Monday, May 5, 2008

Desi Redux

I had pretty much given up any hope of having sex this weekend. B&c was due to go to a concert in Baltimore Sunday afternoon, but he'd been feeling worse, not better, and I expected him to cancel. And even if he didn't, he wouldn't leave the house until sometime after 1, and I had to pick up YFU at 4, which left me a very small window for play: I'd have to locate someone and have them find their way to my exurb all in very short order. Anyway, the inability to hook up was wearing on me a bit, but I'd accepted it.

I was online Saturday night, and I saw the Desi guy that I played with a month or so ago. We'd chatted several times since then, and he'd always expressed interest in having another go, but it had been early April, and I never had time. When I said hello Saturday night, he seemed excited to hear from me and said that he'd wondered why I hadn't been online, but then he very abruptly told me had to go. Not before, however, passing on the information that he'd moved into his own temporary apartment. He's here on a temporary work visa, and he'd previously been staying in a motel.

Early Sunday afternoon, I was online again, still not sure whether b&c was heading to Baltimore, so when some very hot-sounding married guy said that he was about to get off work and would like to stop by for a brief make out and oral session, I wasn't sure whether I could have him over. And then I saw the Desi guy (whose name I don't really know, but whom I'll call Karma for no very good reason) online again, and I said hello. He asked whether I could host, and I said I didn't know. I said that I'd thought he was living alone, and he said that he was, but that he didn't have any furniture because he was only here until the end of June. He said he was using a sleeping bag, and I said that was good enough. He gave me the address, and I told him I'd shower and then head over.

It was a little after 1 when I was dressed and ready to leave, and b&c was still at his computer. He usually leaves very early when he's going to a concert, so I figured he wasn't heading out, but then just as I was sitting down to the computer to tell the hot married guy that I couldn't host after all, I heard b&c head to the shower. I still thought he was getting ready much later than usual, but I could hardly have the married guy stop by when I was going to be playing with Karma. As it happened, b&c did end up going to Baltimore, but I didn't find that out until much later. Anyway, I'd never promised the married guy anything, and when I told him it was a no go, he seemed downright cheerful about it, so he probably had another oar or four in the water.

Karma's in a tall and nondescript parking building. He'd asked me to call him from downstairs, so I did, and he came down to give me a parking pass, and then we took the elevator up to his apartment. He opened the door, and I saw that he wasn't kidding. The living room had nothing but one folding beach chair, not even a TV. But I wasn't there to watch TV, so I pushed him towards the bedroom and then started to kiss him.

Karma's not the most accommodating guy sexually. He doesn't suck cock, and he doesn't want to be penetrated, even by a finger, but he does have great lips and a very reactive body. So when I started sucking on his very plump lower lip while running my hands across his shirt, his body fully engaged mine, and it was sweet. We stayed in that position for a minute, but when I started to slide my hand under his shirt, he broke away to remove it, so I maneuvered him onto the sleeping bag. He seemed to be in a hurry to get out of his jeans, but I stopped him. I lay next to him and kissed him slowly, and every time his hand went for his waistband, I grabbed his wrist and moved it back over his head.

I started working on his nipples before long. He has small nips that clearly haven't seen any extended or hard work, but he loves having them played with. I had one of them between my lips with my tongue flicking back and forth, and he was all "," and I ran my hand down to his jeans and rubbed the denim over his cock and then squeezed his ass, and he as all "harder," so I squeezed harder and bit down a little on his nipple. Then I went back to kissing him and unbuttoned his jeans.

Karma is simultaneously compliant and assertive. He's mostly happy to let me take charge, but he frequently asks me to do things. Usually it's in a "do this" format, but the tone is one of request rather than demand. And often what he's asking me to do is something that puts him into a more submissive situation. On the other hand, sometimes he's just asking me to suck his cock. But I took a while to get to it yesterday afternoon. When I slid his jeans about halfway down his lower body, I left his black squarecut briefs in place so I could continue to play with them and with him through them. I slid my hand up a leg opening and pulled his cockhead out through it, and then I pushed his cock back inside and then up under the elastic of the waistband. He moved my hand around to his ass, and kept asking me to squeeze it harder, so I did.

When I finally let him take his briefs off, there was a fair amount of precum on his cockhead and on his stomach, and I licked it up and began going down on him. He gets very verbal when I'm blowing him, and he alternated between vocal and sub-vocal appreciation and asking me to suck harder. He does have a very suckable cock. As we all know, I like cocks that are darker, smaller, uncut, and fast on the trigger. Three out of four is pretty good, right?

It's hard to describe the session with Karma because it was physically very episodic. We'd do one thing for a while then do something else then switch back. When you're not working towards anal, a play session can lack something of a narrative force. On the other hand, it can go on for longer, and the lack of a standard plan is exciting. I spent an extended period of time eating his very fine ass while he stroked my cock, and then he wanted to be on his stomach, with me lying on his back thrusting against (but not inside, never inside) his asshole. And then he wanted me to pull his hair, then with both hands, and then harder.

It was always "harder." I was working his shoulders, and he wanted more force. Then he wanted me to massage his neck, and no matter how hard I worked, he wanted it harder. I was pushing down on his neck with both thumbs, leaning into them, afraid of injuring him, and he still wanted more.

We were at it for about ninety minutes, all told. I did my best to bring him off by sucking as hard as I could and then by jerking him off. He got on his hands and knees and asked me to squeeze hard and stroke him from behind with one hand while holding his balls with the other. He got pretty loud and worked up, but he didn't get much closer to cumming.

Eventually, I was tired from stroking hard and fast, and he started to play with himself, while I worked some more on his nipples and squeezed his ass (harder). He got tired of stroking himself, so he took his dick and rolled it between his flattened hands, like a kid rolling out a play-do snake, only much faster. It was a masturbatory technique I hadn't seen before. He finally got to the edge and came on my stomach. He came very hard, but there wasn't much ejaculate. He fetched me a paper towel, and I wiped up, but there were only two small dots of cum on the paper towel. The smallness of the load combined with the difficulty he had cumming made me think that he'd probably jerked off several times earlier in the day. After all, he doesn't have anything to do. There's nothing in his bedroom except a sleeping bag and his laptop. Still, he got hard right away, and he's only 27, so who knows?

I didn't stick around long afterwards. We chatted briefly while I got dressed, and he accompanied me downstairs to retrieve his parking pass, saying that he hoped we'd get together again soon. I reckon we might.

I didn't cum during our session. I got pretty worked up, especially when he shoved his tongue in my ear, but I was never close to shooting, and I could not have cared less. Clearly what I was after was not ejaculation or, really, even the physiological aspects of sex generally. If the physical sensation was the main motivator, then I could be happy just playing with b&c and jerking off. What I was after were the validation and exploration of mansex: the feeling that I'm being taken out of myself (exploration) and seeing my pleasure reflected in someone else (validation). I felt the same relief that you feel after shooting a load, but the relief was psychological, not physical. Anyway, it was a really good time.

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