Monday, June 29, 2009


Oh, readers, I am so very far behind right now, and I'm afraid that I won't get any more caught up today. But even though I think my last post was about last Monday, I'm already having trouble remembering the hook-ups since then, so I need to put down an outline, from which to generate further posts.

So, last Tuesday was the marathon (3.5 hr) session with Judd and Pedro. Pedro is a very sexy black man with an amazing ass, but what really gets him off (or got him off twice on Tuesday, anyway) is frot.

And then Wednesday, my very local but oh-so-hard-to-tie(figuratively)-down married buddy Kevin finally made it back for a return engagement, and I finally managed to get my cock (most of the way) in his ass.

And then Thursday, it would appear that I took the night off, but I have to check all of my email inboxes to make sure. It seems an odd choice for me. I need to keep more diligent records; otherwise, entire hook-ups -- especially those arranged entirely by text message -- may go undescribed. And we can't have that, can we?

Pedro was supposed to come back Friday night for a return engagement, but both he and Desi favorite Stanley flaked on me, with lame -- but likely true -- excuses. So I ended up accepting the proposal of a very pretty thirty-something mixed-race (Black, white, Latin, native American) submissive who wanted to take his first fist. Almost, but not quite. He spent the night, and it turns out that guys who have nearly been fisted the night before are very tight the next morning.

Pedro emailed me a couple of times to apologize for Friday night, so I invited him over again Saturday afternoon. Then on Saturday evening, b&c had left me tickets to see the National Symphony Orchestra, so I went with my buddy George, who, it turns out, once shot a man in El Paso, just to watch him die. (I may have embellished that ever so slightly.)

On Sunday, Stanley, who had emailed to apologize earlier, emailed to ask whether I was free, and even though I was expecting Patrick (the guy who I reconnected with after a six-year hiatus) at 4, I drove down to Stanley's place around 2:30 and played with him for about forty-five minutes without ever removing my underwear. I figured, rightly, that it would leave me fairly worked up for Patrick. I am pretty sure now that Stanley's anatomy is never going to let my cock into his ass, but it's amazing how much you can do in a very tight ass with just your little finger. Patrick has no trouble accommodating my cock, but I did fuck him so hard that he actually cried, "Uncle."

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