Monday, August 11, 2014


So I'm in bed with this fit, older, redneck bottom, and fit, older, redneck bottom is one of the 150 or so types that drive me crazy, especially if they're sweet and don't smoke, and he is, and he doesn't, and it's going pretty well because he's got nice soft lips, and he knows how to use them.  And I've eaten his ass pretty thoroughly, and I've put three fingers into him because he says it's been a while, and he's sat on my cock and gotten the head in, but then when I turn him over and put him on his stomach, he says that it's too big, and that it hurts too much, even when I try repositioning him on his side, and even when I use plenty of lube, and he's asked me to stop, and now he's starting to say that it's getting late, and he should probably get home to his dogs.

But I lie next to him, spoonwise, and touch him and kiss his shoulder because I don't want him to leave, and that's not mostly because I haven't cum yet.  It's mostly because he drove all the way from Frederick, and there's something sad about him.  Not mopey sad, just kind of nice-guy-hard-life sad.  Also, he's really sexy, and I like holding on to someone after midnight on a Saturday.

And he doesn't seem like he really wants to go.  It was an impulse, but then he starts talking about stuff, and then talking about stuff generally turns into talking about men who have fucked him, and when he starts to think about all the cock he's had, then he gets really turned on, and before long I've managed to pull him back on top of me, and we're sharing these soft kisses interspersed with tales of cock. 

And then he's telling me that his very first time being fucked happened when he was fourteen, and he got mounted by the neighbors dog.  It was, he tells me, a big brown collie who'd been separated from the females, and it started by humping his leg, but then it somehow got into his ass, and when it got into his ass, its cock got much bigger, and he was scared, but he loved it.  Some months later, it had happened again.

And then he tells me that he's never told anyone that story, and I believe this because a) why would you tell anyone that, and b) people are always telling me shit that they won't tell anyone else.  And I don't know whether b) is because I listen a lot and listen well or because I'm just not very judgmental.  But I recognize that I'm probably supposed to be appalled, and I'm really not.  After all, if anybody was violated, it was the guy who's now trying to sit on my cock again.  Surely, the collie was not coerced.

And maybe this is one of those times when I'm expected to say something sensitive or say nothing at all, but the thing that I can't keep myself from saying -- could you? -- is, "So, that collie made you his bitch.  Literally."

And after that he manages to take almost all of my cock and rides me well, but not long, because he cums hard after a minute or two of bouncing on it, and I don't cum, but that just means more for the next guy, and I'm pretty satisfied with all the kissing and the canoodling and the story, and he gets dressed and says he wants to come back soon, and I figure I'll never see him again, and that's too bad, but probably for the best, all things considered.

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Will said...

I'm not at all surprised he eventually relaxed and got at least some of your cock into him because I began to see some while ago that you generally treat the men you fuck quite decently.