Thursday, September 4, 2008

Too Much

I had a long post about how we are deceived by some of our senses rattling around in my head, but then this morning it happened: that day that comes once every four years where I am overwhelmed by the essential ickiness of politics and have to shut off NPR in favor of something execrably vapid. The last two elections have stolen from me any faith in the intelligence of the American electorate, so while I'll show up and vote on election day, my political intake will be limited to what I can't avoid, plus a daily perusal of Soon, no doubt, my dread will increase to the point where it's time for my other quadrennial ritual: checking out my score on the Canadian immigration assessment questionnaire.

Anyway, until I regain enough equanimity to post about sex, or at least something plausibly related to sex, I suggest that you enjoy a few pictures of naked men (at least one of whom is Canadian):


franck said...

How can you tell which one is Canadian?

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

There are two foolproof methods, Franck:

1. Look for the guy you can most easily imagine saying, "Ok, so even though we're the world's second largest country, nobody takes us seriously, maybe because two-thirds of our landmass is frozen and uninhabitable, and we only have a tenth of your population, but at least WE didn't vote for Dubya twice, eh?"

2. Look for the guy whose picture includes text that says, "http:\\"

Anonymous said...

Oh dear god - or some other imaginary friend - I love your postings and look for them as a way to hold on, even marginally, to sanity. Nice photos, btw. The need to believe in a plausible outcome is HUGE. Who can afford to take up years of accumulated whatever and relocate to Canada - even if common sense demands it. My exwife who took off to Canada during the vietnam crazyness with a draft dodger died recently and our sons are wonderful, but can one count on good luck in that regard? FUCK with 20 thousand exclamation points. If you go to Canada I will too. Hugs. N

silent songster said...

Your quadrennial urge to move to Canada may be tempered by this morning's news that the governing Conservative party are inching closer to a majority government in the election that they will call on Sunday. They are Republicans in Canadian clothing. Our Prime Minister is a well-disguised religious ideologue. I shudder to think what they will do if they manage to win.