Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Not So Rough

So there's this guy, and I'm not sure exactly how he and I got into contact. I'm thinking that it was on gay.com, some time back, but I'm not really sure. He's married, and he's submissive, and he lives in some place like Connecticut or New Jersey, and he travels frequently for work, sometimes to DC. And maybe two or three months ago, he chats me up (it probably was gay.com, after all) and says he wants to play at his hotel, and I say I'm game, and then he sort of disappears. So I send an email saying that I know it's tough for married guys without much opportunity and experience, and because I'm soooooo understanding, he regrets not hooking up with me and tells me that he's going to be in DC again. So that time (maybe three or four weeks back), I make arrangements to play at his hotel, but then I don't hear from him during the day, so I make arrangements to play with two other guys (consecutively, not concurrently) that evening instead, and when he does get around to calling me, I tell him that I'm sorry but that I can't come down to DC because it's too late. Which it was, but that wasn't the real reason, the real reason being that I'd just done one guy and was set to do another soon. And I don't feel too bad about the whole thing because a) he bailed on me the time before, and b) he's a mergers and acquisitions guy, which means that he's a lot like a used car salesman, only lots richer.

So last week, the guy emails me again and says that he's going to be in town again on Monday (aka last night), and I set aside the evening for him, and he tells me that he'll be checking into a particular (very nice) hotel around 6 and that he'll call me when he's checked in and that I can come down any time from 7 on. And all of this happens according to plan. He wants me to come up to his room, but it's a hotel where you need a room key to operate the elevator, so I go to the front desk, and he's left a room key in an envelope with my name on it, and the desk person gives me the key, and another lobby person (this hotel seems to have a very large staff) points me to the elevator. And I go up to his room and let myself in, and he's waiting for me in a bathrobe and short running shorts. Because when he asked me whether he should wear the short shorts or a thong, there was really only one answer. How can you not laugh at any guy who's sitting in his hotel room in a thong?

So I go in, and I notice that he's cuter than his picture, and he has a nice chest of gray hair, but he's otherwise pretty smooth, and I pull him to me and we start kissing, and he tastes like he's had some liquid courage before I get there, but I can't hold that against him when I'm already holding something else against him, right? I also notice that he has very soft hair, which is something that I've recently discovered to be quite a big turn-on for me. Not that I'm going to kick you out of bed if you have bad hair or no hair because it's just a little detail, but when you run your hands over a guy's head and it's all nice and soft, it's just nice. And soft.

And this guy's a great kisser, and I push him down on the bed and straddle him and go back to his lips before moving on, as I always always always do, to his nips, and I suck on them and bite them, but I only bite them a little before settling into sucking on them and flicking my tongue fast fast fast over them, and he starts talking and telling me how great I am with my tongue, and he reaches for my pants and feels the outline of my cock, which, of course, is now verrrrrry hard, and he's pleased with that and starts trying to get me out of my pants, except that every once in a while he can't help just relaxing into the kiss and putting his arms around me, and that also makes me feel excited and warm and very eager to lick, suck, and bite his neck, which he also seems to like very much indeed.

And finally he gets my pants off me, so I lie back, and he starts to go down on me, and he's pretty good at it, especially at first, but when he gets more into it, I start to feel some teeth, but I'm not feeling very much teeth, so I try to remember what Will says about how some amount of tooth can feel good, and it works, and it feels really great, and I want to just lie there and enjoy it, but I have to remember that I'm supposed to be all dom with this guy I've been making out with, so I grab his head and push it up and down a number of times before I pull him off me and back up to kiss me for another extended period of hot lip-and-nip action, during which he tells me that he can't wait for me to fuck him. Oh, baby, but you're going to have to wait because that's just the way it works, boy.

And I push his head down to my cock and pull his very clean and perky ass around, and I spread his cheeks with my hands, and I start to push my tongue up against his hole, and then I start to do that harder, spreading his cheeks farther, plunging my tongue in deeper, wrapping my leg around his head to keep his mouth on my cock, and he gets all excited, so excited that there's more tooth, but I manage to remember that it can be a good thing, and he's using nowhere near as much tooth as that guy yesterday who required so much violence, and he's not requiring any violence at all, and I'm loving, loving having my tongue farther and farther up his ass so much that it's kind of a sacrifice to pull it out and push a finger and then two fingers in, but a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do. Right?

And now he really can't wait for me to fuck him, so I put him on his stomach, and I put the rubber on, and even though it's a verrrrrry tight ass that I had trouble getting two fingers in, I've been eating it for a long while, and he's very eager, and the condom says it's lubricated, so I figure I'll lie on top of him and at least tease his hole with the tip of my cock before I fetch the lube and ram him good, but he opens up. He opens up slowly and not without difficulty, but he opens up, and he wants me inside him, so I push inside him, and I work my way faster and faster, and he's oh so into it, and I'm oh so into it, too, except that I'd really like to be kissing him at the same time. But he wants to be, needs to be, can't live without being fucked, so I do my duty for what seems like long enough, and then I pull out of him, and he seems to be fucked fully into submission, so I lie next to him and put one arm around him, and we kiss, and I grab my cock with my free hand, and I pull hard on it until I shoot a load all over both of us, and we lie there, but not for long, and he fetches a towel, and I wipe up, and I get dressed, and I look in the mirror, and, as expected, I think, "Yep. Rode hard. Put away wet." And I kiss him goodbye, and I walk to the Metro station, and I ride back to the office, and I drive home, and I sleep well. Very well, indeed.


franck said...

I love hotel room sex. In fact just last Friday night I was at the Westin Palace here in Madrid, and they have the comfiest beds, ever.

I don't quite get why you can't kiss and fuck someone at the same time. Just flip him onto his back with the soles of his feet pointing to the ceiling. Easy, as well as my favourite position.

Jérôme said...

Très joliment raconté!

Jay said...

lovin this blog!


YvesPaul said...

It almost sounded like a love story, everything is so perfect and enjoyable.