Friday, November 28, 2008


I'm not especially interested in writing about gratitude today. I'm keenly aware of how fortunate I am, but I'm aware of that pretty much every day of my life. I'm amazed at how much many people take for granted, but one day of gratitude doesn't change that. A lot of people are only giving lip service to gratitude, and they've forgotten about how grateful they're supposed to be by the time their brother takes the last of the Cool Whip.

Anyway, it was a pretty low key Thanksgiving around here. EFU's still in Guadalajara (8 more days until she comes home), and b&c went up to New Jersey for dinner with his mother and sister, so it was just YFU and I around our table. I'd received a couple of invitations which I would gladly have accepted, but I knew that YFU would be miserable going to the house of someone she didn't know, no matter how charming those people are. Plus, she always wants my cooking, and I really like brining and roasting a turkey.

The only things she's really interested in eating are turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and pumpkin pie. This is always the case, and EFU is pretty much interested in only the same things, but I usually make many more things because it's Thanksgiving, and harvest festivals are meant to be celebrated with abundance. In fact, when YFU asked for pie, I gasped and explained to her that since it was Thanksgiving, she was meant to eat far too much of the main course for her own good and comfort so that she'd have to wait until later -- after a suitable period of groaning -- to eat pie. She gave me a strange look, but she had more mashed potatoes, and she even ate some of the green beans. Covered with gravy. I also made cranberry sauce, because I love it and because cooking cranberries is fun, but after I ate a spoonful of it, I forgot to put it away, and it sat out all night, so I had to throw the rest of it away. Which, really, is no great loss. My cranberry sauce is very good, but so is everything else, and it always ends up sitting in the refrigerator until after Christmas.

Anyway, after a relatively short time at table, YFU retired to the living room to watch TV and to groan, then she had some pie, then she groaned some more, then she watched some more TV, then she went to her room to read, then I snuck out for a quick craigslist fuck, then I stopped by 7-11 for some Cool Whip, then she had another piece of pie, then she asked whether we could go see Twilight, and then we went and saw Twilight. I had already seen Twilight on Tuesday, when I took the day off, but I'd enjoyed it quite a lot, so I figured seeing it again wouldn't hurt me, and it didn't, except that then today I had to take YFU to buy the first two novels in the series, and then I didn't see her for the rest of the day, and when her mother came to retrieve her around 6, she was three hundred pages further along. For the record, on Tuesday, I also went to see Slumdog Millionaire (this time with b&c, who scoffed at Twilight when I gave him a one-sentence synopsis), and that was very good, too. And not just because of all the hot Desi guys.

Given that YFU spent almost all of today absorbed by a book, it would have been a good day for hooking up, but I couldn't host, so I was a bit off my game. It's not that I have anything against traveling, it's just that I'm not used to it. If I can't host, I won't post an ad on craigslist, so I'm reduced to answering other guys' ads, and it's just never as satisfactory to work that way. It's probably just as well, though. Even with a more modest feast, I'd managed to leave quite a mess in the kitchen, and we're having some friends over for dinner tomorrow night, so there was a lot of cleaning and some food prep to get through. Anyway, b&c's off to Bogota Sunday morning, so I'll have plenty of opportunities to hook up. And, believe me, I'm grateful for that.


A Lewis said...

Happy Day After....Giant turkey leftover hugs.

Will said...

"then I snuck out for a quick craigslist fuck" just flew by and was lost in the ether somewhere very quickly. Is that a comment on the experience or will there be details with video at 11?

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

I'll try to remember to send you an email, Will. The fuck was not memorable, though the experience was. For all the wrong reasons, alas. Not that it was awful, just weird. He did offer me a kitten as I was leaving, though. The kittens were cute, but I had to pass.