Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Back to the Grind(r)

A month or maybe two (or, hell, maybe three) ago, someone left a really nice comment on this here blog, and it's since disappeared, but it made me think that I should probably post some sort of update, and it only took me one to three months to get started on it, so maybe there's hope for me yet.

Anyway, the fact is that I went through a period where I had significantly scaled back my sexual activities.  This was not really by choice: EFU had come back to the area and had been living with me while she got her Master's degree and then when she started working for a political canvassing organization, and while that was going on, things were pretty much status quo because she was working and/or studying long hours, so she was often not home until nearly midnight, which meant that I could typically have a boy over during the evening hours, though there were one or two unfortunate occasions where she decided to come home early and I had to either abort a meeting that was about to happen or yell "Don't come upstairs!"  But that was mostly ok, too.  I have always figured that if I was at someone's place and his kid came home, I'd be mortified, but it turns out that if you're fucking someone hard enough (as I generally am), he's kind of oblivious to the opening and closing of the front door one floor down.

Anyway, EFU worked the mad hours through the election (she was out in Colorado doing GOTV for the two weeks leading up to election day itself), and then she quit the political canvassing organization, took two weeks to be a slug, and then started job hunting.  She eventually found and accepted two jobs (one full-time professional position, plus a part-time gig at the Apple Store), and then she found some roommates and moved out at the beginning of the year.  But between the first Tuesday in November and the end of 2012, I had a housemate who was almost always around, and I became one of the things that I most dread: one of those guys who has to put "must travel" in his online ads and profiles.  Oh, the humanity.  A lot of the time, it just didn't seem worth the effort.

But the new year came, and suddenly I was home alone several nights a week, so I quickly (and gratefully) reverted to form.  It's so easy when all you have to do is open your front door and let the guy in: it's like getting food delivered in NYC (I've read).  And it's really nice to be back in the saddle, as it were.  To put a craigslist ad up on Friday evening and have a six-hookup weekend.  Or at least it was until tax season started, but that's a different (and seasonal, and recurring) problem.

In addition to the hooking up, I have also been dating some.  I have traditionally found dating crazy difficult for some combination of reasons that have to do with a) me, and b) the available dating pool.  Getting any farther into it than that would be tedious, so let me just say that all men are crazy. Fortunately, some of them are also nice.

Back to our story (nee "anyway"), last Friday night I only worked until 7.  I was supposed to be hooking up with some young submissive wannabe.  I'd played with him once before, and he was cute, but very inexperienced, and I hadn't expected to hear from him again.  But then I had, and we'd arranged that he was going to come to my place last night, where I was going to eat and then fuck his ass, which (he said) had never and rarely happened, respectively.  There'd been some back and forth on the whole rimming thing, with him saying (in many more words), "Ewwww," and me saying (in so many words), "Dude.  It will rock your world."  But the upshot was that he was ambivalent, and I wasn't really expecting him to follow through, so when I started getting noncommittal messages from him on Growlr, I renewed my CL ad.  And then about the same time, a young (22, which is really too young, but one makes exceptions) hottie from Scruff woofed me, and after some back and forth said he thought he'd like to play around midnight.  I didn't expect anything to come of that, of course, but I gave him my number and told him to text me later if he wanted to play, to see if I was available.

Then I got a hit from someone (35, Latin, smooth) who'd responded before (more than once) but then balked (more than once) when he found out that I have a dog.  And, hey, I get that some people have a fear of dogs, but, really, the worst thing that Luna is going to do to anybody is lick and paw them in a completely friendly way, and, honestly, if you're afraid of being licked and pawed in a friendly way, you have no business hooking up with me.  Anyway, I emailed this guy back to say, "Dude, you always reply, and you're always afraid of my dog," and I figured that would be the end of it, but this time he decided that having Luna confined to her crate would suffice.  I guessed he was horny.

So, some time passes, and this guy and I have been going at it for an hour or so, and it's mostly been pretty good (great head, and he loves loves loves what I do to his nips and ass, but he doesn't kiss) when I start getting text messages from the Mr. 22 saying that he thinks he can make it around 11:30 but he can only stay for ninety minutes or so.  I mention this to Mr. 35 who is going down on me, and he gets all excited, so I tell Mr. 22 that I have a skilled Latin going down on me now, but he's welcome to come join us, and Mr. 22 says that sounds hot but worries that he'll be expected to top Mr. 35, and I tell him not to worry because there's plenty of me for both of them.  Then I text him a pic of Mr. 35 sucking my cock, and the deal is sealed.  Mr. 22 calls for the address, and Mr. 35 gets on his hands and knees and asks me to fuck him again.  It's all good.

A while later, Mr. 22 calls to say that he's parking and about to walk down the block to my place, so I pull Mr. 35 off my dick and tell him to stay put.  Then I pull on my jeans and go downstairs to open the door for Mr. 22, who is very cute and not a little nervous.  First threeway.  Well, we all have to start somewhere, right.  At this point I'm feeling a little deprived because of Mr. 35's failure to osculate, so I grab 22 and start to kiss him somewhat fiercely, I suppose, and he's got that overwhelmed-but-oh-so-into-it thing going on because I feel him want to pull away but also really want to dive into the kiss.  I slide my hand up under his shirt and tweak a nip and he gasps, then I start unbuttoning his jeans, all the while kissing him and sucking on his lower lip.  After maybe half a minute, I turn him around and start him up the stairs, pulling his jeans halfway down and squeezing his perky little butt.

When we get to my room, I yank off his shirt and toss him down on the bed, start to kiss him hard again and begin twisting his nip while 35 pulls off his shoes and jeans. I reach down to his boxers, and his cock is small but very hard, then I move my hand farther down and come up his leg opening on his boxers and start to finger his ass. A few seconds later, I latch onto his nipple -- holding it between my teeth and flicking it with my tongue -- and he's breathing really hard and I run my hand back up to his cock again, and he cums right in my hand.

Ah, youth.

Thirty seconds later, 22 is on his feet, breathing hard, saying that he needs to go smoke a cigarette before round two, and I know that when he goes outside to have that smoke he won't be back.  I try telling him that it's ok that he's overwhelmed but that he'll have a lot more fun if he sticks around and I make him cum a couple more times.  There's some friendly banter, and he says that he's definitely coming back after his cigarette, but when he goes downstairs, 35 asks me if I think he'll be back, and I say, "No chance.  Suck my cock some more." 

There are a couple of highly apologetic texts from 22 about how overwhelmed he was and how new all this is to him, and he just doesn't want to believe me when I tell him that I'm not annoyed.  I suppose if I were in his position, I'd feel the same way, but from my position, it was really hot.  It would have been better, maybe, if he'd stuck around for me to fuck a couple of loads out of him, but the five minutes he was there were pretty smoking, and I still had 35, who was giving me a grrrrreat blow job and then sticking his ass in the air for me to plow.  Which I did.

35 stuck around for a while and turned out to be very cuddly and fairly intelligent.  He has a nominal boyfriend who lives in Northern Virginia (don't get me started) and whom he sees once or twice a month and who is a top but who hasn't fucked him in a year (35 hadn't been fucked by anyone in a year: so tight).  It was fun to hang out with and fuck him.  Eventually, he came hard all over my chest while I was eating his ass.  He talked a lot about how nice it was to share a bed with someone again, and I invited him to sleep over, but we both had to be at work early Saturday morning, and I was mostly relieved when he declined.  It also made things less complicated when another buddy texted me Saturday morning and then came over to take my long-deferred and very energetic load.


tornwordo said...

That was hot. Ah youth indeed.

Will said...

I always hate your hiatuses (hiati?) and love it when you come back. I think what I miss most when you fall silent is the sheer exuberance of your sexual experience and recounting of it. It's life-affirming.

Anonymous said...

It's good to hear from you! Welcome back.

Jérôme said...

A bit more of flesh and soul in your sex-life description is always nice.

Anonymous said...

Quite hot really. I assume there are plenty of other guys out there in the same position but jeez you make my pants quite tight. I'll be looking out for your craigslist ad next time I'm in NYC.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your recap of Mr 35 and Mr 22. Really missed your writing. Now that tax season is over you can write more often.