Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Annals of Technology

I left my cell phone in the car last night. It wasn't a big deal since I'm not likely to get calls after 10 on a school night when b&c is at home. Nike used to text me then, but he no longer has my number. The last time I texted him, I hadn't heard from him in over a week, and he didn't know who I was. A few days ago, I got an email from him saying that he'd lost my number, which means that he'd decided to delete it to resist the temptation of texting me. I didn't answer the email. Resisting the temptation to text me was a good move on his part, and this is one case where I'm happy, or at least relieved, to help him out.

Anyway, when I got in the car this morning, the phone was cold, and I had a text message:
Hey if your interested i changed my # to [phone number] by the way if you didn't know this is [very common name]

So immediately I'm wondering who the hell [very common name] is. I'm pretty sure that it's not the very local married submissive who drinks too much, and I know it's not any of the other guys I hooked up with this past weekend, but the only time anyone texts me it's about sex, so I know that it's someone I've hooked up with, hopefully not too long ago, but I'm really tired after another 4.5 hours of sleep, and I just can't remember, and I know it sounds terrible, but I punt:
Thanks. Remind me who you are. I can't remember names very well.

And of course then I'm thinking that whoever it is is someone who's going to be annoyed and not want to hook up with me again, because they all think they're memorable and special and then I'm thinking, oh shit, it's that cute young local ex-military married guy who's getting a master's degree, and he really is going to be annoyed because it hasn't been that long since we hooked up, and it was a pretty awesome hook-up, and we've exchanged a few emails since, and I'm driving, but I'm thinking that if I get stuck at a long light, I can text him and say, "Hey, sorry. You're the cute married guy who lives over by the hospital. I know who you are, of course, but there are three [very common names] in my choir alone. How are your classes going?" and then I think that maybe I'll just wait until I'm at the office and email that to him because if I text all that, I'll be at the office by the time I finish, and then I hear my cell phone give it's little message received bleep, and I flip it open:
It is your brother-in-law

And suddenly I understand why people memorize area codes.


A Lewis said...

Hehehe. Could almost be the Anals of Technology, couldn't it?

Will said...

Arnie, you're SUCH a card!

TED--nice, hot little fur ball you've got there.

Tork said...

Good argument for giving a kid a name like "Moon Unit One" as opposed to Michael or John.

FitchLove21 said...

OMG! I would have keeled (typo)over and died! Ugh! That would have been hot though if your brither and law would have replied a sexual text and been interested... ooh family affair!

(just got a great idea for an explicit novel!)