Saturday, May 12, 2007

Starting the Weekend Right

I had plans to hang out with my friend C. last night. With C., hanging out on a Friday night generally means a martini, some sex, some dinner, and some more sex. He's almost the perfect FWP: he loves to kiss and he's fun in the sack; he likes a wide range of cuisines and we converse easily at dinner; and he's a Democrat. He's not quite perfect because he's also a top, but if you can't make the two-top thing work from time to time, then you really need an adjustment to either your attitude or your imagination. And it's a good thing to have some top FWPs for those inevitable times when a bottom wants you to find someone else so that he can get it from both ends at once.

I'd had a mildly frustrating day at work. One of the bosses was out and at the last minute I had to fill in and talk to a group of accounting students from one of the state colleges. I'd had to figure out what to say, and then I was kept waiting for a long time while other people went long (And, really, how can you have that much to say about what you do? Do you really think they care, especially if you've been in the profession for fifteen years and they're in colleg?), and then when I finally got in, they were all male, young (obviously), and cute. With short hair.

Still, with great effort, I didn't salivate, and none of them fell asleep, so it was a success. When I was done, it was almost 5. I wasn't planning to leave until 5:30, but I didn't feel like working, so I hopped on, and I saw A.

I hooked up with A. about two years ago. He's a pleasant and uncomplicated 28-year old who's bisexual but loves to kiss (a rare combination). I have nothing against bisexuals (unless they won't kiss), but many of them seem to require some sexual activity that they won't do so that they can feel certain that they're not gay. You would think that this wouldn't be so much of an issue with A., given that he actually sleeps with women, but whatever. What A. won't do is anal. Which is too bad, but it's his loss, right? And it's a lot better than refusing to kiss. Besides, he's an especially eager cocksucker, and if he's not particularly gifted, he's not bad at it, and who doesn't a decent blowjob? Anyway, we had (two years back) a terrific hook up with about an hour of very enthusiastic sex with especially exuberant ejaculations, and then I gave him a massage, which he really got into.

But after that I saw him only rarely online, and he never seemed interested in hooking up again, so I just forgot about him. When I saw him last night, though, I suspected that the prospect of two cocks to suck might tempt him.

One of the good things about C. is that I know he's pretty much up for anything, as long as it doesn't include him getting fucked or anything that's more than borderline kinky. So I knew that I didn't have to bother checking with him. I started a conversation with A. and mentioned the two-cock thing, which, as I'd expected, intrigued him. I described C. and then forwarded his Yahoo! profile to A., and A. gave me his phone number and told me to call him when I was sure when C. would be over.

So I got home. I was starving, never having eaten lunch, and it's a bad idea to play when you're starving. You need some energy if the sex might be athletic. I grabbed about three ounces of turkey and one ounce of dark chocolate (whir them together in a blender and you have a cocktail: Instant Sex; no, not really), ate them, drank a large glass of water (athletic sex requires proper hydration) and was headed toward the shower when C. called (we hadn't made specific plans, just definite plans to hang out, and I was going to call him after my shower) and asked what the plan was. I told him that there was a young man who might be coming over to suck both of us off, and he allowed how that would work for him. So I told him to come over when he was ready and that I'd check with A. to see whether he was going to follow through.

I called A. and got his voicemail, left a message, and jumped in the shower. I was all soapy when the phone rang, but I jumped out and got it. I was expecting C. at about 7:10, so I told A. that C. would be here around 7:15, and A. said he'd show up at 7:30.

I'm afraid all of this detail might lead to some disappointment if you're expecting a blow-by-blow recap of the threeway. Threeways, if they're good, are hard to write about, because basically they look and feel like a pile of puppies writhing around together. Only harder.

Anyway. C. arrived on time, and we made out a little while he was standing in the foyer, then I made each of us a martini, then we sat on the couch, then we made out some more, then I worked on his neck and upper back, and then we made out some more, and then I explained to him what A. would and wouldn't do, and then A. showed up. A. looked good enough to eat with a spoon. He'd put on maybe fifteen pounds since we'd hooked up before, and it looked really good on him with his broad frame. A. declined a martini, but he had a couple of sips of C.'s, and then I suggested that we all go upstairs.

Upstaris, while C. was putting down his martini, I grabbed A. and started kissing him, then threw him down on the bed and climbed on top and kissed him some more. He really loves it when you push him around. Then C. climbed on the bed and started to kiss A. while I started to suck and chew on A.'s nipple.

And then, seventy-five minutes of puppies writhing on the bed. It was amazing. Lots of kissing, including some three-way kisses that worked better than those usually do. Lots of cocksucking. On at least a couple occasions, each of us had the other two guys working on his junk. I especially enjoyed sucking on C.'s nuts while A. was sucking on his rod, then moving up the line so that A. and I could kiss with C.'s cock between us. C. liked that a lot, too.

A. can say what he likes about not liking anal, and there was no penetration beyond a fingertip, but he certainly went wild when I started eating his ass. (Later, over dinner, C. thought that from A.'s reaction, I was going to get a go at his ass, but that wasn't going to happen, at least last night. C. is a charming and intelligent man, but he can't read guys.) When we were nearing the end and A. was on his back and C. was kissing him, I'd eaten A.'s ass and and had stroked him right to the edge with one hand while my other index finger, played with his asshole and sunk in just a bit. He came so hard that most of the shots hit his face and one went over his head. And I wasn't even holding his cock at a forty-five degree angle.

Then C. and I got side by side on our backs and made out and jerked ourselves off while A. knelt at the foot of the bed and played with our nuts. We both came intensely. A. jumped in the shower, and C. and I lay in bed and chatted, then A. came out and got dressed and stood next to us and we all talked for a while. Then C. and I got dressed and we all went downstairs and talked for a while more before A. took off.

C. and I went off to dinner at my favorite local restaurant. C.'s lived half a mile from me for four years but had never eaten there. I suspect they have a new loyal customer now. Over dinner, C. said that A. was indeed hot and that the sex had been great but that he'd liked A. a lot more before he started to talk. I'm not sure that I quite share that sentiment, but I know exactly where C.'s coming from.

During our post-coital three-way conversation, A. mentioned that the neighborhood and the house looked more familiar than would be the case from just the one earlier hook up that we'd had. I told him that given his taste for older men (I'm about fifteen years older than him, and apparently that's not quite good enough), I'd be surprised if he had never hooked up with b&c. He told me what sites he usually hangs out on, and I said, yeah, b&c's on there. But he wasn't sure, so I found a recent picture, and A. confirmed. I said, "Cool, maybe you can come by some time and play with both of us." He seemed very interested. I'll mention it to b&c, but I won't hold my breath. A. is the kind of guy where you're better off remembering the really great sex you had once or twice than pursuing having it again.

After dinner, C. and I came back here and went upstairs. I was undressed first, and I lay across the bed on my stomach and C. was standing next to the bed in his boxers, so I pulled his cock through his fly and started to go down on him. He has a cock that's very easy to suck on, but after twenty minutes or so in various positions, it got too sensitive, so we made out and cuddled and, eventually, fell asleep. It was really nice. We slept for a while, intertwined some more, played some more, fell back asleep, etc., until about 2, when C. got up to go home. We both had early appointments this morning, he for work and me for play.

All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better Friday night.

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Silly Billy said...

Indeed, not a bad Friday night at all!