Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Monday Fun

[If anybody can point me towards an easy way to get an "after the jump" entry on Blogger, I'd appreciate it. I'm posting some moderately NSFW pictures with this post, but I have some very NSFW that I also took last night, and I'd like to put them up for your viewing pleasure, but I don't want them on the main page.]

The lack of consistent standards in sexual terminology is a problem that bothers me greatly. I have, for example, talked about milking here before, but I have seen other people use milking to mean different things (I'm not talking about legitimate dairy-related usages, either). There needs to be a Board for the Standardization of Sexual Terminology. It goes without saying that I need to be its chairman and that a position of such importance should be highly compensated. Not that I didn't just say it anyway.

Anyway, even without BSST's help, I'm pretty sure that I can say that despite the simultaneous presence of three naked men in various stages of arousal in my bedroom at one time this evening, I did not just have a threeway. I had a sub tied to the bed, and I edged him for a long time before making him shoot, and I had an okay session with a fun Latin guy that had elements of sixty-nine, and those two scenes overlapped slightly, but it wasn't a threeway.

Yesterday morning, I was back in the office, and the pervasive construction dust had my sinuses in an uproar again. And then there was the back pain from running the car off the road this weekend. So I was thinking I'd just work a little late to get caught up, then go home and lie down and watch some DVDs. It had been a while since I'd hooked up, but rest seemed like a good idea. Horniness has a way of winning out, though. I was walking past the elevators and one of the very hot construction guys was up on a ladder, running some wire or something in the ceiling. I couldn't see his head, but his ass was just about at eye level, and he was stretching to reach whatever he was working on, and he just looked damned good. Then when I was on my way back to the office he was doing the same thing up in another ceiling tile, and it occurred to me that sinuses and injury were poor excuses for not having some fun. So I hopped on Craigslist and posted an ad and got a pretty healthy response. Healthier, indeed, than I'd expected, and because one doesn't expect most CL leads to pan out, I ended up with too many balls in the air at once, and I had to let some of them drop in a way that bordered on rudeness. It certainly isn't rudeness within the context of the usual and expected CL behavior, but I like to treat people as I'd liked to be treated (so long as that doesn't extend to, say, bottoming), so I try to hold myself to a higher standard. I did have to say no to some people after I'd expressed interest, but I managed to give them all rainchecks. It might take a while to cash all those checks, but I will certainly honor any that are presented for payment.

Anyway, I was trying to decide which of several guys I most wanted to have over tonight when my phone rang, and R., with whom I'd never spoken before, was calling to let me know that he was indeed free tonight. R. is a married guy who answered my ad on [rhymes-with-flirt] and who's been trying to coordinate his schedule with mine for a few weeks. I could have said no since he was calling me at 5pm to get together the same evening, but he's Latino, and he's down-to-earth, and he's smooth, and he wanted to explore his submissive side, so I told him to come over at 7:30.

Then I happened to find myself on gay.com, and I saw J., a very well-built submissive who once a year or so likes to be tied to my bed and very slowly jerked off over the course of an hour or more until he begs to be allowed to cum. He runs marathons and has a really nice body and looks really good coming out of a pair of jeans, so I asked whether he was in the mood to be tied to the bed, and he said yes, so I called R. back (so, so rude) and asked whether he could make it at 8:30 instead of 7:30. He said he could, so I emailed him the address and some directions, and I set off for home.

Traffic wasn't bad, so I made it home in time to tie ropes to the four corners of the bed and kick my shoes under the bed and get ready for J.'s arrival. He had less time than usual, so instead of stripping down to his jeans and putting on the blindfold, he took everything off and put on the blindfold. He looked pretty good.

I put the restraints on him and fastened his hands behind his back, and he asked me whether I could take him to the toilet. So I guided him there, lifted the seat, and grabbed his cock to direct the flow, but he told me that he really could only do it if I wasn't in the room. I unfastened his wrists and left him to his business, and when that was done, I refastened them and marched him up the stairs to the bedroom.

I threw him down, face first, on the bed, and he complained about his back. So I unfastened him again, put him on his back, and tied him, spread eagle, to the bed. J. is kind of a weird guy. He wants to be submissive, and he wants me to be authoritative, but he also wants to tell me what to do. He wants the bondage scene and he wants me to tell him how much he's at my mercy, but he also wants to chat about stuff. He wants the trappings of a heavy duty bondage scene, but he doesn't really want to feel like there's any danger. Luckily, I'm the perfect person for that because I'll tie him down and spank him and yank on his painfully erect cock, but I'm about as threatening as oatmeal. Seriously, if I didn't have the bass voice, a perfect deadpan, and an extremely well developed sense of irony, I could only do vanilla.

Anyway, as he always is, he was hard the moment he got here, and he only got harder when I tied him to the bed and started stroking his cock and very lightly touching his body. He told me almost at once that he was close to cumming, even though he wasn't all that close. His cock is pretty easy to read, and he never cums before I'm ready for him to shoot. He had been due at 7 -- saying he needed to leave around 8 -- and he didn't arrive until after 7:15, so at about 7:45, I told him it would be a shorter session than usual because I had another buddy arriving at 8:30.

That got J. all hot and bothered, and he started trying to persuade me that I should keep him on edge until my 8:30 arrived and then let R. (Mr. 8:30) watch me finish J. off and send him (J.) on his way.

You may not be surprised to hear that this was not a hard sell.

I did, for a while, act like I wouldn't do it, though. I told J. that this was my first meeting with R. and that we hadn't discussed having another guy involved, so it would be rude to spring J. on R. But he kept saying how hot it would be, and he did have a point, and I figured R. wouldn't mind all that much, so I told J. that if he didn't mind waiting while I took a shower, he could stick around and shoot after R. arrived. His wrists and ankles were tied to the bed, so he could hardly complain.

When R. (who is much, much hotter than he looks in this picture) arrived, he was clearly nervous. R. had told me that he wanted to explore his submissive side but that he hadn't done anything in that direction yet, and we hadn't made any firm plans. He and I had been somewhat hesitant to get together because in my [rhymes-with-flirt] profile, I have listed under turnoffs "Men who won't kiss," and in his profile, his turnoffs include "hugging and kissing." I don't know how many times I've told myself not to bother hooking up with guys who won't kiss, but, like I said: Latino, smooth, down-to-earth, and horny. So I decided to go for it.

Anyway, I pulled off his shirt and his wife beater and twisted his nipples a little bit, and told him he looked nervous, and he allowed that he was. He was very much not putting off a submissive vibe, but maybe that was because I wasn't putting off a dom vibe. I'm not sure, but I told him to lose his shoes and head up the stairs, and he did.

R. was pretty laid back, and when he saw J. tied to the bed (I hadn't given him any warning), he just said, "Well, this is a surprise," and I shrugged and removed his jeans. Big cock. I had him kneel on the bed near J., and I climbed over the rope that had J.'s cock tied to my bureau drawer (J. really likes a five-point restraint, so about a half hour in, I'd gotten another rope and looped one end around his cock and secured the other to a handle on the drawer. I could adjust his cock by opening and closing the drawer or by sliding the knot. He liked that.) and started stroking J.'s cock again. J.'s left arm was tied in a restraint, but he had enough slack so that he could move it and grope around for R.'s (big) cock, and he held onto that a bit while I alternated between his cock and the rest of his body. A feather light touch on his nipples and underarms really drives him nuts, and most of the rest of his body reacts the same way.

I was looking to get into it with R., and J. had been tied down for more than an hour, so I didn't take long to finish J. off. I will give him credit for saying nice things about me to R. Mostly about how good I am with my hands. Which is true. I'd put some baby oil on his cock to make it nice and slick, and I brought him back to the edge and backed off just one more time, and then I grabbed him and stroked him with a firmer grasp, and he started to moan and jerk, and pretty soon he shot. He's not really ever a big shooter, but he did send a glob of cum up to his sternum. I took his cock and rubbed it in the pool of cum beneath it, and he yelped a little bit, then I went and got a towel and wiped him off. I told R. to help me undo the restraints, and then I stood J. up, guided him into the hallway, and closed the door behind him. I heard the velcro from the blindfold being undone, and I turned to R. and pushed him down on the bed.

So even if a guy's not into kissing or a lot of body contact, if he's smooth and hot and willing and has a sweet, hot bubble but that loves the feel of tongue, and is a willing cocksucker, then the sex should be pretty good, right?

Not so much. Alas.

I don't know what the deal is with me. Well, ok, I do know what the deal is, but I don't know why it's the deal. I had R. on his back, and I was sucking on his nipple and flicking it with my tongue, and he was saying that no one had ever done that to him, and I asked him to tell me about his sexual experience, and he told me that when he was thirteen, he was a paperboy, and he'd been out collecting from the subscribers, and a guy in his fifties had invited him inside to "see something," and he'd come in and been taken to the bedroom where he saw a woman lying on her stomach, wearing only panties, and the guy had gotten on his knees and sucked him off, and how that had later played itself out in a big-time fetish for women's asses in panties and a deep and abiding love for glory holes, and I was playing with his cock and his shaved nuts, and my cock, which had been hard throughout the session with J., was totally uninterested. Alas.

Anyway, it had become clear to me that since kissing wasn't going to happen, I wasn't going to fuck R., let alone tie him to the bed. Again: no submissive vibe. So I rolled him onto his stomach and pointed his head towards the TV, put on some porn and began to eat his extremely hot ass. I alternated that with kissing and licking the backs of his thighs and some nibbles on the (really, really fine) buttocks, and he liked that plenty.

I was very much not feeling the scene, and I felt bad about it. I should have known not to hook up with a guy who's turned off by kissing. And he seemed like a very cool guy. I debated whether to just say, "Hey, I'm sorry, but this isn't working, and it's not your fault," but I didn't want to do that. I turned him on his side and lay down next to him and played with his cock a bit and asked him to suck my cock. He got on his hands and knees and started to go down on me, and I pulled him over so that I could eat his ass at the same time. I was still really not into it, but the cock has a mind of its own, and he was pretty good with the oral, so I did get hard, and he started alternating sucking and jerking my cock, and it was feeling really good, and I pulled his cock back and started sucking on it while I pushed a finger into his ass to rub his prostate.

After about ten minutes of that, it occurred to me that I was likely to come soon, so I started jerking his cock while I ate his (extremely fine and very clean) ass some more, and suddenly I was spewing cum into his mouth, which he very much seemed to appreciate. He'd been half kneeling and half squatting, and he wanted to get on his back, so he did, and I started to go down on him. I lubed up a couple of fingers and stuck them in his ass while I sucked on his head and about half of his shaft. He didn't seem to recognize what a lousy cocksucker I am, because he was very much into it, and before long, he started thrusting into me and clamping his ass down around my finger, and then he was making noise, and then he came.

It was really nothing like good sex, but guys always feel relaxed right after they've emptied their loins, so we didn't care much. We chatted a bit, and he hopped in the shower. I toweled off and got dressed, and then he got dressed, and then I showed him out. He said, "it was a pleasure," and I guess that's fair enough.

I don't expect to hear from him again, but if I do, I'll just tell him that there's probably no point in playing again. It seems a shame not to fuck an ass as fine as that one, but I don't think that'll work without some making out. I'd have to bring in a fluffer to make out with, and it just seems like a lot of trouble.

Then (it was just after 9:30), I had to go and pick up my daughter from her job, and I made it in time, which was a very good thing. On the way home, I got a cheeseburger, and this morning, I thought about R.'s ass while I jerked off, so while I didn't make a new fuckbuddy, I did at least have a good time. As always.

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