Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Small Misunderstandings

1.  Some well-intentioned soul on the Internet signed up for a significant number of online hookup sites using one of my gmail accounts.  The problem is that all of these sites appear to be dedicated to the procurement of opposite-gender action:

Saucy Singles

While I certainly appreciate anyone's efforts to get me laid, I have to say that a) I'm really doing ok without any assistance, and b) women are wonderful creatures, but I don't want to stick my cock in any of them.  In fact, if we're taking the I in MILF literally, there are, in fact no mothers that I'd like to fuck.

Also, some of the many replies I've seen (who knew I was so popular with the ladies) seem a little unclear on the concept.  It is certainly possible to be a mother at age 21, and it's certainly possible to be attractive at age 21, but a 21-year-old just doesn't qualify as a MILF.

2.  I took yesterday afternoon off, and I had expected to have a nice long session with a relatively new FWP, but he never got back to me, and then I got a message from someone on line who was both from Virginia and a top.  I explained that I am myself a top and that it is not particularly easy to get to me from Woodbridge or Leesburg or wherever, but he said that he wanted to come over, and I liked his pictures, so why not?

A little over two hours (!) later he showed up at my place, complaining about the traffic, the inadequacy of air conditioning, and the speed with which I began kissing him.  After a couple of minutes, I got him calmed down, upstairs, and undressed, but he kept saying, "Suck my cock," as if I were the sort of person who responds well to commands.  At the same time, he was showing no interest in my cock and decreasing interest in making out.  Also, when I sucked his nipples and played with his cock, he got really close to ejaculation really quickly.  After about the third go-round of his telling me to go down on him, I just stroked him a little bit faster, and he came.  Spectacularly.  With convulsions and a healthy load.  I grabbed a towel and wiped him off, and then he quickly got back into his clothes and headed back into traffic, making some sort of vague reference to playing another time, but: as if.  He was in the house for no more than ten minutes, and he probably spent at least 3.5 hours on the road.  I'm sure he was disappointed, but hey: a) read my profile, b) pay attention to what I tell you when we're chatting online, and c) don't be a cray-zee Northern Virginian. It can't be that hard to find a bj in Leesburg.


CoolTop said...

I've gotten some clueless tops like that before. Even worse is when they say they're cool with bottoming and show up and be bottomy for fifteen seconds and then act like this has gotten me so excited and overwhelmed with desire that they can now top me. Dudes be crazy.

Bruce Chang said...

I find that other tops that insist on meeting either say (1) how about oral, which means they think I'm gonna easily be swayed to bottom when we get together or (2) let's see how it goes, which means they'll bottom for me if I can find the trigger point... Ha!