Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Right Guy

I was feeling not so great on Monday morning, so I called in sick. It's a relatively slow time of year at the office, so the bar on what constitutes sick is significantly lowered. All I was really suffering from was a lack of sleep brought on by allergies, and after an extra couple of hours in bed, I was ready to get up and tackle the list of chores that need to be accomplished so that when b&c returns from his consulting gig in Jordan (where, he informed me yesterday, he has bottomed for at least one Jordanian top every night but one: he is so going into quarantine when he gets home) he doesn't start foaming at the mouth (note to self: check incidence of rabies in middle eastern countries and whether butt sex is a common transmission vector) about how awful the house looks.

But then I checked my email, and I hopped oh-so-briefly onto, and I was immediately hit up by a mid-thirties black guy from Rockville who chats me up every time he sees me online, though we never actually connect. This time, the conversation went something like:

Rockvilleguy: ru home today?
Ted: Yes.
R: do u want to eat my ass? I want to be submissive
T: Does that mean no making out?
R: define making out
T: Kissing.
R: only kiss when its exclusive
T: Well, there would only be the two of us here, so it would be kind of exclusive.
R: r u ok with my limits?
T: I'm not even sure what the limits are.
R: I dont bottom. I dont suck cock.
T: And you don't kiss?
R: only with a boyfriend
T: But you're submissive, right? I'm going to pass.
R: I thought u would. what do u want?
T: We can make out some, and then you can go down on me while I eat your ass.
R: ok on the kissing, but Ive never sucked cock
T: Then it's time for you to learn.

And that was the end of him. I reckon that in another two or three conversations, he'll agree to all of my conditions. Or not, and I don't really care which. He's got awesome stats, but I'd guess that he's very unskilled in everything I like to do.

Anyway, I saw another guy who's attracted my notice before. Mid-forties, fit, about 5'9, naturally smooth, and with a nice looking ass. He's also local. His profile says that he loves kissing, and that he's mostly a top, but that he'll bottom for the right guy. Plus, he's local, so saying hello seemed the neighborly thing to do.

Ted: Good morning.
StudCub: Hi.
T: How's it going?
SC: Good, you?
T: Great, thanks. You looking?
SC: Yeah. What are you looking to do?
T: I was thinking make out, oral, and nip play. I'm a top, but we don't have to go there.
SC: Ok. I was looking to fuck, but if you're a top, that won't work.
T: I'm perfectly happy not to do anal. I was really looking forward to eating that ass, though.
SC: If you eat my ass, then you have to fuck me.
T: That works, too.

Then he said he wasn't free until 1 and that he'd have to get back to me. Usually that means I'm being blown off, so I told him that I didn't want to hang out online for ninety minutes, so maybe we should try another time. He said that he just needed to get back to me with the exact time and said he could email me, so I gave him my address.

Do you have any idea how detrimental children are to a sex life? Not long after I'd gotten offline, I got a panicked call from EFU saying that her alarm hadn't gone off and that she needed to be at work in fifteen minutes. I told her that I couldn't even get to her mother's house in fifteen minutes, let alone get her all the way to Silver Spring. She said she knew but that if she took the bus then she wouldn't even get there by 2:30, and she'd miss her shift. I told her that she needed to deal with the situation herself. But then after I'd hung up, I felt crappy. It's true that she has problems with punctuality and that she needs to accept responsibility, but it's also true that I was mostly taking that position because if I drove her to work, I wouldn't get home until 1:30, and I'd miss my play date. So I called EFU back right away and told her I could be there to get her in twenty minutes. Dad to the rescue, at great personal cost.

(Speaking of great personal cost, did I mention that the very first college tuition bill arrived in the mail over the weekend? Egad.)

I did get back right around 1:30 and found an email ("DO YOU STILL WANT TO EAT MY ASS?") that SC had sent around 12:45. I emailed him back to explain, and then I jumped onto to see if he might have gotten back on. I had just sent him an IM when I saw a reply to my email giving his address. I told him I'd see him in twenty minutes. (Ten minutes to get ready and another ten to drive to his house.)

When I got to the street where SC lives, the house number that he'd given me wasn't there. It was a cul-de-sac, and there were houses with numbers one lower and two greater than his number. I was pretty sure that he hadn't intended to give me a bum address, and I was about to head home and ask for the right one when I saw him standing in his driveway. I parked the car and followed him inside.

As usual, I grabbed him right away and started kissing him. Mmmmmm. Soft lips, good technique, just the right amount of tongue. He was only wearing shorts, and I started playing with his nipples. The right one was pierced. Then I followed him upstairs, alternately squeezing his left and right cheeks. He removed his shorts, revealing no tan lines whatsoever. Smooth and dark all over. I pushed him down on the bed, climbed atop him, and resumed the kissing.

We went at that for fifteen minutes or so, rolling around on top of each other. His body was nice and warm, and my only difficulties were that to suck on his nipples, I had to leave off kissing him and to kiss him, I had to leave off sucking on his nipples. Eventually, I pinned him down and licked all the way down to his cock, which was about seven inches and on the thin side. Very suckable. I only sucked him for a minute, though, before kissing him some more. Then he started to go down on me. He was a skilled cocksucker: no gag reflex whatsoever. After a while, I pulled his ass around and started to eat it.

As expected, the rimming put him in his happy place. He moaned and sat up and spread his cheeks wider. I licked and poked with my tongue and I ran my hands all the way up his smooth sides and over to his nipples. He moaned some more. After a while, I tugged on his nipples to make him bend down and go down on me while I continued eating his ass. Eventually I followed up with a finger and then two. He seemed reasonably tight but not so tight that he'd likely have trouble taking me.

I pushed him off me and we kissed a bit more, and I asked him for a condom. He got one and put it on me, lubed us both up, and straddled my cock. I tried to stay very still, especially after he grimaced slightly and said, "Damn, it really is thick." He took a couple of hits of poppers and slowly began to descend around my cock, and I did my best not to thrust up until he had me all the way in.

I'd been fairly tired and a bit sore before I got to SC's place, but once we started kissing, I felt fine, and once my cock was in his ass, I was practically bursting energy. I played with his nipples while he bounced up and down on me for a while, then I unbent his legs so that I'd be deeper in him, grabbed his arms, and lowered him halfway back and began to thrust. He seemed pleased. I thrust harder. He seemed more pleased.

After a few minutes, I pushed him down onto his back and got on my knees. I pushed his knees all the way up to his head and slid back into him. He grimaced again, but only briefly, and I started to pound really hard. I took advantage of the springiness of the mattress and pushed down on his legs so that he'd bounce back up at the same time I was thrusting hard into him. I have no idea how long we fucked in that position, but I remember being amazed at how easy I was finding it and how long we'd been going, and then I remember going for a while after that. I decided to take a bit of a break, even though I wasn't tired, and I made out with him a bit more. Then I put him on his stomach and pounded him some more and then rolled him on his side and bent his top leg forward and pounded him still more.

It all seemed a bit intense for him, though he certainly didn't complain. At some point, I asked him whether he'd had too much, and he said, "Not unless you're ready to cum." It was a very nice ass to pound, and it's possible that I could actually have pumped out a load while fucking him, but I wasn't sure, and after we'd been fucking for considerably longer than I usually fuck, I pulled out again. I went to pull the condom off, but it was still hanging out of his ass. I always find that unbearably funny, so I laughed, and then we kissed some more. I played with his cock a bit, and he came erect, so I started to suck on it again, very slowly and softly, and he started getting very agitated. In a good way. As it happened, after a long fuck, he turns into the perfect cock to suck, in less than two minutes, he was right on the verge of shooting, so I started to stroke him and kiss him, and he came hard. Really hard: it looked like he was having a bad sinus headache. Well, I guess we each experience ecstasy in our own way. I asked whether he was all right, and he assured me that he was. I put one arm around his shoulder and jerked myself off with my free hand. I was pretty worked up, but it still took a long time to get myself to the brink. Then I turned on my side, put my cock next to his, and came all over his chest.

He threw me a towel and hopped right into the shower, which I took as my cue to get dressed. I was lacing up my shoes when he reappeared, smiling. He walked me downstairs, and I kissed him, thanked him, left, and got a cheeseburger. Overall, an awesome fuck, but I reckon it for a one-off. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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