Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Egad, readers. I must apologize for leaving you in the dark for such an extended period. I have received the emails saying, "Did you die? Did you stop having sex? Please say you died: if you're alive but have stopped having sex, surely the universe will collapse under the weight of the paradox." Y'all are so dramatic.

Fortunately (for me, anyway), neither have I died nor have I stopped having sex. My opportunities have remained somewhat attenuated, but I'm making the most of the brief gaps in my schedule when I am beholden to neither children nor partner nor work nor extracurricular activities of a non-sexual nature. And I've managed to spread my roots pretty far. I'm trying to make a comparison here between myself and one of those giant mushrooms in Michigan or some place where the root structure extends for miles and miles and miles underground so that when it becomes active, the same organism is sending up plump, delicious morels in several different counties at the same time, but it is JUST NOT WORKING OUT for me. I am not a mycelium: I am a man!

But if we pretend that I were able to make that analogy, I'd say that I've now fucked so far and wide (and sometimes deep) in the local area, that when I'm ready to set my plump delicious morel out there, there is usually someone eager to appreciate it. So, for example, when, a couple of days ago, I foolishly placed a craigslist ad just minutes before I had to leave the house to take the kids to a concert and then to their mother's for the evening, by the time I arrived home, all of the responses from unknown people were several hours old, but Torless saw the ad and invited me over for some weed-fueled pounding, and, shortly after I returned home, Tobias dropped by. He apologized for not having called or emailed, but he said that he'd lost my number and that he figured from the ad that I'd be home, so he took a chance. I wasn't really looking at that point, since I'd cum pretty hard from pounding Torless and I'd then quenched the munchies with an oversized cheeseburger, but I figured I could make out with Tobias and work his nipples hard, and before I knew it, I was pounding him, too.

Tobias is one of those late-blooming gays who still tortures himself even after he's divorced and has no one to answer to. I had assumed that he was such a person after the first and second times that we'd played, but last night -- after I was done fucking him -- I asked him point blank, and he confirmed that he still deals with immense amounts of homoshame. I told him it was a waste, but people don't hear things that they're not ready to hear. Still, we chatted for a while afterwards, and I loaned him a gay novel that I hope he'll like, so maybe he can at least become sufficiently less ashamed of liking cock to get more of it. And to email before he drops by because, well: rude!

Torless has his own issues, and just yesterday he sent me an IM to say that he and his bf of nine months were breaking up. I figured there were issues a couple of weeks ago when Torless finally got around to hooking up with me again. Torless, of course, blames himself, saying that he's been too clingy and possessive. His only real issue is that he's insincere and (probably) that he was dating a dick, but you can't tell him that. He's intent on flagellating himself. But I reckon that he'll get over the self-flagellation phase and move on to the bite-my-nipples-harder-TED stage soon enough. I feel bad that his bf broke up with him, but his bf sounded like a dick, so I don't feel too bad.

A couple of weeks ago, around the time I topped Torless, I finally caught up with another guy who'd been wanting to get pounded for a while. B&c was away for a few days, so I stopped by Dino's place on my way home from work one evening. He was a cute, short, smooth, Filipino with a bit of a belly. Topping him was kind of like fucking a Butterball, except that it was awesome. Good kisser, decent cocksucker, grrrrreat ass. We played on a mattress and sleeping bag in his den, surrounded by his collection of vintage radios, which I didn't really notice until I put my glasses back on after dumping a load. Dino was one of those guys who obsesses about safe sex to the point where it's a little annoying. He insisted on replacing the condom he'd put on me when I took a break after ten minutes of hard pounding, and then when I finally came and pulled out, he got upset because there was some cum on the side of the condom after I'd pulled it off my cock and he had played with it for a while. Seriously, dude, if you mess around with a condom full of cum, sooner or later some of it's going to come out the top and get on the side. It's really not a problem if it's not inside you.

I took last Friday off, and I arranged a morning hook-up with yet another married guy who's been after me (or after my cock, really) for a couple of months. He was another short guy with a bit of a belly, but he also had a muscular furry chest and nice guns. He seemed like he was in a bit of a hurry, but maybe that was just overwhelming horniness coupled with too long since his last fuck. Anyway, he was also a good kisser and cocksucker, and he also had a nice ass, and I pounded him much as I'd pounded Dino and any number of other guys. I had to work hard not to laugh at him when we were done because he asked me how tall I was, and when I said that I'm six foot even, he expressed surprise that I wasn't 6'3. But then I asked him how tall he was, and he said 5'5, and, well, if he's 5'5, then I really am 6'3. I really cannot fathom why anyone would lie about height, of all things. Short guys are great" when you've got them bent double, you can fuck them hard and kiss them at the same time.

Not that there's anything wrong with tall guys, either. A couple of hours after I finished with the short guy, one more married guy who has been trying to connect with me for a while finally made it over. Not long after I'd invited him, I heard from a previously unknown married guy who wanted to come over and bottom for me, but since I hadn't actually played with Dave before, I didn't want to invite second married guy to play with us without checking with Dave, and I didn't want to ask Dave until he'd arrived. So I told second married guy approximately where I lived and to call me shortly after Dave was due to show up and that either I'd play with both of them, or I'd play with Dave and then play with MG2 later.

When Dave arrived, he was one of those hot, working class married guys with a short ponytail and a great deal of appetite. He was also a top (or at least not a bottom), so he kept trying to tell me what to do, and I kept laughing at him. When he finally relaxed some, I did go down on his nice long cock for a little while, but then I went back to moderate nipple play and making out. After we'd been doing that half an hour, he said that he really wasn't all that into kissing. I laughed at him again and kissed him some more, and, well, he really was all that into kissing. When MG2 called, Dave said he was fine with a threeway, so I told MG2 where to come to, and then I went back to Dave's nipples. He kept telling me that he needed a break, and I kept pretending to give him one before starting back in on him. When he said he needed five minutes to recuperate (From what, dude? All I'm doing is working your nips, and I'm not working them that hard.), I laid him on his stomach, ran my tongue down his back, and began to eat his ass, at which point he was fully recuperated. He got up on his knees and pushed his ass back hard into my face, which I did not mind at all. After a while I went back to his nipples and began fingering his ass, and that was all good until I got about a knuckle's worth inside him, and then he didn't want any more penetration. I later told him that when he's ready to join the dark side and bottom, he should call me.

In the interim, though, MG2 arrived, and he really was 6'3. Also fit, with a broad chest, and a veritable pelt of tightly curled gray fur. Truly, it was like fucking a wolf. A wolf with a very sensitive trigger. He kept warning us that he was likely to cum at any minute if we touched his (also long and lean) cock again. After about the third warning, Dave piped up that even though we hadn't been playing with his cock, he had passed the point of no return, so MG2 and I watched as he began to blow a nice load. After that, he got partly dressed and hung out on the side of the bed while I made out with MG2 and sucked on his nipples. I got pretty intense with that, and he was fine with the intensity, as long as I didn't touch his cock. I managed to get in a few touches, just to rub the precum around the head, but mostly I let him go down on me. I asked Dave to fetch a condom from the bedside table, and he did, but he wasn't comfortable putting it on me, so I told MG2 to do that. Then I put him on his stomach, lubed him up, and eased into him. He was really worked up, and he only got more crazed when I flipped him onto his back, pushed his knees up, and plowed him face-to-face while pulling on his nipples. When I took a break, he said that he'd never been fucked like that. Dave finished getting dressed and said he had to leave. I'd been hoping he'd hang out for some additional play, but whatever: I went back to MG2. I plowed him a little longer, but he wanted a facial, so we made out some more and I worked his nipples yet again, then I jerked myself right to the brink, put his hand around my cock, and let him pull a huge load out of me and onto his face. He was a happy camper.

MG2 said that he supposed that I didn't suck cock. I told him that I did sometimes, especially if I figured the guy was going to cum quickly, and I was pretty sure he wouldn't last even a minute. He lay on his back, and I put his cock in my mouth, and fifteen seconds later, he told me he was about to cum without being hard (he'd been hard before I fucked him). I pulled off and started to stroke him, but he asked me to stop, so I went back to his nipples and worked them hard while he played with himself. It only lasted another thirty seconds or so. He hardened up to his full, and considerable, length, and then he shot hard, all the way past his shoulder. Then more thick wads flew up into his furry chest. I rubbed his sensitive cockhead and rubbed the cum into his chest. Then I let him shower.

While he was showering, I got a message from Dave that he'd forgotten his jacket and was on his way back to retrieve it. He arrived just as I was showing MG2 out the door. I kissed Dave again and told me that if he'd wanted to see me again, he could just have called me instead of leaving his coat behind. He laughed and said that he'd like to go again, but that he'd worked a fifteen-hour shift the day before and that his nipples (which I'd only worked at an intensity of maybe three) were so sore that he needed therapy. Both he and MG2 texted me later to say that they'd like to play again, either with me alone or as a threeway, but we'll see. They were a lot of fun, but they have the married guy scheduling issues. So do I, really.

I feel like I'm leaving one or two encounters out, but I can't remember them right now. Anyway, that brings you pretty much up to date, except that I should probably mention that Logan has returned from Istanbul for a couple of months and is due to come over this weekend for a few hours. He says he hasn't had sex since the last time he saw me, five months ago. Has it really been that long? I guess so. I reckon he's going to be horny.


Bart said...

Thank goodness. Glad to see you're OK and that B&C did not have you hog-tied after discovering your blog. Or that either one (or, worse, both) YFU and EFU had moved away from their mother and chosen to cleve to your bosom instead. Let's hope you keep these deliciously detailed reports coming. Regards, Bart

JZY said...

"I am not a mycelium: I am a man!"

Gee, I never imagined geek dom can actually enhance virility as how your conquests now exemplify.

Will said...

I do love me some regular installments of TED--delighted you're back and in good form.

FitchLove21 said...

I love this blog its like my gay Sex and the city... thanks for sharing