Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A New Perspective

I'm not sure how to write this entry, so I guess I better start with the facts.

I was at the office last night, around 9:30, and I was thinking I couldn't work much longer, and I knew I should just go home and go to sleep, but I thought I'd check out gay.com. And there was this cute 29 year-old Desi guy, and what he really wanted was to be rimmed and sucked off, but he also wanted to make out and have his nipples worked, and I figured I should probably jump at the chance. Guys like that usually cum pretty quickly once you start going down on him, so I could do most of my favorite things and then suck a thin, uncut cock to completion in no time. I figured half an hour door-to-door. He was staying in a motel over in Takoma Park, and I left the office and was there about twenty-five minutes later.

I knocked on the door, and he answered it naked, as he had promised. I stood next to him and kissed him softly for a minute, while fondling his nipple, and he moved my hand down to his cock, so I stroked it a couple of times and asked if I could jump in the shower. Long day, you know. I made short work of the shower, and he was lying on the bed when I came out. I climbed up next to him, held him close to me (he was very warm) and started to kiss him again. Really nice plump lips.

He moaned wherever I touched him, and when I had my mouth on a nipple and was squeezing his ass, he got especially loud. He kept moving my hands around, telling me where to put them. In fact, he mostly took charge of the session. That was cool: I was pretty tired, and he'd said that he wasn't going to suck me or get fucked, so it was enough that he was playing with my very hard cock with one hand while I sucked his nipple and squeezed his cock firmly. He kept saying, "Harder."

It really was a perfect Desi cock. Short, slender, torpedo shaped, and with a generous foreskin. When I peeled it back, he moaned more. I decided that I could probably suck on it for a bit without worrying about him cumming. He was very worked up, but he seemed to want things to last. I took him all the way down to his pubes pretty easily, and he inhaled sharply, but then I worked my way back up and started to tongue his frenulum and then suck harder on the cockhead. There's something about an uncut cock like that that's almost sharp, particularly on the ridge of the cockhead. Anyway, it felt good going between my lips.

He soon got on his hands and knees and backed his ass up to my mouth, and I dove right in. Very clean, of course, and very responsive. Despite what he'd said when we'd been figuring out what we'd do, he soon started lightly sucking my cock while I was alternately shoving my tongue deep into his ass and biting around the opening.

Things went on like that for a while. He surprised me by being willing to kiss even after I'd eaten his ass and by telling me to do things like pull his long, curly hair tightly while I was sucking on his cock.

Then he asked me to turn over onto my stomach, so I did, and he lay down with his chest against my back, and it felt really nice. I always did enjoy lying on my stomach and feeling the weight of another man on me, though I used to do that a lot more than I do now. He was dry humping me with his cock sliding in between the tops of my buttocks, and he was getting pretty worked up. I was feeling good, albeit tired.

And then. I felt his tongue working its way down my spine, and before I knew it, he was pushing my ass cheeks apart and snaking his tongue down my crack and over my asshole, and it was feeling good. It's not something I remember ever liking before, but I was really getting into it physically and keeping my doubts in check, and before long there was a thin finger working its way into me, and he seemed to be finding a spot that hasn't been found before, and it was okay. By which I mean it was pretty good. And he asked me if it was all right, and I just sighed "Yeah," and he went for a second finger and I somehow opened up to accommodate it, and he had the two fingers on either side of my prostate, and I was feeling an unusual tension, but it was unusual in a good way.

And then suddenly there was lube, and there was a condom, and there was a murmured hesitation, but there was also a cute young Desi guy lying on my back and telling me to relax, and there was the tip of a thin torpedo-shaped cock edging its way in past my sphincter, and there was a guy still telling me to relax and telling me how much he liked my ass, and there was me feeling like this was something I couldn't do but was still somehow an okay idea and there was me not knowing what to do but managing not to be so nervous that I closed down, and there was a feeling going from being weird to being cool to being pleasurable to being really first rate.

And then there was him pulling out and asking me to get on my back and there was me pulling my knees up and there was him with my ankles over his shoulder pushing into me and looking down at me and smiling and there was me smiling back for a minute and then there were my eyes just about rolling up into my skull and there was this awesome and unprecedented feeling followed by a shot of semen clear over my head followed by another shot of semen and another shot of semen and there was me covered in my own jizz and there was him pulling out and taking the condom off and there was me grabbing his cock just in time for it to cum hard, mixing his semen with my own and there was him collapsing on top of me with his lips nuzzling my ear and telling me that I was great and there was me thinking that nothing would ever be the same again.

Or, at least, the first seven paragraphs of that happened, and as for the rest, well: April fools. I mean, really, you wouldn't expect me to let this holiday pass uncelebrated, would you?


franck said...

Damn! I can't believe I fell for that! Looking back, I guess you WERE a bit casual about the whole thing.

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

As it happens, I'm a very casual person, but I think you were just distracted by the pictures.