home feeling a bit let down last Saturday night. I'd arranged to go down to Opposites Attract place in DC, and I'd really been looking forward to it. OA is phenomenomally sexy, and I always get to his place, and we start making out, and then he sits down on the couch and starts to go down on me and then he takes me to the bedroom, and fifteen minutes later I find that four hours have passed and he's cum twice, and I'm slightly baked, and where the fuck did all that time go but I most definitely do not want those four hours back, nosiree Bob. Well, except that I wouldn't mind doing the four hours again, but you know what my mean.

Anyway, I was on my way to OA's place Saturday night, and I'd just texted him to let him know that I was running maybe ten minutes behind, when my phone chirped, and there was the dreaded text message:

TED I'm n bmore had a emergency

(sad trombone)

followed by

It will b better tommorow if u can make it or whatever day next week fits ur schedule

And, you know, I was so bummed that I didn't even notice until this very minute that he had misspelled "tomorrow." Also maybe just the tiniest bit peeved because I had only texted him because I was running late. If I hadn't, I'd have gotten down to his marginal NE DC neighborhood and found no one home.

Anyway, I didn't let myself dwell on it. I went home and read for a couple of hours and ate something that would be really bad for me if I weren't on an Atkins diet, which, come to think of it, I'm not, and then I sat down at the computer and played a tower defense game for a bit and noticed that Zach was online, so I sent him an email and soon he was on his way over. Zach is about as sexy as OA: they're both handsome, fit Black men, and if Zach doesn't have OA's incredible muscle definition, he does have a better ass. Also, it's a fuckable ass, whereas OA is always trying to convince me to let him fuck me.

[Long aside alert.] I can't decide what to do about OA. He's so hot and so intriguing and so into me that part of me thinks he might be the guy who could make me enjoy bottoming. And we really (really) don't run in the same circles, so I could maybe try bottoming with him and not let anyone else know so that the guys who are attracted to me because I won't even entertain the notion of bottoming might still want to come over and point their heels to the heavens for me. I very much want to avoid diluting my brand. On the other hand, the idea of bottoming leaves me cold. It doesn't repulse me (though, to be honest, I don't especially fancy the notion of all that extra anal hygiene, which nonetheless doesn't really repulse me either), but it doesn't excite me. And I will not be in any way pushed into it, but OA pushes in a very entertaining and non-coercive way. I reckon that if I stay on the fence about the issue (without letting OA know that I'm on the fence; with him, I maintain a demeanor of full-on hell no) for long enough, he'll get bored, and the issue will go away of its own accord. But he seems very much not bored, and since I didn't jump on Saturday as an excuse to ignore him, it's apparent that I, to, am very much not bored. Time will tell, I suppose.

Anyway, Zach is also sex on wheels, and he's versatile but only a bottom when he's with me, and he's got amazing lips and he likes to make out and, well, he likes to have done to him everything I most like to do to a guy, which is why he was soon knocking on the door and we were standing together in the living/dining room kissing ardently and then I was turning him around and pushing him up the stairs, and I know I always say that I push a guy up the stairs, but this time we only got about five steps up because when I reached to pull his jeans far enough down his ass to see some hot trouser cleavage, I just had to had to had to have it, so I stopped him and reached around and undid his belt and bent him forward and grabbed and spread his cheeks and shoved my tongue up against and then into his tight sweet hole. Dude has ass.

But he's got everything else, too, so I only did that for a couple of minutes before pushing him the rest of the way up the stairs and undressing him and tossing him on the bed and starting to kiss those soft, plump lips. Which I did for a long time because Zach normally shows up really, really late, like 2 am late, and here he was at my place around midnight and not in his usual I-really-only-have-forty-five-minutes hurry, but also because his kissing skills are as good as his equipment. I did, of course, move occasionally to the nipples, which are responsive but have obviously never gotten the attention they deserve, and also to his armpits because the truth universally acknowledged that the one place you can give almost any guy a hickey without worrying about detection is in the armpit is even more apt on a man of color.

Anyway, Zach always gets hungry for cock sooner or later, and if it was later than usual this time, he was certainly no less hungry. It was the standard sequence of events. Boy goes down on boy. Boy kisses boy. Boy chews boy's nipples. Boy goes down on boy again while boy eats boy's ass. Never gets old.

Zach's ass deserves poetry, but I won't subject you to that because I can't write decent poetry. Oh what the hell:

There once was a hot guy named Zach

Yeah, not so much. Anyway, Zach's ass is only nearly perfect because when he's going down on me, it's ever so slightly awkward for me to eat his ass at the same time, though I can certainly do it with a couple of pillows to prop my head up, and I certainly did do it for an extended period, and I certainly hope to get the chance to do it again multiple times. But I couldn't help notice [long aside alert!] that earlier in the week when Ridiculously Compatible and I were on our fifth or sixth date (let's just call them that for the moment) and I finally got him to let me eat his ass while I was going down on him, he was a perfect fit. One pillow, which I like regardless, put my head in the perfect position to eat him while he went down on me, and boy howdy was that nice. The thing is that RC still hasn't let me fuck him, and we had a little talk about that this past week, and he says that he's now comfortable enough with me that I can fuck him, or at least he thinks so, but he's worried that it's been so long and then he's worried about doing it at his place because he's afraid he'll be really loud, and he lives in a townhouse where the walls aren't as soundproof as they ought to be. And he's really a very nice and relatively interesting man with nipples that were clearly designed with my mouth in mind, but he has a sort of intermittent sex drive that's very easily dimmed when he's too tired, and OH MY GOD Y'ALL I'M DATING A WOMAN! Which is weird because he's mostly the bearish sort that would be described as masculine if you were going by his looks and mannerisms.

Anyway, I eat Zach's ass for a while longer, and he goes down on me again, and then I put him on his stomach and eat his ass from an entirely comfortable position until he begs me to fuck him, which happens at just about exactly the right time, and I hand him a condom and some lube and tell him to sit on it, and he does, and he tells me, again, how thick it is, and he's having a little trouble with it, so I put him on his side and enter him that way and then I roll him onto his stomach and pound him for a while like that, and finally I put him on his back and bend him into a pretzel so that I can rain thunder down on his prostate, and I fuck him like that until I can't take it any more and he's calling my name and telling me that he wants me to cum and I do. And how.

And I collapse on top of him to catch my breath and then pull out and kiss him and play with his nipples while he plays with himself and then I push a couple of fingers inside him and massage his prostate while he brings himself off, gasping into my mouth because we're still kissing. I let him recover for a couple of minutes and grab a towel and do some cleaning up and we canoodle for a bit and it becomes clear that he's falling asleep and not particularly interested in leaving, and, well, cool!

And then it's 7 am and I haven't gotten out of bed so there's that awkwardness of trying to kiss without zapping anybody with morning breath, which leads mostly to me sucking on his nipples and playing with his cock until he's hard and then he jerks himself off while I work his nipples a little harder, and he cums again and lies there looking fine for a bit before getting up and getting dressed because he's got to get home to the dog and I've got to get dressed and do all those things that I haven't been doing because I've been working working working all the time time time.


Anonymous said...

Dear TED,

When you write like that I don't care if there are no photos. Wonderful sexy story.

Umm, as to bottoming, your outlook reminds me of the one I had for a while - back when. Then ligtening struck and I was a convert. You just can't know until you've been there how glorious a delicious, loving rogering can be. Good luck with all that.
Hugs, Noel

Will said...

Noel, your experience was also mine. It was a revelation when I finally bottomed, and I'm now totally versatile. TED, only you can decide when and with whom, if ever.