Monday, December 14, 2009


So it's Friday, and I'm in my office, and it's kind of a slow day anyway, and nobody's around, and I happen to find myself on craigslist, where a young, Black, short, smooth man in D.C. has advertised for someone to do to him something that I would very much like to do, and I answer the ad, and he says that he's not sure there's enough time after I get off work, and I say that I get off work whenever I feel like it at this time of year, but I have to be done by 5, and it's almost 3:30, and he's not that far away, but there's traffic, and I'm not sure it's such a good idea, but then he says that he likes to make out, and I'm printing out directions and leaving the office, and then I'm swearing at the traffic, and I'm making up the route as I go along, and it's just after 4, and I'm knocking on Vim's door, and then I'm walking in, and oh my God he's so cute, and I grab him, and he was not lying about liking to make out.

Then we say hi, and I follow Vim to the bedroom, and I'm liking his hardwood floors with his clothes strewn everywhere, and he apologizes for the mess, but I tell him it's no worse than my place, and I kiss him some more, and he excuses himself to go to the bathroom, and I realize we're on a tight schedule, so I undress mostly, and he comes back, and I undress him entirely, and I put him down on the bed and climb on top of him, and we make out some more.

Vim's very thin but with very pronounced nipples, and later he tells me that when he was eleven, his nipples were equally pronounced, and he was worried about developing breasts, but then he didn't, and that's probably a good thing because they really wouldn't go well with his cock, which is not exactly small. But before that, I work my way down to his nipples, and I lick them and suck on them, and bite them, and he says, "Ow," and I lick them and suck on them, and he's very happy, and then we make out some more, and then he decides to go down on me, and, damn, he's got skills.

And then we make out some more, and then he goes down on me again, and I pull his ass around so that I can eat it, and, damn, I've got skills, and he totally loses his focus and sits up straight, and I reach up and twist his nipples while I'm eating his ass, and that goes on and on, and then he asks whether he can ride me, and who am I to say no to an eminently reasonable request like that? Except that I eat his ass some more, and he loses focus again, and then his phone rings, and he ignores it, but it rings again, and he answers it, and it's his office with some sort of emergency, and he asks me if I can hang out for fifteen minutes while he deals with it, but, damn, it's getting really close to five, and he feels bad for leaving me high and dry, but all that ass eating has left me feeling like I've had an eight-course meal, so I just really can't get worked up about the lack of ass fucking, and it's never as much fun as the ass eating, anyway, and he goes to make his call, and I get dressed, and I'm worried that I'll be late to pick up YFU, and I'm trying to say goodbye, and he puts the call on hold to kiss me goodbye and thank me for the nipple work and ask me when I can see him again, and I don't know or care whether he's sincere about that, but later that evening there's a call from him, and he says he wants to see me another time, and he makes me promise not to leave next time until after I've fucked him, and it's a promise I can make without fear of not keeping it, so I do.

Elmo's this cute Filipino guy who hit me up on one of the hook-up sites almost a week ago, but I wasn't available then, and I knew I wouldn't be available over the weekend until Sunday late afternoon, so last Tuesday or so, we agreed to meet late Sunday afternoon. And we talked a couple of times after that, but there was a slight difficulty with language, and I wasn't entirely sure that he was going to follow through. But I'd said that I'd play with him, so when I got a couple of other offers from guys that I really would have liked to play with, or play with again (as the case may be), I turned them down. And then 4:00 on Sunday came and went, and I didn't hear from Elmo, so I texted the one of the other guys who lives relatively close by, but he didn't get back to me right away, even though there'd been an email from him at about 3:30. And then I get a call from EFU:

EFU: Turnpike!
TED: You're on the New Jersey Turnpike?
EFU: Yeah, you said to give you a call when I was on the way.
TED: You couldn't have called from Vermont?
EFU: I'm spontaneous. Will you be home?
TED: Um, I'm not sure.
EFU: You need to be home.
TED: I thought you were going to go to your mother's house first.
EFU: I can't. Houdini's not welcome there.
TED: Who's Houdini?
EFU: My friend.
TED: Your friend? Do I need to come up with another bed?
EFU: Houdini has his own bed.
TED: What?
EFU: He's a hedgehog.
TED: Your mother won't let you bring a stuffed hedgehog home with you?
EFU: He's not stuffed. And he needs to be kept warm.
TED: You bought a real hedgehog?
EFU: Yeah, it's a surprise.
TED: Well, I'm surprised. I'll try to be home, but call me when you're closer.
EFU: OK, I'll call you when I get to the Beltway.

And then it occurred to me that I didn't know where my spare house key is, so maybe I'd better go to Home Depot and cruise guys get some spare keys made, but before I left, I called up Vim, and I left a message. Then I set off to Home Depot, and when I was about halfway there, Vim called back and asked when I was free, and I told him Monday or Tuesday evening were best, and he said he was free then but that he was also free RIGHT NOW, and didn't I want to come down RIGHT NOW and fuck him? And, oh boy howdy, I did, but I had to get the keys made, and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get down to his place, fuck him properly, and get back before EFU showed up with her hedgehog, so I very reluctantly put him off until Monday (which didn't work out: men, oy), and then I went and stood in line and got keys made and bought key chains and went to the self-checkout, where my phone rang, and it was Elmo who said that he was at Metro Center and on his way out to Glenmont. I told him to call me when he got there, and I finished paying, and I drove home, and I took a shower, and I got back in the car, and I drove to Glenmont, and he came out of the escalator, and he got in the car.

Elmo said that he'd been up since 4am taking someone to the airport, etc., etc., and he couldn't kiss me until he brushed his teeth. I got lucky when I found a spare unopened toothbrush at home, and he brushed his teeth, and boy howdy does that boy like to make out.

I had explained to him in the car that EFU was on her way home, but that she was probably still an hour or two away and would call when she was close, and he was all, "And your daughters know that you're gay?" I guess life is different in the Philippines. Anyway, we're making out, and he's a terrific kisser, but he also keeps stopping to ask me questions and tell me things and worry that EFU will be home too soon and jump whenever my phone makes a noise (it's a text message from the guy I'd texted earlier, and it says that he's an idiot -- duh -- because he just now checked his message), and the only way to shut him up is to suck on his nipples, which really drives him around the bend. He tells me that he doesn't want me to fuck him this time, and I tell him that's fine, but he's going down on me (skills!) for the second time, maybe sixty minutes into the session because there's so much making out (that's really, really, really not a complaint), and I pull him around and start to eat his very smooth, very nice ass, and he goes totally nuts and tells me not to do that because if I do, he won't be able to stop from sitting on my cock. I tell him that's a risk I'll just have to take because I can't stop from eating his ass, and I point to the condoms, and I go back to eating his ass, and, what do you know, he wasn't lying about having to sit on my ass, and he's bouncing up and down, and just then a couple of the slats from under the bed fall off the support, and I keep going, but then we lose another one, and I have to fix the bed, and he begs me to come back to bed, and I finish fixing the bed, and I lie back down, and he rides me again, and then the phone rings, and it's EFU's ring, so I have to pick it up, and she says she's half an hour away, and I tell her I'll be home, and I put Elmo on his back and push his legs forward, and I start to fuck him that way while I play with his nipples, and he's going crazy, and I keep fucking him, but I realize that I'm not going to cum that way, so I pull out, and we make out, and I work his nipples, and he's all wound up, and I tell him that we should probably stop and get dressed, and we do, and then we make out some more, and then there's a knock on the door, and we go downstairs, and he gets to meet EFU and Houdini, who is a very, very cute hedgehog.

And then I drive Elmo home, and he makes me promise that the next time we get together, I'll fuck him until I cum, and I'm never sure that's a promise I can keep, but after an extended kiss goodbye in his driveway, I make it anyway.

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Jérôme said...

Oh you wanted to write like Proust, didn't you? Well I must say I'm much more aroused reading you...