Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Bit of a Dilemma

So, a while back, I sent an email to this guy. We'd played before, and he was a lot of fun, and he'd said that he wanted to play again, and he'd followed up with an email, but then plans had fallen through. But I figured I'd try again:
Hi. How's it going? Do you want to get together so I can fuck your face again? I'm free this evening, and we can play here or at your place.

And I didn't hear anything back, which didn't surprise me. But then yesterday, he emailed me. That didn't surprise me either:
hey how are you?
your in [my exurb]? sorry, i dont keep pics, i delete em all. can u resend?

u ever into a 3some? just curious.

So I sent him a picture, along with a statement explaining that I was neither unaccustomed to nor uninterested in threeways. And he replied:
thanks for resending. I dont keep pics long. I have a guy that asked me if I knew any thick cocks and if I would be interested in a 3some. that's why i was asking.

i would like to come by this week if your available? One thing that I totally got into that your incredibly good at is a back massage. It was the best i ever had. Id like that again if you want me to come by and lick ur cock.

And I replied:
This week I'm probably available Thursday afternoon/early evening or Friday. Or this weekend. Do you have a picture of yourself, by the way? The threesome sounds like fun.

I got two responses in rapid succession:
let me know when your avail this week and want me to stop by.

ah man, u dont even remember me. lol
that's ok. let me find a pic and ill resend.

I did remember him, of course:
I'm pretty sure I do remember you. I just didn't remember giving you a back massage, so I figured I'd better check.

I didn't remember having put the guy I was thinking of on the table. And I hadn't, I guess:
u did. a short one. it was great but a longer one would be nice.

That must have been the shortest back massage ever, but as long as he liked it, I suppose. Anyway, I knew who it was:
Oh, ok. So you're the guy with the short, very soft hair, who gives a terrific blow job and kisses well but won't let me near your ass, right?

Two more quick replies:
yes, that's me

and, just in case I wasn't clear:
im not looking for any ass play.

Whatever. Dude's got issues, but what a mouth. Anyway:
I understand. I wasn't complaining. Tomorrow and Wednesday aren't good for me, so it'd be Thursday or Friday night. I'll be sure to include some massage.

And then, out of nowhere:
any fantasies, anything i can do for you?

For crying out loud, people. If you want something, just ask me for it. As long as you're not asking me to bottom, I'm probably going to do my best to accommodate you: I'm a giver! Anyway, I didn't know whether the guy wanted to be tied to the bed and take forty lashes or lick whipped cream off my testicles, so I gave a noncommittal but invitational response:
I think that sucking cock like a champ and kissing well about covers it. I get into a pretty wide variety of less vanilla activities, but it's all optional, and I don't really know what else you're into.

And then this:
im into
sucking cock(s)
an aggressive guy or guys using my mouth, slapping me around
a good cum facial or in my mouth
nasty talk
ws once in awhile
a guy on top rubbing on me, using me good.

Prompting this:
That works for me. As long as I can kiss you and slap you around. Cumming in your mouth was hot.

And, finally, this:
i will look for u online this thur or fri. would love to stop by, you on top, slappin me good, shoving ur cock in my mouth and making me eat ur cum.
talk soon

Some of you might be wondering if the titular dilemma is whether I should slap this guy around. But that's really not the problem. At least, I don't think it's the problem: if a guy wants me to slap him around, it doesn't seem like a big deal to me, provided I don't injure him. I don't know whether it'll be all that fun, though, just because I've never done it. And there's the dilemma: what exactly does "slappin me good" entail? Body slapping? Face slapping? I presume I don't leave any black eyes (which, in any case, would exceed my limits), but does he want to leave with a red handprint on his cheek? Normally, if I leave red handprints on cheeks, it's on the ass cheeks, from spanking. And spanking is easy. But I'm pretty sure this guy doesn't want me slapping his ass. If he could keep me from looking at his ass, he would. Does he just want me to slap his face, and perhaps chest, with moderate force while I call him names? And then make out with him and give him a back massage after I've forced him to swallow? Men are fucking weird, n'est-ce pas? But I've been known to embrace weirdness. Often literally.

Anyway, I reckon I'll work it out and find some way for it to be fun for everyone involved. Or this will be one of the rare occasions when someone flakes out on me and I feel like I've been let off the hook. It's win-win!


YvesPaul said...

I would assume the usual light slaps on his face while refuse him your cock and then slapping his face again with your cock before and while he's sucking you? Sounds hot but it'd be nicer if you can slap his ass while eating it. We all know how much you like eating ass.

Jason said...

i am sure he would like to be face-slapped by cock.

Will said...

Good lord--more negotiation than a med-east peace conference.

Anonymous said...

Can't we all just read those desires and imagined moments in between the messages we all receive...

The man wants a back massage, but you can't fuck him? He wants you talk The Talk, but not bring it home in his ass?

Man, he's begging for it!

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

Normally, anon, I'd agree with you, but during our first session, during which he went for my cock like a man finding water in the desert, my hands sort of found their way down to his ass, and he jumped like he'd been tazered. And not in a good way.

Anyway, it looks like the slap-around session isn't going to happen, so it's become an academic question, I'm afraid.