Thursday, May 15, 2008

Whole Lotta Nothin'

Since my buddy Crazy Larry has forbidden me to say that I'm tired, I would like to say that I'm extremely sleepy today. One of EFU's friends from college (a gay boy, of course) needed a place to stay overnight in the DC area (on his way home to Mississippi, which, I hear is THE place to be if you're a gay teenager), so I agreed to pick him up from the Metro last night. Amtrak was running ninety minutes behind, though. At first, I was glad because that meant that instead of being in the car at 11 last night, I'd be seeing the end of a new Top Chef episode (Bye Andrew! I'll miss you.), but then I realized that I'd be up well past midnight fetching this kid and giving him dinner. I don't mind, though: I always stay up later than I should, and it's good to have a legitimate reason.

I have surrendered in the bedding wars. I gave b&c permission to go out and buy as firm a king-sized bed as he wants, provided that it comes within my budgetary limitations. I will purchase a memory foam topper for my half of the bed. We have agreed to defer final status negotiations on the headboard issue. It will be nice to have the extra space on the bed, especially for bondage scenes. If you're tying anyone over 5'9 or so in a spread eagle position, a queen bed really isn't big enough.

Of course, b&c will be leaving in about 2.5 weeks for a month in Jordan (where the buttsex flows like milk and honey), and then he'll be gone most of the rest of the summer to various places in Central America, South America, and/or Africa, (It's really hard for me to keep track of when he's going where) so the new bed may not materialize until sometime after Inauguration Day.

I have been reading this book, by this guy. I will have more to say about it when I'm finished, but I can already recommend it without reservation. It's awesome. Awesome.

The very first picture in this post is my favorite. I'm sure it's posed, but there is nothing in the world that is as hot as kissing a guy who's asked you to tie him up. The best kisses are always a form of surrender, and nothing makes that more explicit or erotic than bondage.


franck said...

Wow, for a moment I thought you were gonna tell us how you ended up having sex with your daughter's friend.

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

Even if I weren't committed to accurate reporting of my sex life, franck, the very young are generally not the stuff of fantasy for me. So not only would I never sleep with a friend of my daughter (eww), I wouldn't even make up a story about it (yawn) if I were writing fiction.

Now my daughter's friends' fathers is another matter entirely. Some of the dads dropping their kids off at college are hot. And a little bit vulnerable: it's not hard to imagine inviting a sad dad out for a drink to cheer him up. Once he's in his cups, I'm in his pants. If I ever go back to writing porn, I may use that.

Jason said...

I love the concept of it: vulnerable dads at the school drop off zone; straight men surrendering to the comfort of gay cock.
Write us a vignette, TED.

anon in paris said...

I was wondering how b&c manages to find hookups in Jordan ? ?? I went there many times for business and it would have been nice to have some action on the side... This said, many men in Jordan sport an ugly mustache and try too hard to be butch, but quite a few are very very hot.

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

B&c uses when he's going to Jordan. I don't use gaydar, so I'm not sure exactly what he does, but he tells me that he just indicates that he's going to be in Jordan, and the offers pour in -- from guys half his age. Apparently, an American bottom with a hotel room is a hot commodity there. And he also thinks that the Jordanian men are very hot.