Sunday, November 23, 2008

Scenes from a Weekend

I neglected to plan ahead this weekend, so I almost didn't take advantage of either of the times when I might have fucked around. It didn't occur to me until late Friday afternoon that I didn't have to pick YFU up from her ballet practice until 8 and that I could have set something up. So I tried to get in touch with a couple of guys, and they both said yes but then flaked on me. They're both guys who've said in the past they wanted to hook up, and they were both on my way, but neither of them followed through in the past. They're off the list now, I guess. Sometimes, though, it's so hard to remember who was on the list in the first place, that when someone falls off, it doesn't really have much of an impact. Once again, I am hamstrung by my failure to maintain an adequate database.

I was considerably more fortunate earlier this evening, but that story can wait for another post.

B&c finally got around to reading Swish. He liked it, of course, and that was a good thing. It did, however, spawn the following somewhat awkward discussion.
B&c: I thought it was very funny, but it's hard for me to know what stuff he made up.
TED: Well, I guess. I think it's obvious when he's exaggerating for comic effect, don't you?
B&c: Yeah, but. Well, maybe I'm just out of touch with what's going on, but are there really people who write about their sex lives on their blogs?
TED: I'm pretty sure that was one of the things that he just made up.

We were just about to head out to hear the NSO (Dvorak, Mozart, Schmidt) Saturday evening when I experienced a total systems crash. Because of that, I was up pretty late Saturday night, and it was difficult to sing on Sunday morning. I was singing the Bass I part, and I had to hit an F, which is not so much in my range. I couldn't get it in practice, and rehearsal was kind of bad all around, but the choir sounded great during the service. As we were walking out after the postlude, the choir director grabbed my arm and said, "Thank you for holding the bass ones together during rehearsal. I smiled and said, "I was just too tired to panic."

By the way, when I say that I experienced a total systems crash, I mean that the nut holding one of the table legs on had, apparently, worked its way loose, and when I got up to get my shoes on to go to the symphony, my leg pushed the table leg loose, the table collapsed, and the entire system crashed to the floor. It was a real mess. I righted the monitor, which appears to have sustained some very minor damage, turned off the CPU, and unplugged the power strip. There didn't seem to be anything else to do at the time. When I got home from the concert, I untangled everything, sorted through the mess (and the dust: also bad for the voice), found the nut, reassembled the table, hooked everything up, turned it on, and everything was fine. The incident did make me think about buying the extended warranty, however.

I spent hours yesterday afternoon with YFU, trying to find her some skinny jeans and a pair of fuggs. Fuggs, so I'm told, are Uggs-like boots (fake Uggs = fuggs) in a less expensive brand. After two hours, we were successful on the skinny jeans front. The retailers really are pricing their merchandise very aggressively this year. YFU couldn't decide whether the boots we found were sufficiently Uggly to be fuggs, rather than something less satisfactory. As a result, I promised to take her to DSW today. When I tried to get her up this morning so that I could be at church for rehearsal, she said she wanted to sleep in, but then I told her that we wouldn't be going to DSW if I had to come back home after church, and she leaped right out of bed. The power of shoes: I must be sure to use it only for good, never for evil.

When we were at DSW, where we were successful on the fuggs front, I saw a pair of Sketcher boots that I really wanted. They were harness boots, but lower than the pair I already have, plus they zipped up, so I could actually take them off to have sex. YFU, who didn't know what I wanted them for, said I shouldn't buy them because they didn't look very practical for walking around in the snow. In the end, I decided that I really don't have what it takes to carry off harness boots, even when they're on sale. Anyway, workboots give pretty much the same effect, and they're much easier to either take off or to fuck in.

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