Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Calm Before

We were expecting a massive snowstorm this past weekend (it showed up), and I reckoned on spending Saturday and most of Sunday snowbound, so I thought I should try to hook up Friday night. I'd meant to play with a guy who'd been wanting to meet me for some time, but we'd exchanged numbers, and I'd called him, as he'd asked, during the day on Friday to firm up the evening's arrangements, and I hadn't gotten a call back. So I posted on craigslist. I got a response from Tom, a sexually repressed guy whom I've played with several times in the past, before the move, and whom I regard as something of a project: I'll get him out of his shell yet. I was chatting with my buddy Angelo when Tom said he'd come over. Angelo said he was supposed to have a date, but his date didn't answer when he called, so I asked whether he'd like to come for a group and then have dinner afterwards. He seemed excited by the idea, and accepted.

And then Anthony, the guy who hadn't returned my call, returned my call to say that he'd left his phone at home that day. I told him that I had some other matters to attend to but that we could meet around 9, and he said that would work. Another scheduling crisis averted.

Tom had said fifteen minutes, and Angelo lives farther away than that, but I figured Tom hadn't counted on traffic, so I wasn't particularly surprised when Tom arrived a couple of minutes after Angelo. (When the two of them were confirmed, I texted Pedro to see if he wanted to join us, and he got back to me as the two of them were walking up the stairs to the bedroom to say that there wasn't enough time. Later he texted me to say that he wanted to be included in future threeways, but he'd appreciate more notice. I told him I didn't always know that far in advance. I left unsaid that I'm not inclined to go out of my way for him: he's hot, but he seems to think that I'm his madam or something.) I made the introductions, kissed each of them, and marched them up the stairs.

I was the first on the bed. Angelo was quickly naked and joined me, and Tom, not surprisingly, just watched for a bit until I told him to suck my cock, which he did. Angelo is a great kisser, and he has a very fun Latin bear body, so I was alternating between his lips and nips for a while. Eventually, I started to kiss Tom, and then I told him to suck my cock, which is what he wanted to hear, I think. It's a little bit hard to tell with him since he seems dogmatically opposed to expressing desires. Anyway, after a while, I pulled Tom on top of me and started kissing him again, and Angelo started to eat his ass, and then maybe -- my view was obstructed, and I was busy kissing -- Angelo tried to fuck Tom and Tom sort of waved him off, but maybe they just moved around a bit and, yikes, there went the bed.

See, when I moved, I had my old queen bed disassembled and moved and reassembled, and I don't think the movers did a great job of getting all of the barrel bolts lined up just right, but for whatever reason, instead of being plumb, the side supports of the bed are closer together at the top than at the bottom, so the ledges on which the slats that make the platform sit are farther apart than they ought to be, and if there's a lot of rocking, the ledges move even slightly farter apart and the slats move back and forth until they fall, loudly, off one of the ledges. This, unsurprisingly, never fails to make an impression upon whoever happens to be sharing the bed with me at the time. I'm sort of used to it by now, though, so I just shooed everyone off the bed, lifted the mattress, rested it on top of my back, moved the slats far enough to one side to get them back onto the ledge and then back to the middle so they wouldn't fall a second time during the same session, and corralled everyone back onto the bed. Well, everyone except for Tom, who started to get dressed, asked me whether I'd split up with b&c, and said "I'll see you," as he departed.

Angelo looked at me and said, "Is he always like that?" and I replied, "Yeah, pretty much. He gets overwhelmed easily. He's a long-term project," and then we started making out again. Before the bed collapse, we'd been playing for a pretty long time, anyway, and much of that time had consisted of my sucking on Angelo's nipple and stroking his cock until he was right on the verge of orgasm. Angelo's always been something of a quick shooter, so it never takes long to bring him to the verge, and I'd managed to keep him there for maybe half an hour before the big bang, so I really didn't feel like I needed to delay his cumshot much longer. Besides, I needed to move things along if we were going to have dinner and I was still going to have time to get back home for my 9 o'clock.

But afer I started back on Angelo's nipples, he took a long hit from the popper bottle (which Tom may have brought and left: I found it after the session was over when I was walking around the bedroom and accidentally kicked it across the floor and into my closet, where it sits to this day) and overdid it so that some of the liquid got into his sinus, or whatever, and he had to run out of the room and make hurling sounds (I'm not sure whether he actually hurled) in the bathroom. It sounded like not so much fun, really.

When he came back, I figured it was time to make him shoot, but I did take a minute to eat his ass first, though, because I know how much he likes that. Then I started sucking on his nipple again while I stroked him until he shook and jerked and shot. The bed held, but I had barely wiped up the cum when he had to jump up and go try again to expel the extra poppers from his sinuses. He returned from the bathroom with tears of exertion on his face. I tried to comfort him, but he had to make two more trips to the bathroom in short order, and then he apologized saying that he'd really wanted to have dinner but that he would have to go home instead. Ordinarily, I'd have been disappointed, but I did have the other guy coming in less than two hours, and I knew that it would be really convenient if I could squeeze in a trip to Costco before that. So I did.

I got home just after 9, and Anthony arrived perhaps ten minutes later. He's a fit, early fifties Black man, and he was a lot of fun. I was a little bit tired from the day, but he had really nice lips, so I revived quickly as soon as we started kissing, which was as soon as he got in the door. I maneuvered him up the stairs, out of his clothes, and onto the bed, and we made out for an extended period. Anthony is, I believe, versatile, and he's not submissive, and he didn't seem especially interested in anything other than kissing and oral -- though he didn't seem to mind having his ass eaten -- and that was fine with me. After maybe forty-five minutes of foreplay and some alternating oral, we got into one of the very rare, for me, sixty-nines where I'm sucking the other guy's cock -- rather than eating his ass -- while he's sucking mine. It didn't take long for Anthony to cum, and he shot a pretty good load on my chest as I sucked on his nuts, but my load was significantly more voluminous and forceful when I finally brought myself off by hand, while he lay next to me and we kissed.

He got cleaned up and left. By that time, the snow was beginning to fall in earnest, though it hadn't made the roads difficult yet, and I figured that Gil, the nipple-abuse-loving submissive who'd said that he'd come over on Saturday afternoon would be cancelling, but I also thought that I might not really be missing much. As it happens, I was wrong on both counts, but I reckon that is another story.

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