Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crazy Lance's Workout Video

My buddy Lance, who is crazy, sent me this video he made.

I hadn't chatted with Lance in a while, and I was somewhat worried about him, but when I spoke to him earlier this week, he told me that he'd taken a job as a gardener and that he loves it. It does seem like a job that should suit him very well, and of course I applaud anyone who loves his work. He did mention (ok, I asked) that one of his coworkers is a hot young man, and you'd have to guess from the nature of the work that he sees that hot young man shirtless, or at least with his shirt plastered to his chest. I'm sure that would go far in improving anyone's job satisfaction.

As you can see, Lance is quite fit himself. He always was, but now he's even more so. I did suggest that, for his next video, he should wear less. I suspect he might have found that suggestion self-serving, but, as you all know, I serve only Art, and I think he'd have a better line in a speedo, a jock strap, or nothing at all.

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