Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Last night, Judd came over, and I took the opportunity to invite someone else, and we were at it from 8:15 until 11:30, and it was intense for the whole time, and I'm really sore but definitely smiling, and I'll just have to write about that another time.

Because I still haven't recorded the most recent encounters with Logan and Sander. The encounters were similar in activities, awesomeness (high), and duration (just under an hour), even though Logan (tall, lean, smooth, mid-fifties) and Sander (short, compact, furry, thirty) are visual opposites. They're both submissive bottoms who love to get fucked, though, and they both had limited time when we got together. Logan had arranged to come over during a couple of free hours between family obligations, but then he got a call from Istanbul (not Constantinople) asking him to return to work on a project, but then the flight back got delayed a bit, so he said he could make it after all, but then his time window narrowed, and then he was running late, and then he was in the house, and I said, "I know you normally like to be romanced a bit first, but you don't have time," and I pushed him up the stairs and down on the bed and we began to kiss, and I slowly undressed him while we made out.

Forty-five minutes turns out to be plenty of time, especially when you're working with a known quantity. I still recall with especial fondness an encounter that I had when I was working in Catonsville, and a young, cute, inked cub said that I could come over and play, and I accepted the invitation even though I only had half an hour, and it turned out to be enough time to make out, eat his nipples, eat his fine young ass while he went down on me, fuck him face-to-face, get both of us off, and wash up. God knows that I can get lost for half an hour in making out, but I can also work under time pressure.

Logan was all kinds of horny, given that he hadn't had sex since he and I had last hooked up in January, and it was heaven to once again be kissing him while I removed his pants and briefs and played with his cock while my tongue worked its way down to his nipples. He's always simultaneously calm and intense, so the way five months of unrelieved horny shows up on him is in slightly louder moans and sighs, but he did go to the extreme, for him, measure of saying my name when I was slowly and then not so slowly sucking on his nipples. And then when I pulled away for a moment, he sat up and positively dove for my cock, something else he doesn't normally do. I lay back and let him have it for a couple of minutes before I pulled his body around so that I could give his ass the attention it deserves.

When you like eating ass as much as I like eating ass, it's important to savor the moment just before you start. It's kind of like saying grace, only without involving any words or deities. There is, however, still a great deal of thanks. Once I had his knees on either side of my body, I ran my hands up the backs of his long, smooth thighs, spread his cheeks, sighed, and ran my tongue from the bottom of his nutsack up across his hole. He shivered, but he didn't stop going down on me, even when I pushed my tongue inside him.

After a while -- not long enough, but when is it ever? -- I pulled him back around to lie beside me so that I could kiss him some more, then I rolled him on his back, lay on top of him, and rubbed my cock up and down against his. Then I slid it down an began to hump between his thighs, while still kissing him. I grabbed his wrists and held them down over his head, and he kissed me harder.

But at my back I always hear and all that, so I slid off him and rolled him over. I lay on top of him, my cock wedged into his asscrack, and I bit his shoulder for a bit, then I slid down, my tongue tracing his spine, until I could eat his ass for a bit again. Then I licked my way back up until my cockhead was at the entrance to his ass, and I bit down on his shoulder as I slowly (it had been a while, after all) began to enter him. He was very tight (I always have to be careful when fucking Logan that I don't leave the condom behind when I pull out), but I waited, and he relaxed and opened up, and bit by bit I sank into him until we were fully engaged.

He breathed my name again as I started to pump in and out. And it was great: the ass was hanging on to my cock for dear life, and I was kissing the back of his neck and then lightly biting his shoulder, and he was moaning, and loving it. But I really wanted him on his back, so it wasn't long before I pulled out, rolled him over, grabbed his ankles, pushed them up to expose his hole, and pushed back into him. Then I started to piston him, a real, hard, prostate-probing fuck. It's the sort that usually makes him ooze cum, but this time he just lay there and took it, with a blissed-out smile and eyes rolled up and the occasional "TED."

We were running up on our time limit, and after not much fucking, he seemed to get to a sort of ejaculate-free release: he shuddered briefly, and his muscles went lax. I pulled out and began to kiss him, wrapping my arms round him and holding him close. I figured we were done, but he started playing with my cock some, and I was soon so worked up that I couldn't help rolling him back on his stomach and shoving back into him. He had his head turned, and I could see the smile. I grabbed his hear and pulled his head back to kiss him, and I started pumping harder and faster. I had really intended not to cum, since I had a couple of guys coming by later, so I would plow him hard until I got very close and then I'd stop, but after about the fourth cycle of that, I felt myself about to lose control, and I thought, "What the fuck," and then I just let it go. His smiled broadened when he realized I was shooting.

There was, sadly, not much time for goodbye, but then Logan isn't much of a talker, even when there's time to sit next to him on the couch and chat a bit before bending him in half and fucking him like a jackhammer, so I kissed him goodbye, and he told me that he'd be in touch when he gets back from Istanbul (not Constantinople).

Sander was over late Sunday morning. He'd emailed me to say that he'd be available earlier in the morning, but I was singing with the choir that morning, so I told him I'd do my utmost to be home by 11:30, and he said he thought he'd have a little less than an hour to play. I was running a couple of minutes late, so I texted him, and he said he was a similar distance away. I had time to park the car, close the garage door, and freshen up for a minute in the bathroom before the doorbell rang.

Kisses before pleasantries, I always say, so as soon as he walked in, I grabbed him, and we began making out. He loves that. My mouth was occasionally otherwise occupied, but I probably spent 70% of the next hour kissing him, including a lengthy kiss goodbye when we were next standing by the door together. I did break it long enough to get him upstairs, but then I threw him down on the bed, got on top of him, and started again. I had to stop again to get him undressed, and it was one of those, stand up for fifteen seconds and throw everything off as fast as you can, and then I threw him back on the bed, pinned his arms over his head, and sucked on his lower lip once again. I eventually had to stop to work my way down his furry body to his nipples, but I was pretty soon back lip-to-lip with him. Damn but that boy can kiss.

But, of course, I knew that he wanted to get fucked, so we headed in that direction. I pushed his head down towards my crotch, and he eagerly worked on my cock until he had it all in. I lost no time in getting his ass right in my face. I put a pillow under my head, spread his cheeks, and shoved my tongue right up his hot hole.

Because he's short, it's easier than with other guys to kiss him while I'm fucking him from behind and he's lying on his stomach, so after a few breaks for more making out and getting three fingers up his ass, I put him on his stomach and began to shove in. His head turned to the side and his mouth opened wide, and I pushed my tongue against his.

I didn't take as long as I'd have liked to get to the fucking stage, but that meant I could fuck him longer. I plowed him hard from behind while kissing him for a while, but then I really wanted him on his back, so I flipped him over, bent his knees, grabbed the bottoms of his feet, shoved his legs forward, and rammed my cock into him. He'd been pretty loud, but that got him almost shouting, and I rammed him over and over until the cum began to flow out of his cock. There was only a little of it, but when I'd pulled out and resumed kissing him while lying next to him, I stroked him off, occasionally breaking the kiss to bite a nipple, and he came hard.

He was still breathing a little hard when I rolled him onto his stomach. I always expect guys to complain when I want to pound their holes right after they've come, but a true submissive relishes that sort of treatment, and Sander certainly encouraged me, loudly, to plow him harder. And I did, but I didn't shoot, just because I usually don't. And there were time restrictions. We kissed all the way to the shower, and then he left the door halfway open and I stood outside the shower and we kissed occasionally, and then I got into the shower and we kissed some more, but it was really time to go, so we dried off, kissed, got dressed, kissed, walked downstairs, kissed for a while, and then he left, and I went back upstairs for a well earned nap.

It might be a while before I see either of them again (especially Logan), but I'm pretty sure that I will, and then hopefully we'll have more time. Both encounters were awesome, and I have nothing bad to say about either, but more is better. Besides, Sander still needs to be spit roasted for the first time, and Logan deserves his glass of wine and a long, slow session.

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