Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I am not bothering to change his name because I'm not sure it's his real name.  It's the name I've given him in my iPhone, and I presume I had some reason for that, but that reason could have been an alias in an old email.  I thought about asking him what his name is last night, but I decided not to.  Sometimes it's better to think than to know.

I'm not sure how long Rich and I have been -- very intermittently -- hooking up.  It seems like longer, but most likely, it's been about four years: I think the first time I met him was shortly after I moved here, but it may have been before that.  Details blur in the past, and they get blurrier faster as I get older.

Anyway, I find fucking Rich irresistible, which I really need to do because getting together with him is, well, challenging.  There are usually a number of missteps between when he first expresses interest and when we actually get together.  And it's sort of typical that on Thursday night he texted me back at 10 (just after I got home from choir practice) to say that he'd be showered and on his way in half an hour, and he didn't actually knock on my door until 12:30.

Still, since it was so late when he arrived, I didn't have to spend the usual half hour of small talk and questionable diversions (The last time we were together was at his place, and he turned on some lesbian bondage porn.  I made him turn it off.) to get him into bed.  I just handed him a glass of wine, and we walked up the stairs.  I lay on the bed and watched him strip down to his briefs.  He's short and solid and beefy with very smooth, very good skin.  He is fun to manhandle, and he's surprisingly cuddly.  The last time we played, we were in bed just holding and stroking each other, and he put his head on my shoulder and told me how much he liked being held that way and how it was something he didn't get enough of.

Rich takes a fair amount of warming up before he really gets into making out, so I stroked him and sucked on his nipples while we had a bit of idle chatter, but when I started biting on a nip, he moaned, and I could tell we were on my way.  I kept it between my teeth and increased the speed at which I was tonguing it, and I ran my hands down and grabbed his small-but-very-hard cock through his briefs.  More moaning, which only got louder when I pulled the back of his briefs partway down to reveal one cheek and spanked it.

I figured he was warmed up enough, so I rolled him all the way onto his back, got on top of him, grabbed his wrists, pinned them down, and started to kiss him more energetically.  There was the expected moment of resistance, and then he gave in and gave back.  I was grinding my rock hard cock against his, and I let one wrist go so I could pinch a nipple, and he moaned and writhed beneath me.

At first I had no desire to hurry things along, so I rolled off him and onto my side, then I turned him toward me and got him in a bear hug.  I didn't squeeze too tightly, though, and he slid his body in closer to mine, maximizing the points of contact.  He sighed, both happily and tiredly, and I figured holding him for a few minutes was a good idea -- and hella fun, too.

But I was also exceptionally horny, (Probably because I'd had lunch with a guy who wants to be my new sub, but who's very nervous and wanted to meet me first; I'd thought lunch seemed like a weird idea, but we ended up in a booth in a dimly lit restaurant, so we could talk openly about what each of us wanted while I kept a hand on his thigh.  Afterwards, I let him drive me back to my office, right across the street, so that I could pinch his nips and fondle his very small and hard cock.  It was awesome, but when I got back to the office, there was precum in my briefs, and I knew relief was nearly twelve hours away.) so before very long I started putting one hand up the leg opening and then down the waistband of his underwear, and then I just took it off while I kissed him a little more fervently and slapped his ass.

That worked and got him a little more animated.  I chewed on his nips briefly, which got more groans out of him, then I started kissing his neck, and when he began writhing a little, I started to nip his neck.  Small, quick bites that got a big response but not hard enough or lasting long enough to leave a mark.  I mean, I know what I'm doing. 

I did that and then went back to his nipples, and I began to think he was awfully slow in getting to my cock, so I just said, "Can you suck my cock while I eat your ass?"  He excused himself to go to the bathroom, and I wasn't sure whether that was a legitimate need to urinate or just playing for time (with some guys, it's a way to use more substances, so who knows?), but he came back pretty soon, and settled between my legs.  Then, he gave a sigh and had a look like, "I guess I have to," and he started to take my cockhead into his mouth.  I guess the initial reticence gave way pretty quickly, because he really started to get into it, taking most of the length into his mouth and apparently savoring it.  It felt really good, so good that I decided to table for now the eating-his-ass part.  I stroked his hair idly while I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation.

Eventually, he came up for air, and I pulled him around and got between his knees, spread his cheeks, and shoved my tongue right into him.  Unsurprisingly, this made him forget my cock, but my cock wasn't going anywhere, and it has been rumored that I love to eat ass, so I went for it.  He did eventually start sucking on the cock again. 

I was really worked up, so when we both came up for air at the same time, I shoved him off of me and onto his stomach, got behind him, lay on my stomach, and ate his ass for a little longer, then moved forward, bit the back of his neck, and rubbed my cockhead along his ass and against his hole.  He made a sound without words but that clearly meant "Give it to me," and I reached over his head, took a pump of lube, rubbed it on my cock, and presssed forward. 

I'll give Rich credit for not being the type to whine at the initial pain of entry.  I could tell he felt it, and I wasn't exactly ramming into it, but he took it like a man (also how I gave it), and before long, I was all the way in him, not moving, but staying deep, and continuing to bite various spots on the back of his neck.  I started easing out and then easing in, but he clearly wanted it harder, so I sped up and thrusted harder, and bit harder, and he got louder.

I fucked him for about ten minutes, I reckon, when he asked for a break.  I pulled out and lay behind him, with my arms around him, playing with his nipples.  After a minute, I turned him toward me and started kissing him hard and deep, sucking on his lower lip and his tongue, in turn.  Then I put him on his stomach again, slid into him quickly, and started plowing. 

And that was great, but I didn't think I'd cum that way, and for a variety of reasons, it was going to be more what I wanted if he'd thought I had cum, so I made a lot of noise, stopped thrusting, and lay on top of him as if I were spent.  After a minute, I pulled out, put him on his back, and resumed nibbling on his neck while I jerked him off.  That took longer than I expected, but in about ten minutes, the moaning had escalated almost to the point of shouting, and he shot.  I kept stroking him after he came, and, once again, he didn't complain even though I could tell his cock was getting very sensitive.  I stopped, grabbed a towel and wiped him up.

Rich is a little obsessive about cleanliness, and I knew he'd be heading for the shower almost immediately, my attempts to hold onto him notwithstanding.  But that was cool because I was still pretty worked up, so much so that as soon as he got in the bathroom I started stroking, and I blew a big load in plenty of time to join him in the shower.  Always a good time.  When he got out, he grabbed a towel and swiped the steam off part of the mirror, looked, smiled, and said, "No marks."  I reminded him that I knew what I was doing.

I thought for sure he'd get dressed and run out, but he just climbed under the covers with me and pushed his back up against my chest.  I put my arm around him, and he fell asleep pretty quickly.

So did I, and I have to say it was really sweet.  The last time I'd had a guy sleep over had been maybe a week and a half earlier, and it was this top guy that I'd inexplicably started seeing, and it ended up being the last time I saw that guy.  Not because of anything I did while he was staying over (more because that guy was just a big jerk and/or we were incompatible -- almost certainly both), but sleeping with that guy hadn't been a particularly pleasant or restful experience.  Sleeping with Rich was both.

Or at least it was for four hours, because at 6:30 I woke up, and when I reached over and reached down, Rich was rock hard, and I started playing with him, and he wasted no time at all in straddling me and sitting on my cock.  He was so quick about it that I had to stop him so I could get some lube on my dick.  Once I let him get going, he really rode me.  I started stroking his cock with one hand and pinching a nip with the other, and he came in just a couple of minutes.  Fifteen minutes later, he'd showered again, dressed, and left.  I went back to sleep, but I was pretty beat when I got to work at 9:30. 

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