Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Utter Depravity

There's a lot of construction going on in my office building and on my floor. That's a good thing for several reasons:

1. The overcrowding in my firm will be eased, and I'll get back a nice office like I had when I first got here.

2. There's a really hot guy here overseeing some of the construction. He's about 6'1 and fit, with very close cropped hair (#1 clippers, I bet) and a goatee. Gone are the days when his earring would automatically have meant that I could hope to trap him in one of the men's room stalls and have my way with him, but he's still nice to look at. His ass isn't everything it should be, but I reckon he can do some squats.

3. The workers have covered most of the hallway outside the door I use with thin plastic sheeting, to protect the carpets. It forms little air pockets that makes walking on it like walking on bubble wrap. Except that the bubbles don't pop: they just move, so you can walk back and forth over it again and again and again (and again). Some of the bubbles get broken up into little tiny bubbles, and when you walk on those areas, it's a crinkling in a higher register, as if you were walking on rice crispies or, perhaps, the small souls of the damned.


Cooper said...

hahahhaa, i am giggling out loud about #3. that's the best thing i've read all day.

Will said...

Close cropped (or shaved completely bald) and with a goatee is instant hard-on material for me. That look pushes every button and pulls every chain I have.

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

Today, the heavier construction began, and there were more of those guys around. Wearing hard hats. Hard to concentrate.