Friday, April 3, 2009

Wow II

A few minutes ago, I mused, in a comment replying to a comment from Will, that I wished there were a way to check to see whether a person was actually incarcerated.

It turns out that there is, and it turns out that Raph (not his real name, obviously) is currently in custody at the Central Detention Facility.

It also turns out that he's thirty-eight, and I'm almost sure he said he was thirty-nine. The bastard. I shouldn't make a joke about it. Actually, I'm a little troubled by the whole thing. In fact, I'm so troubled by the whole thing that I'm NOT going to make a joke about sending him a cake with a giant container of lube baked into it.

I don't really know what else to say about it, so I think I had better just put up a picture of something I find reassuring.

And, you know, I do feel better. It's amazing how well that works.


DrRuss said...

I wish I could have an ass like that. No matter how many squats I did, I could get there. Unless I got implants.

Thanks for all of the ass shots--my favorite part of a man's body.

YvesPaul said...

Looks just like my boyfriend's butt.

You should write down the instructions on how to eat a butt like that. :)

Jérôme said...

It made me think about a certain dicussion about the jeopardy of on-line hooking up ;-)
I think also you can't "know" (yes scare quote but I am a foreigner...) someone just through his/her sex-life/ sex practises...
Of course it says a lot or a good deal but not everything.
Your Raph may have a quite different life as you thought.
And the precise timed descriptions of your hooks up (even completed by glimpse in your family life or tax season or recipes or trekking journeys) won't tell who TED is. Mais c'est très bien ainsi! :-)