Monday, May 7, 2007

More of the Same

The kids were over this weekend, and that meant no sex for me, but just before the weekend hit, I got an email from one of my massage buds who said that he was really stiff and needed some work. Sadly, I don't even think he meant that as a double entendre, but there's no way to be sure. I had to be pick up the kids by seven, but it's a slow(ish) time at work, so I left a little early and went to G.'s place in Northeast DC.

My guess is that G.'s about fifty, but it's hard to tell. He has a full head of (big) salt and pepper hair but a mostly unlined forehead. And he's got a nice body. There's a slight thickening in the midsection, more indicative of age than anything else, but he's decidedly fit.

He greeted me with a hug, and I asked him how his massage training was going. He told me that he was halfway through both the current semester and the entire program (it's a three-semester program) and that just then he was working on a paper on the anterior pelvis. I suppose that could have been his way of flirting with me, but I doubt it.

We went upstairs, and while I used the facilities, he got undressed and on the table.

G.'s the only guy who's ever offered me any constructive feedback on my massage technique. What he said, essentially, was that my work on the dorsal body was great, but that because I didn't know what to do with the front, I went right for the cock and missed some opportunities. He certainly wasn't complaining, but I had determined that this time I would treat all of his front with the same care that I give to the rear. But I always start on the back, and when I got out of the bathroom, he was lying face down, ass up on the table, so I knew the front would have to wait for a while.

Because he'd mentioned that his neck was especially stiff, I started there. It didn't take long for him to be sighing contentedly while I moved onto his shoulders. His shoulders were seriously fucked up, probably because one of his hands is injured, and he has to rely on the other one. In any case, the knots in his shoulders were multiple and stubborn, but I got them worked out, and he was clearly relaxed.

The massage went as expected on his lower back, glutes, and legs, but when I went in for a little prostate massage (which I hadn't done the last time), his whole body tensed. It was tough work to get a finger in, and I said, "You really don't like that, do you?" and he allowed that he didn't. I guess that means he's a top, which ruins a few fantasies that I'd been harboring, but whatever. I did some more work on his shoulders to relax the tension that I'd (inadvertently) caused, and then I flipped him over.

By now he looked decidedly happy and peaceful. Sort of like a sleeping child, but a sleeping child with salt-and-pepper hair and a goatee. I worked on his head first, with a two-handed symmetrical massage of his forehead, temples, and jawline. Then I alternated a bit between the fronts of his shoulders and his head, and he seemed to relax even more, which, frankly, hadn't seemed possible.

I decided to work one side at a time, and I took my thumb and outlined the front of his shoulder. Then I held his hand up against my shoulder while I worked all the way up his arm and then massaged his hand. Hand massage is usually very intimate, and this time was no exception. Right about then, I noticed that his erection was becoming more pronounced, and I went over to do the other arm.

After the arms, I used both hands to work along his collarbone and along his neck. That made him smile, so I did that for a while before moving on to his pecs (and, naturally, nips). He was leaking just a little bit at this point, and when I poured a little puddle of massage oil into his bellybutton, he sighed. I worked along his ribcage and then his stomach, carefully outlining his anterior pelvis.

I spent a fair amount of time on his upper legs, using a motion that combined a squeeze with my fingers and a push with my thumbs.

I'd tried pretty hard, up to that point, not to look too much at his face because I knew that looking at his face would make it impossible not to kiss him, and I'd wanted to really work on his anterior muscles before I started with any making out, but after working his thighs, I could resist no longer, and I rubbed his nips with my two thumbs and kissed him softly.

As it happened, G. was pretty worked up, and the kiss seemed to uncork his passion. He moaned while the kisses got deeper and deeper. There wasn't so much tongue but our lips were deep within each others' mouths, and he was chewing on mine with barely controlled (but painless) exuberance.

I grabbed his cock and started to stroke him, and he got even more carried away. After another minute of deep and agitated kissing, he grabbed my head with his arm and clamped me down tightly so that the side of my head was against his shoulder. His breathing was fast and deep, and my head felt good against his lightly oiled pecs.

After a couple of minutes of stroking, his grip got even tighter on my head, and he started to cum. I kept stroking him until he released his grip slightly, and then I freed my head and started to kiss him again while I worked out the last drops of his load. He was breathing pretty hard, but he was still kissing me deeply. It was very intense, for both of us.

After I toweled him off, I put him back on his stomach and worked the orgasmic tension out of his muscles, making sure that his shoulders were still free of knots. When I stopped, he told me that I'd improved significantly and that he felt great. He put on some shorts and walked me downstairs, and we chatted some more. He said something about getting lunch sometime, but we'll have to see whether that pans out.

I'd gotten pretty stiff during the massage, too, but on one level I felt like I'd achieved some sort of release. On another level, though, I really, really wanted a cheeseburger, which I got. It was one of those times when I really wished I could run home and fuck b&c's brains out.

I need to get some more regular massage buds, I think. Every time I do it, I like it more. But I think I've decided that it has to remain an avocation for me. It's so much like having sex that I think it would lose its appeal if it became a professional activity.


Will said...

Your clients are definitely lucky men to have you as their intimate masseur. Should I ever find myself in the DC area, would you consider enlarging your circle of massage buds by one?

Relevant to your previous post, years ago a young Congregational minister who was a good drinking buddy of mine (straight unfortunately, because I heard from a female friend that he was really hot in the sack) asked me if I'd heard about the convention for straight church organists/choir directors. No, I replied, I had not. That, he explained, is because it was cancelled when nobody showed up.

durban bud said...

If you ever learn how to do rolfing, call me.